26 July 2015

Festival Beat Goddess: Face Centre Stage

So you're off to the land of sleeping bags, face wipes, toilet roll accessories and swigging a water bottle of vodka coke whilst shaking what yo'mama gave you to Ella Eyre. Hello Festival Season!  It's all very predictable and whilst every girl fancies her hand at rockin' the oversized floppy hats, bell-sleeved flowy tops, au-natural beaded braids and more boho attire than Florence and the machine, jumping onto the Kate Moss bandwagon now seems somewhat passé.

Instead of opting for the classic hippie-chic look, the S/S '15 and A/W '15 runways saw a flashback to '90s rave wave in the throes of colour explosion! Try your hand with a dash of neon cool, rainbow inspired wigs and shiny old-school classics and waltz your way into the world of techno-colour eccentricity! I've scampered together some inspiration for some crazy but approachable looks to get your creative fingers dancing and take your look into the dazzling limelight. 

Time to get a little playful with the paint as you head to the festivals for some unforgettable field fun...You utter scamp! As if you need reminding but the party don' start till you walk in...

  • Take a graphic hit with a pop of colour on the eyelid, slinging your hair up into a colourful top knot or gathering into a high pony with lashings of mascara to let your look do all the talking.
  • Slick on a bright pink stain of lip colour for a real neon rave boom and you're good to get movin' groovin' and shakin'.
  • Team seductive cat eyes with metallic gems and splatters of reflective colour to take your look futuristic like an Egyptian minx queen. 
  • Lavender and silver accents dancing around your eyes will give you an oh-so-pretty princess air of allure...blast away those naive accents with some not-so-innocent moves in the rave tents. Everyone loves a touch of minx underneath the innocence! 
  • Paint splatter effect: Split splat with a smattering of paint pot colour! Combining a pale sky blue splattering of paint across your face with a deep navy blue lip blushing, copious amounts of deep midnight lashes to flutter and top knot miley buns will take your festival look to a whole other covetable level.
  • Simply take a paintbrush or make up brush, dip into some colourful water-based liquid eyeshadow and using your fingers to pull the brush bristles away from you, splatter the colour onto the side of your face for a messy-expressive playful look!
  • Total Wash Out: Why not try the simple-but-effective colour fade wash upon your luscious locks? Get your hands on some pastel hair chalks or spray-in colour wash aerosols and create some funky colour graduations to make you shine amongst the crowds! Let the colour start with its darkest intensity at your roots and slowly fade the pigment out towards your ends. Sultry violet purple is having a glorified fashion moment so take to the aisles of Boots and snag some striking shades of imperial colour! 
  • Create a smoky look upon your lids using the same graduated effect with a smearing of glitter to catch the light towards your inner eye lid. Pop on a contrasting colour like burnt orange to your lips and you'll be one eye-catching vision of fun bobbing in the crowds!

  • Pair makeup rainbow brights with poker straight locks slicked back at the roots to get people talking in all the right ways! There ain't nothing poker straight n'boring about this look...you'll look like a naughty pixy tease fluttering about in mesmerising allure! Not only will you be a vision of envy and temptation but it'll keep those pesky flyways out of your face whilst you're busy moving your hips to the beats. Sexy yet practical!

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, refinery29.com]


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