13 May 2015

Frizz Off: The 10 Commandments of Curly Hair Care

Sick of looking like a limp, parched, dried out end of the bog brush? It's not exactly the hankered look of the summer season and not a look guaranteed to keep your man doe-eyed and waggy-tailed by your seductive allure. 

Don't fret! I've rummaged together my best hair care secrets and scrapbooked together a curly girl hair guide of commandments saintly enough to make the angels sing! 

Get your lifeless locks springing back into season with my favourite top tips and get ready to whip your hair back n'forth Willow Smith style...All hail curl power!

#1. "No-Poo" is your calling
The twist of this commandment is to give anything containing sulphates, heat and silicone the almighty boot in order to nail your killer curl potential! Many shampoos and hair products designed to maximise your bounce power are loaded with hidden harsh nasties that just revel in stripping your hair of its natural healthy oils, leaving behind one frizzy, damaged, parched poodle with no hair sweeping potential. To keep your curls nourished and manageable, try washing your hair with conditioner instead...not only does it get the job done by ensuring your scalp is squeaky clean, it leaves your locks hydrated, manageable and ready to flourish. 
The naughty nasties to look out for include: sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate etc.....basically anything that looks scientifically fancy and hard to enunciate!

#2. Embrace the T-shirt, bin the towel
Instead of grabbing your freshly plumped Egyptian cotton brushed towel from Marks & Spencer's finest and going to town with it, pluck a t-shirt from your man's drawer and dry your hair with it instead to greatly reduce frizz, hair breakage and ultimately set the fundamental base for working your curls. As t-shirts aren't as absorbent as towel fibres, you may need to squeeze out some excess water clinging to your locks, keeping in mind not to twist your hair strands. 

#3. Starting down under is always sweeter
When conditioning in the shower and brushing through your locks with a wide-tooth comb, always start from the bottom and work your way up towards your roots. This will ensure that most of the moisture will hit and coat the end tips of your hair which are naturally more dry than your roots. By doing this, you'll buy yourself an extra 1-2 days of powder-fresh hair swish before the grease gremlins infester the nest. 

#4. Ditch the brush to detangle
To fight the pesky knots that come as a obligatory side dish to curly hair, chuck the brush and go old-school by unearthing your dad's much-loved hair comb. Brush bristles can damage the delicate hairs of your curls, destroying their groove and leaving you a frightful version of frankenstein first thing in the morning as opposed to a latino-looking goddess. If you can't get your hands on a wide-tooth comb or gentle detangling contraption from Boots, then a good ole' finger-combing session gets the job done just as well without all the faff!

#5. Diffuse away the frizz
Most hairdryers available on the hair care market come with an array of contraptions that slot on to your blowing machine. Before you hurl them to the back of your wardrobe like the 3 previous hairdryer purchases you've made, pluck out the spiky bowl attachment and use it when drying your curls. Drape your hair into the dish and as the air drys your hair, it will distribute the heat across your curls, holding them in place and helping to maintain their twirl as opposed to blowing around like you're bloomin' caught in a wind tunnel. 

#6. When visiting the chair, always demand a dry cut
Without being Miss obvious, dry curly hair and sopping wet curly hair are completely different states which can affect the way that your curls fold together. As your hair drys, some curls will coil tighter and closer together compared to when they are holding onto moisture and will drop looser. Instead of opting for a wet cut where the natural fall of your curls is hard to predict, plump for a dry cut as what you see is what you get and you'll get a more accurate cut that maximises the bounce of your coils. 

#7. Turn down the heat
The best way to care for curly hair is to allow it to naturally air-dry with the elements, minimising as much damage as possible. Unfortunately, a working girl's morning routine doesn't always allow for marching around with a dripping head of wet dreads so keep your hair dyer on the lower heat settings when diffusing to keep heat damage to a minimum. Excessive exposure to heat can alter the proteins found in curly hair which can make your hair fall limp over time. The moral of the story is to embrace what'cha mama gave you and keep the styling products for your girl's night on the town!

#8. Sleep like a princess
I absolutely give you permission to act that a pampered bitch with this commandment! Switch your usual cotton pillowcase for a slippery luxurious silk one and not only will you feel fabulously decadent but your curls will sing your praises! Instead of getting caught on cotton fibres as you toss about in your sleepy slumbers, your locks will glide across the silk case, cutting out the friction that can tug at your hair fibres and cause damaging hair breakage. 

#9. It's all in the application
You know how you lock yourself in your bathroom for roughly 30 minutes meticulously applying your St.Moritz fake tan like your searching for diamonds in order to achieve that enviable brazen glow to waltz into the office with? Adopt the same passion when you apply your styling products girl! Keep it simple but focused as you don't want to end up with copious globs of sticky serum in your roots, making you resemble your mandatory friday night chip bag whilst your ends fly loosy-goosy in frizzy ecstasy! Take your time to ensure that you apply your products thinly, evenly and with a light scrunching action to ensure a mop of ringlet roses to watch blossom into beauty.

#10. Strut it like you're hot
If you follow the curly girl hair guide commandments and look out for your sprightly ringlets then you won't need confirmation from me that you'll be sporting a fabulous 'do. Don't be shy and coy, whip your head up, shake your luscious locks like ya just don't care and shimmy your curly girl sass down the pavements loud, proud and bouncy fresh!

You go, curl!

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[Photo source Inspiration: Pinterest, allure.com]

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