17 June 2015

Plunge Into Waters of Serenity With The World’s Top Rooftop Pools

Welcome ladies and gents to the new urban cool of elevated holiday oasis and take a dip into the World’s most luxurious rooftop pools just waiting to cool you down as the sizzling weather heats up!

Make your head swim with the blissful retreats floating high in the sky on top of the world, suited and booted with stunning views and shaking up idyllic thirst-quenchers with their fitted rooftop bars. Unwind and dip by day from the blazing scorching heat whilst you mix and mingle by sipping on some notoriously filthy cocktail treats as twilight peeks with the exclusive hotel elite.
Time to dive in and paddle your imagination into serenity…
Hotel Fasano, Rio de Janeiro
Lounge in tranquility with one of the most idyllic cities bustling at your backdoor.
W Hotel, Hong Kong
Located on the 76th floor and boasting some of the World’s most splendorous views, this pool of dreams will elevate your expectations to new heights, offering more than just a wet splash around with some impressive Hong Kong heights.
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Taking heights to a whole other level, this pool of crystal cool will tease and tempt you to take plunge into infinity and beyond.
The Hilton Bandung, Indonesia
Peeking beyond the sleek mountains of Indonesia, this glass-fronted pool of modern design oozes satisfying aquatic pleasure amongst breathtaking views that come alive as the underwater lamps light up the night sky.
The SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante Spain
Offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean landscape, this luxurious spa takes a deep plunge into the waters of total relaxation and will leave you one cool, calm, collected chica.
A sloping cascade of aquatic fresh water that plummets and falls beyond the mesmerising horizon, this show-stopping cliff top hotel in the Amalfi Coast will unquestionably leave you speechless.
Nestled in the heart of the rainforest sits two infinity edged pools of tranquility equipped in true authentic Balinese style in this enchanting hotel temple of relaxation.
Perivolas Hotel, Oia Santorini
Elegant, charming and surrounded by the glorious whitewashed cliffside above the Aegean waters lies the laid-back luxury of rippling waters in this indulgent boutique of total R + R.
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