29 June 2015

Ride The Waves: Beachy Bluster Locks

Get your buckets n'spades at the ready, we're scampering off to the beach!

Not only does it make slurping back a few cheeky slushy tipples before the clock strikes midday perfectly acceptable - if not mandatory, allow for the 100% shameless tongue salivating eye ogling of beach bods behind your mirrored sunglasses and make the four trips and skips to the ice-cream van for some Mr. Whippy lovin' absolutely necessary...it also does miraculously wondrous things to your tumbling mane. Yes m'ladies, there's a lot of things to love about a filthy trip to the seaside! 

To take your look from the notoriously British straight n'narrow to that rustled, tousled and quintessentially Californian beach babe ballin', take a dive into my beauty cove of underwater whispers worthy of that ego-fueled mermaid hair flick...

Beach-wave Slumber

To master the textured tumble without applying a teasing harmful tinge to your locks, there's three techniques you can put to the test whilst you get some beauty shut-eye ensuring you wake up to a textured mane of dreams!

Jump in the shower giving your hair a good scrub and seeing to and work in a nourishing leave-in conditioner to enhance the glossy shine of your final curls. After rough drying your hair until it's about 80% dry, spray it generously with a beach salt spray, working it in with fingers to give it a undone finish. Parting your hair into two equal sections, braid it up and then hit the pillow! If you fancy trying your hand at some real mermaid tumbles, try a couple of french braids. Once the sun shines her sleepy head come morning, un-plait your hair, tussle it up for some oomph and volume and flip your tumbles with mermaid pride.

For twists, follow the same procedure as detailed for the braids but instead of braiding the two sections of hair, twist them away from your face, securing them at the top of your head by overlapping them like a milkmaid. In the morning, unravel and douse your hair with some shine spray for extra pwoaaar and some holding power. 

After washing and rough drying your hair until about halfway dry, scrunch your hair with a textured holding mouse and proceed to pull your hair up into a secure topknot bun. Secure it with a a hair tie and several bobby pins, ensuring the bun isn't pulled too tight against the scalp that it'll leave you waking up and nursing a sore head completely unrelated to any alcohol-fueled shenanigans! Pull it down, run your fingers through your hair and shake some extra body and hold with a generous spritz of hairspray. 

Top textured salt sprays for gorgeously beachy locks...

Another secret tip I've plucked from the ocean is to pop a couple of lonesome socks you have lying about over the top of your topknots, twists and braids to help reduce the friction caused between your locks and the pillow whilst you toss and tumble throughout the night! Yes you'll look like an extra in intersellar alongside your toothpaste spot blobs but it'll help stop any unruly frizz from ruining your perfected tousles come morning! The boy will just have to put up with your new alluring come-to-bed 'do for the evening!

If you need to get your mermaid game on in the flap of a fin then get your hands and locks around some heated rollers, 70's style crimpers or wide barrel tongs for an easy, quick undone look with minimal effort and a whole lot of va-va-voom seduction! Take a peek at these beauties...

The messy bed-head is nothing short of down-right sexy so nail that tousled undone look with a touch of beauty magic and strut your glory with some care-free windswept beachy fullness.

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

17 June 2015

Plunge Into Waters of Serenity With The World’s Top Rooftop Pools

Welcome ladies and gents to the new urban cool of elevated holiday oasis and take a dip into the World’s most luxurious rooftop pools just waiting to cool you down as the sizzling weather heats up!

