10 July 2015

Dancing In The Nude

Did I catch your attention? No doubt I did with your filthy little minds! I think we can all appreciate this mighty fine picnic weather and somewhat sweat-drenched sleepless nights sweeping over England but the care-free days scampering around in the buff with nothing but a pair of frilly knickers and a slice of salami swinging about in my grasp are well and truly memories of the childhood dog-days! 

Shucks. Bet you're disappointed.

Nowadays I like to prance about with a touch more dignity, class and ladylike poise which is why I present to you a medley of white-wash inspiration in 50 shades of nude! 

There is simply nothing more elegant than a wardrobe palette of neutral tones to add a touch of timeless grace to any fashion look. As the sun pokes her head out to say hello out comes our light, bright and nudey pieces that look nothing short of classically feminine when paired with a glowing tan of brushed caramel. 

Take a peep and get yourself acquainted with some lazy hazy summer nudes...

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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