17 July 2015

Coffee Bean Hunter: UK's Best Coffee Houses

The humble coffee house is set to trump and replace the old wildly British and traditionally raucous pub. But which delicious havens are worthy of usurping the crown of our trusty weekend tipples?

In need of a caffeine shot pick-me-up but don't want to succumb to the predictable watery blends of Starbucks and Nero? 

With an eager scouring eye, I've plucked out the best independent houses brewing up the best of the blends! I invite you to ignite and brew your coffee caffeine addiction in the UK's purest Capital highlights with mugs of intense flavour explosions of powerful Espressos, punchy Americanos and champion Cappuccino blends to get your tastebuds tingling.

Time to get your java fix roasting...

London Town...

Monmouth CoffeeCovent Garden
With highly celebrated accolades, this cosy haven of delicious aromas whips up ethically and sustainable sourced coffee like no other. With a family of staff all hailed as complete coffee nuts, you can divulge in deep, smooth and dark conversations about every coffee bean to your hearts content! The ultimate way to set you up for the day in the big smoke! 

WorkShop Coffee, Holborn
Hailed as one of the top coffee roasters worldwide, this little nugget house goes above and beyond to ensure that nothing but delish coffee is steaming away in front of you. Not only do they credit their art in the care taken in brewing the beans but the detail in frothy presentation is enough for you to just want to sit staring at the beautiful marshmallow froth.

Coffee excellence is the aim of the game for this Artisan roasters coffee shop! With an array of highly trained Baristas and owned by a Kiwi coffee enthusiast, coffee here comes with a touch of special treatment! With a pair of 'slow-brew' specials that changes daily, this beautiful space hits the spot for a dribble-worthy caffeine fixture. 

Alchemy Coffee, Ludgate Broadway
Located in the densely packed streets of Ludgate Broadway stands loud and proud a space filled with grinning Baristas whipping up a plethora of some of the best damn coffee to grace the busy Capital. With such an enthusiastic and cheery atmosphere, this is the golden spot for clued up caffeine fiends looking for something special to wake them in the morning and a resounding coffee debate to rival the geeky level knowledge of Sheldon himself. 

Climpson & Sons, Broadway Market
Situated on Broadway market, this newly refurbished cafe is hailed as a true dedication to the coffee craft community! Roasting their own locally sourced coffee beans within the same street in London fields, this little hub quietly covets quite a range of accolades for coffee that'll keep you coming back time and time again.

Flat WhiteSoho
Nestled in the heart of Soho, this vibrant artisan style coffee house is quick becoming a haven for coffee lovers seeking a damn good caffeine fix with high-roasted house blends and resounding Antipodean distinct flavours. 

Kaffeine, Great Titchfield
A true coffee oasis tucked away in a location that feels more at home in Berlin or Paris than London serving up nothing short of coffee excellence! Boasting a truly memorable espresso, this cafe is leader of the pack if you're looking for an outlet to catch up with friends and waste several hours whilst slurping on some outstanding coffee!

Prufrock, Greater London
This spacious cafe buzzing with an electric atmosphere serves up an extensive range of bespoke brews with a family of Baristas whose knowledge of the coffee world will leave you in awe. There's no better way to enjoy a proper cup of Joe in a spectacular space that goes to great lengths to make some beautiful quality coffee and long-lasting friendships. 

Across the UK...

Laynes Espresso, Leeds 
An outstandingly delicious independent coffee shop taking the Kings' crown in Leeds is this charming venue. The electric success is down to the sourcing of its beans and the precision-engineered passion of its Barista, Dave. His expertise and refinery will keep this beauty close to your heart. 

A beautifully contemporary cafe where the minimalistic decor is made up for in the exquisite detail poured into every process, roast and brewing method of coffee flavour. 

Cafe Boscanova, Bournemouth
This buzzy haven covets a chilled bohemian vibe and remains to be a hailed gem for all those coffee lover fanatics. Fabulous coffee, fabulous food and fabulous company...all roasted to perfection!

Brewing up exceptional speciality coffee blends, let the Baristas be your guide when visiting the eclectic city and burst into a world of tantalising unadulterated indulgence and total satisfaction.  

A hidden gem with a charming and mesmerising atmosphere that'll leave you wanting more. Led by a passionate entrepreneur whose beans come from one of Britain's most renowned roasteries, this coffee house is hard hit not to make an impression!

The Window Coffee, Norwich 
The perfect place to relax and unwind in and the ultimate way to wash away your niggles with a delightful cup and a half of liquid happiness. 

Coffee #1, Cardiff
If you're looking for quality and something a little extra special then Coffee #1 is the place to get your bum perched. With exceptional coffee and specialist teas, this quirky space will leave your tastebuds dancing in glory. 

Brew Lab Coffee, Edinburgh
A truly innovative speciality bar boasting some of the finest artisanal produce, Brew Lab Coffee is a big-stoned, sharply shabby-chic Artisan coffee house that'll satisfy your bean cravings and more. 

Espressini, Falmouth
Sourcing seasonally-changing coffee and brewing it to near liquid perfection, this nonchalantly stylish artisan coffee bar is winning the hearts and tastebuds of locals and tourists alike. Wildly knowledgeable and wildly delicious, this coffee hub is worth a trip for!

If you're a little further afield across the waters then try these exotic havens....

KronotropIstanbul, Turkey

Truth CoffeeSouth Africa

Heart Coffee Roasters, Portland, Ore

Cafe Taf, Athens, Greece 

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