01 June 2015

Lunchbox Munchbox

As you wind and weave your way across the pavements, narrowing missing your near-daily personal greeting with the lamp post in your attempt at dodging the mummy school run on your way to work, it's hard not to let your inner green-eyed beauty glare her thundery peepers at the rascals swinging their lovingly pre-prepared cartoon lunch boxes. 

Let's face it, we don't all have the creative Van Gough imaginations of those fun mums so a slightly tough resemblance of a sandwich rustled together in the space of 40 seconds complete with most of a jar of marshmallow fluff , a block of cheese straight from the fridge & a freddo bar will have to step up to the mark. Take it from me, keeping things fresh n' imaginative is no easy feat girls. Keeping things simple & pre-packaged can be easy & a total life-saver in the time department of a girl in high demand but with all the unnecessary additives and pesky sugars, your ass sure won't be thanking you as you wiggle struggle into your bikini bottoms.

Get yourself into a routine of prepping your lunchbox the night before so that you can flounce your way into the lunch room feeling like one smug cookie as you munch down on something scrumptious as Barbara the receptionist weeps tears of misery over her carrot batons for the 4th day in a row. Take a slice out of my lunchbox munch box recipe round-up & feast your eyes on some foodie inspiration for one nutritious and delicious lunch time fix-up...!

Sandwich Club
Bread & better! It seems as if creative bloomer options stretch as far as peanut butter & jelly but take a look at these frivolous fancies to peak the interest of your tastebuds...

Saucy Salad Mashups
Why not whack on your mama's pinny and really get your creative hands busy in the kitchen by whipping up one of these deliciously exotic salad mixups...

Can't get your tongue to pick a particular lunchtime delicacy? Ditch the stubbornness, let go & go with the flow by chucking in a mashup of different bits and bobs, leaving yourself a lunchtime pick n'mix to rival those of Mr CandyKing!

  • Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Bento Box
  • Soy Sauce rice balls with gridled BBQ meats (chicken, turkey, pork, fish)
  • Sweet Chili baked fish crumbled into spring onion rice salad with vegetable sticks
  • Plain or chocolate chip toaster waffles with a cream cheese or greek yoghurt dip swirled with fresh blueberries & choc chips, handful of pistachios or salted almonds
  • Ritz crackers, Salami slices, Sliced cheese rounds or cheese strings with balsamic soaked cherry tomatoes & chopped spring onion
  • Muffin Concoctions: Savoury herb & cheese muffins with Philadelphia cheese spread, cinnamon & raisin spice mini-muffins with apple butter spread
  • Cookie Monsters: Breakfast oat & spiced cookies, Toffee caramel chewy cookies, White chocolate chip cookies, Spiced cookies with butterscotch chunks.
  • Go Nuts: Chili lime roasted chickpeas, BBQ spiced chickpea & almond medley, Maple & cinnamon-glazed roasted cashew nuts, Honey roasted cashew nuts
  • Slice of Health: Banana nut bread granola bars, baked apple bread infused with mixed spice & chopped walnuts, Lemon poppyseed bread with a vanilla-citrus glaze, Raisin loaf with a cinnamon infused greek yoghurt dip
  • Tutti-Frutti: Exotic fruit salad tubs, Fruit kebabs
  • Layered Fruity yoghurt parfaits sprinkled with homed spiced granola clusters or chopped nut sprinkles

Since every girl deserves a devilishly naughty treat everyday every hour, from time to time why not sneak in a cheeky glazed donut...or three. We assure you the cucumber slices will more than make enough room for some extra guests. Rippling abs & an ass as pert as a balloon? Nah us neither!  

Puhhlease! Eat the damn ring of sweet sugary heaven...the coveted bikini bod's overrated anyway!

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[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, Londoner.com, Google]

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