Make your head swim with the blissful retreats floating high in the sky on top of the world, suited and booted with stunning views and shaking up idyllic thirst-quenchers with their fitted rooftop bars. Unwind and dip by day from the blazing scorching heat whilst you mix and mingle by sipping on some notoriously filthy cocktail treats as twilight peeks with the exclusive hotel elite.
Time to dive in and paddle your imagination into serenity…
Hotel Fasano, Rio de Janeiro
Lounge in tranquility with one of the most idyllic cities bustling at your backdoor.
W Hotel, Hong Kong
Located on the 76th floor and boasting some of the World’s most splendorous views, this pool of dreams will elevate your expectations to new heights, offering more than just a wet splash around with some impressive Hong Kong heights.
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Taking heights to a whole other level, this pool of crystal cool will tease and tempt you to take plunge into infinity and beyond.
The Hilton Bandung, Indonesia
Peeking beyond the sleek mountains of Indonesia, this glass-fronted pool of modern design oozes satisfying aquatic pleasure amongst breathtaking views that come alive as the underwater lamps light up the night sky.
The SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante Spain
Offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean landscape, this luxurious spa takes a deep plunge into the waters of total relaxation and will leave you one cool, calm, collected chica.
A sloping cascade of aquatic fresh water that plummets and falls beyond the mesmerising horizon, this show-stopping cliff top hotel in the Amalfi Coast will unquestionably leave you speechless.
Nestled in the heart of the rainforest sits two infinity edged pools of tranquility equipped in true authentic Balinese style in this enchanting hotel temple of relaxation.
Perivolas Hotel, Oia Santorini
Elegant, charming and surrounded by the glorious whitewashed cliffside above the Aegean waters lies the laid-back luxury of rippling waters in this indulgent boutique of total R + R.
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[Photo Source Inspiration:standard.co.uk, google.co.uk, ucityguides.com, huffingtonpost.co.uk, glamour.com, fasano.com.br, nytimes, kiwicollection, sassyhongkong, jstrong.co.uk, nexttriptourism.com] 

10 June 2015

Capture A Taste Of Summer: Holiday Cocktail Medley

Intoxicating hazy summer scents of warm breezes drenched in coconut rich sunscreen, enchanting blue lagoons rippled with jewel toned waters and the sweet scents of vanilla swirling and dancing with your tastebuds. 

Summer is just a time filled to the brim with smile-enducing memories, deep-belly giggles and lots of lots of alcohol. Puuuurfect! Have yourself a cheeky sun-drenched break in your garden and get your lips round one of these tasty tipples!

Sip, Slurp, Enjoy...

Bird of Margarita Paradise

The layered effect is achieved with a great deal of precision, knowledge of the weight density of each liquor, a dash of luck & a 100% clean bloodstream devoid of any alcoholic beverage traces! If that's too taxing then just chuck it all in, mix, slurp & let the blue haze of summer fun fizz!

  • 4oz Malibu Rum
  • 3oz Pineapple Juice
  • 2 1/2 oz Blue Caracao liquor
  • Splash of Grenadine
  • Squeeze of lemon juice
  • 2oz Agave nectar (or to taste)
  • Sea Salt (to line the rim)

- Chuck all the ingredients in together except for the sea salt & mix together. Pour into two chilled pre-prepared glasses over a frosty bed of ice & slurp away...cheers!

Salt rim: Rub a lime wedge along the outer top edge of two glasses. Grab about a teaspoon of sea salt, pop it into your palm and then roll the outer cup edge into the salt so that it sticks to the sticky lime juice...Voila!

Time to try your hand at the bar with this tongue salivating fruity concoction. Crisp, refreshing and perfect for your Summer garden party happy hour!

  • 2-3 white peaches
  • 3/4 cups peach/ apricot flavoured brandy
  • 1 bottle chilled Moscato wine
  • 1L peach seltzer water 

- In a glass pitcher, place the white peach slices and brandy together, stirring gently. Remember to reserve some peach slices for added garnish at the end!

- Add in the Moscato white wine and peach seltzer water, stirring everything together so it fizzes and bubbles.

- Pour into chilled glasses over ice and top with the remaining leftover peach slices. 

For the perfect icy pitcher drink, feast your eyes on this sparkling number! A sweet and elegant tipple with bubbles aplenty to make you giggle. What more could you want this Summer?

  • 175ml bottle chilled demi-sec rose champagne
  • 3/4 cup Limoncello 
  • 1 medium lemon, sliced thinly
  • 1 cup fresh raspberries
  • 1 cup of fresh strawberries, hulled & quartered 

- Chuck the strawberries and limoncello together into tall, chilled pitcher. Top this with the chilled rose champagne and mix in half of the thin lemon slices and all of the raspberries.

- Pour into chilled glasses filled with ice, scooping a bit of fruit into each cup and garnish with a lemon segment wheel. 

Big, bold and beautiful. Nothing screams summer time tomfoolery quite like a colourful jug of something naughty! Shake up your summer with this refreshing splash of berry madness!

  • 1oz berry-flavoured vodka
  • 1oz chilled rose wine
  • 5oz fresh lemon juice
  • 5oz agave syrup (or to taste)
  • 2 oz cooled berry tea

- Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and pour into a cooled glass over a mountain of ice.

