25 May 2015

The Path To Endurance: An Underrated Trait

Life can often end up resembling an old rickety treadmill that's seen better days than your beloved grammy has! Whilst some of these challenging inconveniences can be dealt with a hearty dose of rationality, self-respect and inner strength, pulling these ingredients our of our toolbox of life is easier said than done. 

As life rides the wave of uncertainty, change and unjust high and lows, we can often end up feeling like we're strapped in tight on a roller coaster of immeasurable and impossible demands that leave our bodies weak, our resilience and willpower quivering weak and that the only option left is to hit the quit button. This is where mental endurance becomes the shining glory in times of such struggle. Endurance appears to be a character trait that is often underrated and brushed under the welcome matt but is one that holds in its very title the strength to overcome passivity and centre our focus and self-discipline to persevere and climb the mountains we face, no matter how high they appear and the ability to keep us on our path of goals. 

We all have a degree of inner strength in each and every one of us but it is ultimately how we utilise this virtue that manifests its power to challenge the struggles of daily life enabling us to keep powering through. Mental endurance, much like an athlete may work through a training schedule to build his physical stamina, is nurtured and strengthened through repeated practise, patience and exercise to challenge our minds and improve focus. 

With a hat of common sense firmly fastened to your head, challenge yourself to break free from your safe routines and try different things at different times, places and different people. Yes it may feel like you're standing stark naked with your nunga-nungas swaying free n'easy in the nippy winds for all to see but as soon as you do it once and keep repeating the change, showing off your lady lumps will suddenly become something truly liberating as opposed to something to fear or to shy away from. Practise and repetition makes a world of difference to your mental perceptions and developing actions in a different way to how you'd automatically respond regenerates our inner resilience and determination to change and mental success. 

Above all take care of yourself in the change process and don't beat yourself up by expecting too much or too little of yourself in a pre-figured amount of time. Everyone adjusts and grows at different rates so whether you run the rat-race of life as either the hare or tortoise is entirely in your control- just ensure that what you do is 100% right for you. Building endurance is a tricky task and can often feel like a relentless feat to no avail but if you keep your focus on one thing at a time, building upon the time you spend pursuing it you'll suddenly find yourself managing the holders that crop up with a stronger heart and more resilient head. 

Endurance is certainly an overlooked virtue in a world of cut-throat, social media generated self-centreism but is one that will drive you further than most in the highway of life challenges. So keep your noble head up, your nimble heart open and shine your patience to better days ahead. 

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