27 May 2015

Bright Lights, Bohemian Nights

As the evenings rid themselves of bitter nippy chills, now's the time to get the party poppers cracking, ensure the wine bottles aren't lacking and to get your happy host hands clapping round some beautifully whimsical outdoor get-togethers! 

For those of you still nursing weeping wounds of F.O.M.O at missing the Coachella vibes of desert shakes, we've gathered together a treasure box of photo collage inspiration all sparkling with gorgeous, creative and magical ideas! Unique with embellishing details of enchantment get yourself acquainted with draped handfuls of tulle, saris, blankets all wrapped around magical lanterns, low lights and flickering candles to really get you into the free n'easy mood. Let nature take you to the elements and enchant your friends with a perfectly memorable outdoor dining experience complete with a sprinkling dash of bohemia cool in a bewitching moon party slumber.

Just remember to keep it romantically easy with an eclectic mix of style and colour...think mismatched decor settings, an abundance of wild florals, slouchy cushions, feathers and hazy hanging lights to nail that colourfully unforced, carefree look. Now's the time to channel your inner hippie chic...

Why not chuck in a few cheeky hookahs to really get the chilled vibes flowing...after all, everyone knows the party don't start until someone cracks out the wine & scandalous tomfoolery!

[Also available to read at Couture Stories]
[Photo source inspiration: Pinterest, homespunaround.blogspot.co.uk, popsugar.com] 


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