- Whack out the paper umbrellas, pop it into your drink and chillax with this tutti-frutti cooler.

Fruit + Sugar + Alcohol = Summer satisfaction.

Simple Blackberry Syrup...

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup blackberries


  • 1/2 cup simple blackberry syrup
  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 8oz Grand Marnier liquor
  • 8oz tequila (blanco)

Garnish: Lime wedges, sugar rim, blackberries 

- To make the simple blackberry syrup, combine the sugar, water and blackberries in a saucepan and bring to the boil over a medium heat, letting the mixture simmer for a further 10 minutes. 
- Using the underneath of a spoon, mash up the blackberries and when done, strain the mixture through a mesh sieve and set aside to cool until ready to use.

- From here, in a pitcher or cocktail shaker, pour in the blackberry syrup, the freshly squeezed lime juice, grand mariner liquor and tequila and shake it like a Macarena. Proceed to pour over ice in a chilled sugar-rimmed tumbler and garnish with some lime wedges.

Knock it back and proceed to shake it off a la good ole' swifty!

Everyone knows that a cheeky glug or two of rum is the obvious answer for a touch of Summer-time fun! Thirst-quenching and bursting with flavour, we dare you to restrain yourself to just one glass!

  • 1 cup fresh blueberries (+ more to garnish)
  • 4oz white Bacardi rum
  • 10 fresh mint leaves
  • 2 teaspoons brown sugar
  • Juice of 2 limes
  • 6oz chilled club soda

- Mash up your blueberries either in a food processor or in a pestle & mortar until smooth.
In a cocktail shaker or pitcher, drop in your mint leaves and brown sugar and muddle together by using the bottom end of a wooden spoon. 

- Drop in the white rum, lime juice and pureed blueberries and mix together thoroughly. 

- Pour the club soda into two tall, chilled glasses filled with ice, proceeding to pour in the rum mixture and stirring well. 
- To finish, garnish with a lime wedge wheel, extra blueberries and a cheeky sprig of fresh mint! 

Who screams for ice-cream? We all scream for ice-cream! But wait...icecream & alcohol together? We've hit the summer special jackpot! Hallelujah!

  • Good-quality madagascan vanilla-bean ice-cream
  • 20ml dry gin
  • Very chilled bottle of tonic water

- In a tall chilled glass filled with tumbling ice, pour in 20ml of good-quality dry gin. Grab a hearty scoop of vanilla ice-cream and drop it into the centre of your glass. 

- To finish off the bubbly masterpiece, top your glass with chilled tonic water, stirring gently to amalgamate the ingredients into a swirling glass of summer indulgence. Sun's out, cocktails out! 

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[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, goodfon.su, google images, stylemepretty.com, thekitchn.com, thecottagemarket.com, thenovicechefblog.com]

03 June 2015

Colour Your World Happy: Mindfulness Colouring Books

As you tuck your tired feet up, creep open the fresh crisp pages of creative possibilities and snap open your new set of colouring fine-tips, is the cheeky monkey inside your head rattling his cages, mocking your newly acquired hobby as nothing but a mere childish pursuit?

Lock his door and tell him where to shove it ladies as colouring is the new it darling of the modern world and unexpected secret answer to peaceful serenity for most. Whether you scoff at its increasingly mainstream status as it flanks the stands in Waterstones or you've already managed to power your way through 3 books already, there's no doubt that the colouring book for the golden oldies is having a shining moment.

Often used as a means to de-stress from the tiresome perils of the working 9-5, it's no wonder that individuals are turning to the creative outlet of colour work as a way of keeping calm and relaxing from the increasing stress levels that society face nowadays. Putting pen to paper can be an expressive and fun way of immersing yourself into the world of mindfulness by absorbing yourself back into the spontaneity of child-like imagination and switching off from the mental fog that comes with adult responsibilities. By taking some time each day just to immerse yourself in some quiet and peaceful expression allows you to appreciate and reconnect with the perks of taking life at a slower pace and interpreting reality in the here and now.

Time to pick up your crayons, live in the present moment and take a sneaky peak at the grown-up colouring books that'll have your inner kid squealing in glee!

