29 June 2015

Ride The Waves: Beachy Bluster Locks

Get your buckets n'spades at the ready, we're scampering off to the beach!

Not only does it make slurping back a few cheeky slushy tipples before the clock strikes midday perfectly acceptable - if not mandatory, allow for the 100% shameless tongue salivating eye ogling of beach bods behind your mirrored sunglasses and make the four trips and skips to the ice-cream van for some Mr. Whippy lovin' absolutely necessary...it also does miraculously wondrous things to your tumbling mane. Yes m'ladies, there's a lot of things to love about a filthy trip to the seaside! 

To take your look from the notoriously British straight n'narrow to that rustled, tousled and quintessentially Californian beach babe ballin', take a dive into my beauty cove of underwater whispers worthy of that ego-fueled mermaid hair flick...

Beach-wave Slumber

To master the textured tumble without applying a teasing harmful tinge to your locks, there's three techniques you can put to the test whilst you get some beauty shut-eye ensuring you wake up to a textured mane of dreams!

Jump in the shower giving your hair a good scrub and seeing to and work in a nourishing leave-in conditioner to enhance the glossy shine of your final curls. After rough drying your hair until it's about 80% dry, spray it generously with a beach salt spray, working it in with fingers to give it a undone finish. Parting your hair into two equal sections, braid it up and then hit the pillow! If you fancy trying your hand at some real mermaid tumbles, try a couple of french braids. Once the sun shines her sleepy head come morning, un-plait your hair, tussle it up for some oomph and volume and flip your tumbles with mermaid pride.

For twists, follow the same procedure as detailed for the braids but instead of braiding the two sections of hair, twist them away from your face, securing them at the top of your head by overlapping them like a milkmaid. In the morning, unravel and douse your hair with some shine spray for extra pwoaaar and some holding power. 

After washing and rough drying your hair until about halfway dry, scrunch your hair with a textured holding mouse and proceed to pull your hair up into a secure topknot bun. Secure it with a a hair tie and several bobby pins, ensuring the bun isn't pulled too tight against the scalp that it'll leave you waking up and nursing a sore head completely unrelated to any alcohol-fueled shenanigans! Pull it down, run your fingers through your hair and shake some extra body and hold with a generous spritz of hairspray. 

Top textured salt sprays for gorgeously beachy locks...

Another secret tip I've plucked from the ocean is to pop a couple of lonesome socks you have lying about over the top of your topknots, twists and braids to help reduce the friction caused between your locks and the pillow whilst you toss and tumble throughout the night! Yes you'll look like an extra in intersellar alongside your toothpaste spot blobs but it'll help stop any unruly frizz from ruining your perfected tousles come morning! The boy will just have to put up with your new alluring come-to-bed 'do for the evening!

If you need to get your mermaid game on in the flap of a fin then get your hands and locks around some heated rollers, 70's style crimpers or wide barrel tongs for an easy, quick undone look with minimal effort and a whole lot of va-va-voom seduction! Take a peek at these beauties...

The messy bed-head is nothing short of down-right sexy so nail that tousled undone look with a touch of beauty magic and strut your glory with some care-free windswept beachy fullness.

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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