08 April 2015

Best In Bloom: Flower Market Language

There's something pretty magical about waking up with mother nature and the creeping warmth of the lazy weekend sun, hopping out of bed, slinging on a slouchy breton top and vintage levi 501's and traipsing the cobbled streets ready to tackle the sleepy market stalls!

Who doesn't love the sound of meandering round an old-school pathway dotted with Artisan coffee shops, bellowing buskers and quaint boutique markets flogging vintage trinkets and charms and umbrellas struggling to shade an abundance of springtime flowers? A bursting fresh blossom of rainbow flowers can transform the atmosphere of just about anything...it can pop the sunshine back into a dingy bare office, crack a giggle from the lips of little miss moaning myrtle and add that fabulous finishing touch to your bohemian-chic bedroom of dreams! 

Never been to a market of mother nature's finest beauty? Get yourself on google, find your local set up, pencil in a budding date with your diary and get ready to watch your sleepy sunday ritual spring into full bloom!

You'll be mesmerised by the burst of vibrant colours, shapes, patterns and plethora of choice as you flutter about like a fairy in her enchanted forest, spellbound by the array of rich delicious scents dancing in the air!  

I've scampered around in delight gathering and plucking the very best bundles of top tips and bodacious floral picks to wrap up in a great big bouquet and skip on home with to inject a pocket of cheer into your humble abode! 

So grab your wicker basket and skip on out this weekend for an oasis of Spring colour blooms, infectious giggles and a foliage of glorious smiles....

Rise with the birds and get there early

If you want to nab the best picks of the bunch then remember to get to the markets early! Whilst a lot of stalls stay open for longer these days, to really get the freshest of the bunch you'll need to take yourself for an early brisk walk whilst the wake-up birds sing their morning songs! 

Remember to do your laps

With an abundance of blooms swaying in the breeze all vying for your attention, it's easy to get yourself in a flap and feeling rather overwhelmed. Take your time in choosing exactly what you want and take yourself off for a cheeky few laps round the block as you can guarantee that you'll spot your favourites in several different stalls each at different competitive rates! To get the best deals, keep your eyes peeled and if all else fails just remember to slap on some bambi-lash mascara, swing your hips and giggle! Those flowers will be sitting pretty in your swinging basket before you can say "How much Sir?"

The Language of Flowers

The language of flowers can be a truly beautiful and powerful sentiment both in giving, receiving and enjoying! Take a peek down below, get inspired and allow your blooms to whisper their magic and charm your surroundings....

  • Azalea: Abundance, Alstroemeria: Aspiring, Apple Blossom: Promise, Aster: Contentment
  • Black-eyed Susan: Encouragement, Begonia: Deep thoughts
  • Camellia: Graciousness, Pink Carnations: Gratitude, Yellow Carnations: Cheerful, White Chrysanthemums: Truth, Crocus: Foresight, Cosmos: Peaceful
  • Daisy: Innocence, Delphinium: Boldness
  • Freesia: Spirited
  • Gardenia: Joy, Geranium: Comfort, Gladiolus: Strength of character
  • Hibiscus: Delicate beauty, Heather: Solitude, Hyacinth: Sincerity, Hydrangea: Perseverance
  • Iris: Inspiration
  • Jasmine: Grace & elegance
  • Larkspur: Beautiful spirit, Lilac: First love
  • Orchid: Delicate beauty
  • Pansy: Loving thoughts, Peony: Healing
  • Ranunculus: Radiant, Pink Rose: Admiration, Red & White Rose: Unity, White Rose: Purity
  • Star of Bethlehem: Hope, Sunflower: Adoration, Sweetpea: Shyness
  • Pink Tulip: Caring, Variegated Tulip: Beautiful eyes, Yellow Tulip: There's sunshine in your smile
  • Yarrow: Good health

[Also available to read at Couture Stories]
[Photo source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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  1. You're overcomplicating it so much with adjectives, it doesn't make sense. It's very false sounding and and almost too sickly sweet to read.


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