06 May 2015

Yo' Mama, Yo' Hero, Yo' Best Friend

It suddenly hits you a bit like a wet fish out of water. An unintentional realisation that your mum is in fact not just the strong woman who nurtured you, fed you, fought hard to make you realise your dreams and provided a role model of un-relentless love and encouragement but she is without shame or doubt, your very best friend. My mum has made me in some way or another, everything I am today and for that I am more than thankful. 

She just understands everything - she gets it- without needing words, an exchange of looks or direction. An unbroken bond that I pander to with a grateful heart, humble hands and a good dose of blonde sarcasm. 

Everyone musters giggles when they tell you that you'll simply wake up one day cracking open a pair of rebellious adolescent eyes that replace the looks of adoration with flying daggers of unadulterated hate towards your mum and dad. That day does come- trust me - where you stifle the groans of agony and misguided anger at your two-tone hair disasters and oh-so-troublesome boy woes which are entirely 100% due to the entire loathsome existence of your parents. It's an awkward phase I'll assure you and definitely takes a couple of rough n'tumble blowouts before the sea suddenly grounds itself. Yet suddenly from the rocky waters blossoms a new found respect and admiration for that special little lady who wiped your butt when you thought toilet time was party time all the time!

You no longer want to flee your cage of "future plan" chats and mandatory Sunday sit-down dinners but take a glowing pleasure and delight in being able to exchange non-judgemental natters consumed in unconditional trust, countless cups of tea and true authentic friendship. Your mum becomes your favourite confidant where the loving bond that bubbles and simmers throughout is one of magical, wonderful rarity. Through all your rocky relationships and failed romances, the special love between a mother and her child stands strong and proud, glowing in humble and timeless security. 

Here's why I think yo' mama will always be your #1 girl amongst the perils of life...

#1. She's the first one you call when shit hits the roof & your boss tuts in audacitity at your cheek to dare wear a last season's Zara jacket.

#2. She's the first one you call when you hear the fabulous news that your daily interning slog no longer requires you picking up Carmela's non-fat skinny caramel decaf latte every hour, on the hour or scooping out the cat litter of charming Mr.Banks her Egyptian minx but wait for it...you actually get to step inside the fashion closet to colour organise the hangers...#winning!

#3. She's the only one you can survive a shopping trip with without needing to resort to your little book of excuses. The added flashing of plastic that doesn't involve your bank account manager is also a delightful bonus.

#4. She's the only one who'll be totally honest with you. If you look like utter crap then girl, you'll know it. 

#5. She'll put you in your place when you've got your temper boots on & acting like a bloody brat. 

#6. She'll be the first to invite round the only two men ever allowed to step foot in the house when you're feeling like the remnants of Mr Bank's kitty box...Ben & Jerry's. It's yo mama who can always put the fierce back into your sassy pants. 

#7. Whilst you franticly try to conjure up another winning outfit to flounce into work and avoid the judgemental eyes of your boss, you know your mum won't batt an eyelid that when you stay the weekend your baggy bum dinosaur onesie comes as a 2 for 1 package deal of your company. 

#8. Her inherent beauty and grace inspires you daily to try and be the best you can be and to radiate the positivity that she projects to all that's around her.

#9. She'll drop everything like it's hot and come running to your side when you feel even a whiff of a sniffle or suffering from an almighty killer headache that has absolutely nothing to do with the cold that's circling around and more from the 5 tequila shots you knocked back in last nights' shenanigans. 

#10. She can 100% see through your perfected poker face. Every. Single. Bloody. Time.

#11. She'll be the one standing there beside you clutching your hand when it feels like everyone else has walked away. 

So give your old lady a little break, she's not always that incessant woman who calls you all the time. She's your harshest critic, your greatest side-line supporter, most loyal constant and the only person whose heart you know sounds like on the inside.

So yes I am throwing it out there, this is a shameless shout out to my lovely mother who like my arms has never once left my side and is truthfully the best part of me... I love you mum. 

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