13 April 2015

Pack Your Hampers, We're Going For A Picnic!

As summertime fun and frolickings creep their way upon us, the notorious pimms-laced gossips and mindless sausage roll munching al-fresco become inevitable sunny summer past-times to whittle away a few breezy hours. You guessed it ladies, it's time to welcome back with happy arms those long-forgotten picnic dates!

Whether they're strategically planned down to the very last grape or knocked up in a spur-of-the-moment flash, there's nothing better to get those happy endorphins flowing free n'easy like wasting hours out in nature surrounded by glorious beauty, feel-good company and scrumptious pique-nique nibbles to make your tummy smile alongside little Miss Sunshine herself!

Fling off your winter coats and scarfs (...they are SO last season darlin'), pull out your gingham lined hamper baskets from hiding, fill it high in haste with tasty treats, grab your picnic girlfriends and traipse on out for some magical and dreamy sun-drenched giggles! Whilst you're at it, why not sling on your best petticoat dress & scamper the blossom-kissed fields doing your best impression of a British drama helpless heroine...anything to bag your very own shirtless Poldark panting heavy in the potato fields! Such a minx!

There's simply nothing more glorious then when the sun comes out to play, drenching the nation in a cascade of tumbling sunshine so when little miss sunshine flashes the goods, make the most of it with our perfect picnic pickings! Oh and if there's one essential item to always remember to pack it's the wine box! Naturally.

Here's how to pack a sumptuous picnic hamper to get your Summer time fun dancing footloose n' fancy free...

Secret #1
Think of your picnic as a transportable little fun party making the top priority on your list the location, location, location! You want somewhere that isn't swamped with sugar-fueled kids stomping on your vintage blanket and screaming garbage in your face but not a spot that's so quiet even a monk would break wind to crack the silence.
Making sure you've got your best gals around you fully loaded with some chilled cases of fruity beverage and a bum-wiggling playlist is equally at the top of the picnic checklist!

Secret #2
Picnics are known for their pick n'mix foodie nicknacks where you can grabble up a tumbling plate of foods that in real life would be illegal...scotch eggs slathered in peri-peri coleslaw, why the hell not?! To mix it up and keep it interesting, consider giving your picnic a theme or cuisine type depending on the time of day you set up ship and nestle down to chomp down! A morning set up could lead to a breakfast brunch medley complete with natural yoghurts, honey, cinnamon granola, boiled eggs and toasted muffin soldiers whilst an evening date could see you firing up a hog roast complete with a cheese, wine & grape bruschetta bar with dainty jelly meringue desserts for afterwards!

Secret #3
It's time to think of your little friend that's always there for you, cushioning you when you take a tumble in life and will always have your back...your arse. With all that munching, grooving, belly-laughs and gossiping, your behind will need to be comfortable and a happy chappie to see you through several hours rolling around on the ground! Fold up and bring any spare old beach chairs you have lurking around or rummage round and find some old quilts, blankets, cushions, beach towels or woven mats to settle the job nicely! Treat your bum well and it'll treat you well right back!

Secret #4
If you're thinking about stretching out your picnic date for a day-long rendezvous affair then consider going the whole hog and bringing some whimsical decorations to really bring the atmosphere alive (...and snap up some insta-worthy shots of your boho vibes!) Tipee tents are really easy to whip together by parking yourself near some low branches and slinging over some chiffon netting or old bedsheets. Not only does it look super-cute when slung with some battery-operated fairy lights but it'll give you some sheltered privacy if your innocent picnic date takes a turn for the naughty after 2 boxes of Sainsburys finest vino!

Secret #5
Everyone knows that a picnic isn't complete without some good old-fashioned kids entertainment! Turn up the heat and get tapping those feet by plugging in your iPod to some portable speakers and cracking out some fun and games to waste away a few hours of content, work off your food coma and post-tipple giddiness and spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest! A few of our favourite must-packs are a twister mat, rounders, board games like monopoly, charades, Guess who and bananagrams! Oh and don't forget the classic pack of cards...with those by your side, you could find yourself high on life until the fireflies begin to dance in the night sky.

Picnic SOS...

  • Location: Think parks, beaches, meadows, river parks, nature valleys, wooded forest clearings,  hillside spots, beaches, twilight rooftops, vineyards, pick-your-own farms, boats, local festivals.
  • Practicalities: Hamper basket, tupperware, blankets, chairs, cushions, towels, plastic cutlery, resealable bags, cling film, baby wipes, plastic glasses/cups, napkins, paper plates, condiments, bug spray, sunscreen, corkscrew, portable speakers, camera, torch.
  • Nourishing nosh: Think mezze selections like olives, hummus, flatbread selections, cured meats, cheeses, roasted veg, mixed salad, sushi, scotch eggs, mini sausages, strawberries, fruit salad, meringue nests, jelly, brownies, flapjacks, cookies and sweeties.
  • Cooling beverages: Lemonade, sparkling fruit drinks, wine, pre-made pimms, bottled water, selection of beers/ciders, cordial mixes, bubbly champagne!
  • Pretty extras: Tea lights, fairy lights, chiffon blankets for decoration, rugs, flowers, music, board games, frisbee, cushions, kites, kindle/books/magazines! 

So now that we've revealed our best kept picnic secrets it's over to you guys! A quick hop, skip & jump through your cupboards and a group message rallied out to your favourite gals and you'll find yourself rolling around in the evening sun with an icy glass of bubbly in one hand, a devilish nibble in the other and infectious smiles all round!

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