27 April 2015

Burnt-out Babe? Cue The Pamper Hamper!

Feeling like the frazzled, burnt-out end of the New Years sparkler you solemnly proclaimed your long-abandoned resolutions to? It's that time of year that can start to look a bit like a gloomy lost puppy...long forgotten are the snuggly evenings wrapped up in front of roaring fires and hot cocoa dates waiting for Santa Baby and the countdown to your beach babe hazy-days on milky sands has got you all cranky from your no-carbs-before-marbs slim down "lifestyle change" (* i.e. diet of despair).

With all that meddling head hassle to contend with it's no wonder you're feeling less than your sparkly, bubbly self! So I've taken one for the team and popped my fairy god-mother tiara on again and have whittled together a deliciously divine pamper hamper for all you girlies out there living on a touchy live wire! From sensual silky body cremes, Spring-tastic nail lacquer selections to a hub of naughty nibble sweet-treats all washed down with a chilled bottle of the good stuff (this is a pamper box after all!), this goodie-box of sunshine is guaranteed to revive, rejuvenate and reclaim the downright fabulous y-o-u!

Get your eager hands on this treasure-chest of R + R indulgence and unveil it whenever you feel your live wires working their way lose and exposing their less than pretty power...

For the Beauty pamper puss...

Treat bites: 

  • Pick n'mix lush bath bombs, Silky hand creams, Sensual body butters & essential oils, Body brush buffer, Fruity fragranced room diffuser, Yankee candles selection, Selection of face masks, Gel nail lacquers, Pair of fluffy slipper socks, Pretty set of Pj's, Rom-com DVD selection, Cucumber gel eye mask, Emergency bar of galaxy chocolate, Fruity tea leaves & diffuser, Mindfulness colouring book, Book of happiness quotes, Journal/ writing set.

For the Green-finger lover...

Treat bites: 

  • Pair of luxurious gardening gloves, Creamy nourishing tub of hand cream, Personalised trowel & fork set, Selection medley of grow-you-own kitchen herbs, Home-brewed tipples, Personalised sundial, Garden journal notebook, Pair of fluffy socks, Hot lavender heat pack, Herb garden salt scrub, Moisturising hand mittens, Bar of 100% cocoa bean chocolate.

For the Baking maven...

Treat bites: 

  • Selection of nourishing cookbooks, DIY cookie dough mason jars, Truffle chocolate selection box, DVD selection (Hotel Chocolat, Julie & Julia etc.), DIY Slutty brownies baking kit, Flavoured infused olive oils, Gourmet knife set, Bottle of Champagne, Personalised wooden chopping board, Artisan beer bread making kit, Pretty apron & oven glove set, Chocolate-candy pizza, Fruity cocktail making kit, Gourmet Fudge selection box. 

For the Movie madam...  

Treat bites: 

  • Popcorn selection boxes, Retro popcorn dish, Pick n'mix sweetie selection medley, Comfy Pj set, Fluffy slipper socks, Creamy body butters, DIY soda-float kit, DVD selections, Squidgy fleecy neck rest, Ice-cream dish & spoon, Ice-cream selection tubs, Bottle of wine, Netflix movie voucher, Redeemable cinema vouchers.

For the Sugar-tooth sweetie...

Treat bites: 

  • Mason jar filled with pick n'mix medley of sweets & lollypops, Truffle chocolate selection box, DIY vodka & soda mixer set, Fruity bath bomb selection, Indulgent bath cremes & butters, Pastel nail lacquers, DIY rocky road mason jar kit, Bottle of bubbly, Rom-com DVD selections, Marshmallow clumps, Galaxy chocolate bar selections, Golden graham s'mores crackers, Ice-cream selection tubs (hello Ben & Jerry's!), Selection of pouring sauces & sprinkles.

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[Photo source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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