20 May 2015

Destination Lift-Off: The Places You Need To Visit This Summer

It's hurtling towards the end of May which means it's zooming towards the end-of-exams for all you graduates out there (or the beginning for those unlucky sods) which ultimately means it's nearly time for the sweet sweet taste of Summer freedom drenched in the succulent pimms soaked air!

Once the sleepy dormant sun decides to pull up her socks and pull her weight in showing her face to the World and the beer gardens begin to fill up with gaggles of giggling cacklers sipping on icy froth-filled beverages, alight your daydreams of wanderlust travel and breezy summer sunshine with my top destinations to set your sights on this summer! 

Whilst the clouds rinse themselves of their remaining showers and breezy chills, get your fingers dancing across your keyboard, your summer plans thriving in excitement and your bank card groaning under a weighty-but-unforgetable travel adventure...

European Capitals 

Think: Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Bruges, Zermatt

Europe never loses its natural ability to enchant and capacity to mesmerise its' globetrotters through its unique and magical history and culture. Boasting an abundance of mesmerising architecture, gourmet cuisine, fashion, art and monumental urban spaces, these cities whisper their stories through the corners of their scenery and opulent antiquity. Get Lost, Live, Learn, Explore & Escape. 

Thai Islands 

Think: Koh Tao, Ko Samui, Ko Racha, Ko Phi Phi

The Islands of Thailand seem to be etched upon almost every wanderlust dreamer's travel bucket list and with such a plethora of diversity, fauna & balmy beaches, this beautiful country remains to be an exquisite destination for pure indulgence, escapism and 100% hedonism. Go thai for total relaxation, exploration, recreation & spiritual restoration.

Croatian Islands

Think: Hvar, Dubrovnik, Vis, Murter, Mljet

It's a well known fact that Croatia boasts some of the most memorable festivals across Europe that'll have you chilled out, maxin', relaxin', keeping it cool and swaying to the beat of the heat in one glorious concoction of beach-bar frolics and enchanting rippling waters of nature. With a sweeping multitude of dramatic, blissfully unspoilt islands to choose from, Croatia is a country that offers just about anything for a variety of personalities all seeking pure contentment. 

Palawan, Philippines

An unspoilt Island province of the Philippines, Palawan is a sliver of dreamland escapism with its rippling tropical aquamarine waters, secluded coves of nature and soft sandy beaches of pure beauty. 
Hailed as one of the most untouched and natural wonders of the world, Palawan is an idyllic island of undersea adventure, breathtaking scenery and one of the top worldwide destinations for nothing more than unforgettable relaxation and exotic secrets. 

Greek Islands 

Think: Kefalonia, Santorini, Naxos, Rhodes, Crete

Distinctively beautiful, Greece as a country offers the covetable antidote to life's desires every single time through its vast variety of stunning islands and ever-present silhouettes of atmospheric culture and wanderlust magic. Whether it's off-beat authenticity, sleepy untouched beauty, bustling vibes of experience or peaceful trails of escapism, Greece offers an abundance of Islands all teeming with endless possibilities, adventure and world-class inspiration of captivating antiquity.  

West Coast USA 

Think: Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco

Massive would be a description of understatement to sum up the United States but venturing to the West Coast of this land of opportunities an exciting adventure would be nothing short of a trip of a lifetime. Boasting some of the greatest cities in the World all thriving with sun, sea, culture and amazing memories, the west coast basks in eternal fun, laid-back vibes, unforgettable sites and and offers no better way to see what lies beyond the world of your limited vision. 

Kauai, Hawaii

Relaxing, pristine, covered in tropical beauty, lush greenery and warm saltwater, this mid-Pacific Island tantalises the senses from every angle through its dramatic beauty and golden sands of dreams.  As one of the least-commercially developed Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is the garden island of charm, mystery and unconquered adventure. One of the geographically diverse spots in the World, this tiny Hawaiian island offers endless enchantment for all ages and people and remains to be a destination like no other. 

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[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, timeout.com, telegraph.co.uk, tripadvisor]

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