From Left to Right: Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom, Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt & Colouring Book, The Art Therapy Colouring Book, Dream Homes & Interiors, Colour Therapy, Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Colouring Book

From Left to Right: Staedtler Noris Club 326 WP20 Fibre Tip Pens, Dream Catcher: A Soul Bird's Journey, Just Add Colour: Day Of The DeadThe Mindfulness Colouring Book, The Tattoo Colouring Book: Megamunden, Staedtler Noris Club 144 NC24 Colouring Pencils

Let the colour clouds rain on your stress parade!

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[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, amazon.co.uk, google.co.uk]

01 June 2015

Lunchbox Munchbox

As you wind and weave your way across the pavements, narrowing missing your near-daily personal greeting with the lamp post in your attempt at dodging the mummy school run on your way to work, it's hard not to let your inner green-eyed beauty glare her thundery peepers at the rascals swinging their lovingly pre-prepared cartoon lunch boxes. 

Let's face it, we don't all have the creative Van Gough imaginations of those fun mums so a slightly tough resemblance of a sandwich rustled together in the space of 40 seconds complete with most of a jar of marshmallow fluff , a block of cheese straight from the fridge & a freddo bar will have to step up to the mark. Take it from me, keeping things fresh n' imaginative is no easy feat girls. Keeping things simple & pre-packaged can be easy & a total life-saver in the time department of a girl in high demand but with all the unnecessary additives and pesky sugars, your ass sure won't be thanking you as you wiggle struggle into your bikini bottoms.

Get yourself into a routine of prepping your lunchbox the night before so that you can flounce your way into the lunch room feeling like one smug cookie as you munch down on something scrumptious as Barbara the receptionist weeps tears of misery over her carrot batons for the 4th day in a row. Take a slice out of my lunchbox munch box recipe round-up & feast your eyes on some foodie inspiration for one nutritious and delicious lunch time fix-up...!

Sandwich Club
Bread & better! It seems as if creative bloomer options stretch as far as peanut butter & jelly but take a look at these frivolous fancies to peak the interest of your tastebuds...

Saucy Salad Mashups
Why not whack on your mama's pinny and really get your creative hands busy in the kitchen by whipping up one of these deliciously exotic salad mixups...

Can't get your tongue to pick a particular lunchtime delicacy? Ditch the stubbornness, let go & go with the flow by chucking in a mashup of different bits and bobs, leaving yourself a lunchtime pick n'mix to rival those of Mr CandyKing!

  • Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Bento Box
  • Soy Sauce rice balls with gridled BBQ meats (chicken, turkey, pork, fish)
  • Sweet Chili baked fish crumbled into spring onion rice salad with vegetable sticks
  • Plain or chocolate chip toaster waffles with a cream cheese or greek yoghurt dip swirled with fresh blueberries & choc chips, handful of pistachios or salted almonds
  • Ritz crackers, Salami slices, Sliced cheese rounds or cheese strings with balsamic soaked cherry tomatoes & chopped spring onion
  • Muffin Concoctions: Savoury herb & cheese muffins with Philadelphia cheese spread, cinnamon & raisin spice mini-muffins with apple butter spread
  • Cookie Monsters: Breakfast oat & spiced cookies, Toffee caramel chewy cookies, White chocolate chip cookies, Spiced cookies with butterscotch chunks.
  • Go Nuts: Chili lime roasted chickpeas, BBQ spiced chickpea & almond medley, Maple & cinnamon-glazed roasted cashew nuts, Honey roasted cashew nuts
  • Slice of Health: Banana nut bread granola bars, baked apple bread infused with mixed spice & chopped walnuts, Lemon poppyseed bread with a vanilla-citrus glaze, Raisin loaf with a cinnamon infused greek yoghurt dip
  • Tutti-Frutti: Exotic fruit salad tubs, Fruit kebabs
  • Layered Fruity yoghurt parfaits sprinkled with homed spiced granola clusters or chopped nut sprinkles

Since every girl deserves a devilishly naughty treat everyday every hour, from time to time why not sneak in a cheeky glazed donut...or three. We assure you the cucumber slices will more than make enough room for some extra guests. Rippling abs & an ass as pert as a balloon? Nah us neither!  

Puhhlease! Eat the damn ring of sweet sugary heaven...the coveted bikini bod's overrated anyway!

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[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, Londoner.com, Google]
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