23 July 2015

A-Z Of Little Old Me

You know those days that just seem to slip away before you can even crack your sleepy-dust eyes open and get crack-a-lackin with being somewhat productive? Well this week seems adamant in making every day feel like it's waving goodnight before the sun can even shine! 

With time whizzing away and my attempt at trying to make the most of seeing people whilst they're galavanting in the south vicinity before upping to sunnier climes, I thought I'd try my hand at a different type of post to end the week! I ran into this A-Z blog survey whilst perusing my usual morning blog reads and thought it was a fabulous way to let you all know a little bit more about me,  myself and I. 

With a resounding drum roll and without further adieu let's get ready to rumble...

A - Age: Feelin' 22. I know, I look 12.

B - Biggest Fear: Being sick, losing all those closest to me.

C - Current Time: 8:02

D - Drink You Had Last: Matcha Green Tea.

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: My lovely Lucy. 

F - Favourite Song: Right now I've got 2AM - Astrid S (Matoma remix), Pony - Ginuwine and Sigma - Glitterball (ft. Ella Henderson) [S.P.Y. remix] on my repeat radar.

G - Grossest Memory: It probably was when we were living in Barbados as kids! So there I was happily cleaning my teeth before tottering off to school and because of my stellar amount of height, I was hitched up on the bathroom cabinet with my leg tucked near the sink. Lo-and-behold my troublesome brother suddenly graced my poor, innocent leg with the contents of his breakfast and other unmentionables. Not even a generous dousing of my mum's Chanel No.5 parfum could mask the slight scent that lingered with me the entire day and it certainly did nothing to crack a flasher upon my frozen face. Chanel couldn't even make this girl happy. How tragic. 

H - Hometown: I was born in Winchester, lived in the Caribbean as a child before moving back to Hampshire.

I - In Love With: Ice cream, fro-yo and CandyKing. That is the extent of my romantic entanglements.

J - Jealous Of: If I'm perfectly honest - every one. I appreciate that you've gotta work with what ya mama gave you but I'd love to just know what it feels like to really love yourself and truly believe in your abilities. To feel confident in myself and not give two hoots what anyone else thought would literatly blow my mind! 

K - Kindest Person You Know: My Mum. She has a heart made of pure selfless gold and remains to be my diamond rock through life. I'm cute, I know. 

L - Longest Relationship: Does my deeply intense relationship with ice cream count? Currently on-going.

M - Middle Name: Don't have one! It's because I'm cool and cool people don't need a back-up name.

N - Number Of Siblings: Dos. Two older brothers....hola bodyguards! All you guys should be quivering out there, the five hundred-odd of you.

O - One Wish: That my family and all those special to me are safe and live happy, self-fufilled lives. A close second would be to love and believe that I am good enough.

P - Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: Gary from Topshop customer service. We're tight ya see...oh yeah, we go waaaay back!

Q - Question You're Always Asked: "What even is a blog?" or "What does the world look like all the way down there?"... Oh I'll tell you, pretty fudgin' great ta. 

R - Reason To Smile: In reality there are many - no matter how small - which is why I definitely should do it more often. The beautiful sunshine smiling away in the blue skies is enough right now! I'd also like to include Channing Tatum in this appreciation list. 

S - Song You Last Sang: Oh sugartits this is a good'un...Goldigga by Kayne. I entirely blame Nick Grimshaw. To be fair I actually belted out a complete gobble of undistinguishable words because what the heck is the dude saying anyway?

T - Time You Woke Up: 6.30am. Up and at 'em!

U - Underwear Colour: Black and white lace. Oh-la-la.

V - Vacation Destination: I really want to go to Amsterdam and Italy... a holiday to the Maldives wouldn't be too shabby either. Any willing offers?

W - Worst Habit: Worrying and over-analysing everythaaaang! If anyone has a spare box of chill-pills then I'm currently taking charity donations. Gracias. 

X- X-rays You've Had: Elbow, skull, all-over bone scan.

Y - Your Favourite Food: To name a few...Strawberries, watermelon, berries, sea bass, yogurt, ice-cream, froyo, pick n'mix, veggies, fresh salad, BBQ sauce. 

Z - Zodiac Sign: Aquarius! Shout out to all my water sisters out there...we're secretly mermaids don't you know? Yeah we gather on a weekly basis, climb onto rocks and flick our hair about in seductive ways hoping to catch the roaming gaze of our prince charming. And so the hair-flouncing continues..

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, Personal]

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