02 April 2015

Commuter Conundrum: The Essential Music Playlist

Thwack. Your head just made friends with the train rail for the third time in 7 minutes, you're cradling your ever-trusty coffee lover at your chest as if it's golden liquid crack, your hair resembles the hurly-burly rum encrusted plaited chin ferret of Cap'n Jack Sparrow, your emotional state is a short cry of the state of your laundry basket and you're pretty sure your knickers are on inside out judging on the tear-inducing rope burn that's currently occurring upon your lady neather-regions. Yep just the epitome of your standard early Monday 'mourning' commute and poor attempt at mastering the onslaught of the 7am station rush. 

Let's face it, most of us have to endure the gruesome daily slog of commuting to work in order to earn a semblance of a living that graciously pays for our gourmet dinners of Aldi spaghetti hoops on 78p-a-pack toasted crumpets...#lovinglife. 
Whilst we'd more than love to find out who Tracey did the naughty with on Friday night after inhaling eight shots of tequila in Oceana, eavesdropping on everyone else's conversations don't always dish up for some entertaining time-wasting. This is where I've stepped up to the mark to be your commuter conundrum fairy-godmother and have whipped up a smashing lil' playlist to bring you the tunes to turn up the bass in your life. 

Time to turn up the volume on this magic music mashup and make that commute your bitch...! 

Lion BabeTreat me Like Fire (Snakehips remix)

The Mowgli's - I'm Good

OmiCheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)

MisterWivesOur Own House


EchosmithCool Kids

The KooksBad Habit

OinoLA Priest

HozierSomeone New

Purity RingBodyache

Major Lazer x DJ Snake - Lean on (feat MO)

Alicia KeysNew York (Empire State of Mind)

SRTWWe Were Young (Sascha Kloeber Remix) 

Dr. Kucho! & Grego Salto ft. Ane BrunCan't Stop Playing (Oliver Heldens remix)

If all else fails and you find your upper lip smushed into the smeared glass of the train carriage, your arms crossed at angles you never thought possible and your legs inappropriately wrapped around the 57-year old golden oldie who never fails to flash you a wild wink in the morning, turn up the bass on a touch of Kelly Clarkson. 
The girl don't lie...what doesn't kill you really does make you ruddy stronger! 

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[Photo source inspiration: Pinterest]

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