27 August 2015

Salmon Swimming In The Rain

Well my oh my what do we have here? It's raining, it's pouring, and ThePoachedSalmon is bloody well mourning! Needless to say the rain and I are not cushty friends. 

A right who-har is going down outside and don't we all freakin' know it...Whoever upset the big man upstairs better be squirming in utter shame and hopefully drenched right through so that they're ringing out their quivering locks until Monday swings about. 

This little fishy has been stuck indoors most of the day twiddling her fins so instead of wallowing in misery at the current outdoor state, I figured I would try my hand at being somewhat productive and whittle away a few hours doing another question survey and enlighten you folk with a few more home truths. Oh I know, my generosity is too much sometimes! 

So go grab yourself a steamin' cup o'Joe, a cheeky handful of choccie biccies, pop your feet up and jump on into the fun-filled life of yours truly...

(1). What Brings You The Most Joy? Woah this survey is certainly easing me in gently here with the easy questions! Golly...probably seeing my parents laugh and joke together and just seeing pure, genuine happiness and passion in the people I love. 

(2). What Are Your Vices? Magazines, my laptop, makeup, clothes...materialistic isn't a common word used to describe me I'll have you know. Wait would the right hand section of the Daily Mail online count as a vice? Answers truly welcome. 

(3). What's On Your Nightstand? A Moroccan lampshade, blistex lip balm, M&S rhubarb hand cream, a red clock, my phone charger and 3 books: How to get a job in Publishing, The Chimp Paradox and a naughty novel...all consistently left unread! At least the intention's there eh?

(4). Do You Have A Secret Talent? Well to answer that would entail me actually having talent of some sort. Would my incapability to navigate life count?

(5). What Is Your Greatest Indulgence? Toiletries and skincare. The amount I spend in Boots probably keeps the bloody company afloat and booming. It also makes my bank balance cry. A lot.

(6). What Should Every Woman Try At Least Once In Her Life? Refuse to step foot in the kitchen. No in all seriousness I would say Ask someone out! It's such a cliche for the man to do all the wooing and schmoozing and yeah while the chances of rejection make your nipples stand loud n'proud, being bold and taking the risk just may lead to something totally unexpected and amazing! Risks can often pay-off big time! Quit wasting time conjuring up ways for the guy to notice you, whip on your big girl pants and jump into the deep end. You may just end the night jumping into more than you bargained for you scamp!

(7). What Makes You Laugh? What besides myself? Only joshing! Lee Evans, my dog Coco and being the immature child I am, anything fart-related. Even the word makes my lips twitch. Shameful!

(8). What's One Thing That People Would Be Surprised About You? Probably that I'm actually 6ft 1" but as I don't like to steal the show, I try to blend in at 5ft 1" by walking on my knees...it takes practise. No it would probably be that I spent quite a bit of my childhood living in the Caribbean. 

(9). One Thing On Your Bucket list? Spend the night in Channing Tatum's bed. Joking (marginally)...I'll settle for sleeping under the stars in a tree-top villa!

(10). What Is On Your Feet Right Now? Leather Hollister flip-flops. Hot to trot.

(11). What Superstition Do You Believe In? If you dare knock down that salt shaker you best already be slinging some over your shoulder buddy!

(12). What Did You Eat For Lunch? The entire contents of your ice-cream drawer. Someone's gonna be crying come dessert-time haha!

(13). Leggings Or Yoga Pants? Considering I don't even own a pair of yoga pants then I'll have to plump for leggings, though they're not an ideal leg covering at the best of times. They're just so...hugging. I don't bite but I'm a fish who likes to swim and wriggle...I need ma space dang it!

(14). What's The Best Gift You Have Received? The gift of Sarcasm...shout out to mum and dad! It would probably be my pale green stone ring from Pandora that I wear every single day without fail. Without it would be like heading on out without any pants on - uncomfortable and plain weird. 

(15). What Is On Your Liquor Shelf? Can you be more specific here as some of us have more than just the one in accordance to selected spirit organisation, geez. If I owned such a precious shelf it would definitely contain the only needed beverage a girl needs...Grey Goose Vodka. Or Sainsbury's basics I'm not picky. 

(16). What Is To Your Immediate Right? Sally Hansen mega shine top coat and a bottle of chilled water....Ya know, the essential stuff. 

(17). What Do You Never Leave Home Without? My phone and umbrella. Oh and knickers - at least I hope.

(18). What Was Your First Concert? Power in the Park at Southampton Common! Nothing beats a group of pubescent girls consisting of the eclectic mix of a hippie, a goth, a sk8r girl and one still dressed in what Mum selects at a Busted gig...take a wild guess at which one I was! Never has someone nailed a black fishnet sleeve top quite like this girl has!

(19). What Movie Has The Greatest Ending? The secret life of Sarah Salmon. Oh yeah, it's a good'un!

(20). What Is One Thing You Would Tell Your Younger Self? Chill. The. Hell. Out. Life is meant to be exciting so just live a lil' whilst it's all fun and games and freakin' enjoy it. Still telling myself this to date!

[Photo Source Inspiration: Personal, Pinterest]

24 August 2015

Beach, Please! Summer Soundtrack Meltdown

Whilst I hate to be the bearer of bad news quite frankly I'm going to dish it out to you folks anyway because I'm a darlin' like that! Summer is beginning its easy-breezy wind down into the Autumn refresh so that means trying to wedge in as many last minute summer road trips, beach stomps and rooftop booze snoozes as humanely possible before you find yourself pulling off the labels of your new woolly pullovers and throwing on the new season booties. 

Whilst it's notoriously exciting to have brand spankin' new fashpack covetables hanging in the wardrobe, they also mark our woeful goodbyes to the bleating summer heat for another 12 months!

So while the sun begins to hide her sleepy head early, the whirling winds begin their descent into chillier climes and the leaves begin to fire and fall in golden glory, I've put together a music mash-up playlist to kick start that lazy summer wind-down from all your beachy chillwave fun!

Blast out these beats to have you chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' and keepin' it cool...

Rude - Walk Off The Earth

Matisyahu - Sunshine

Coleman Hell - Take Me Up

MisterWaves - Our Own House

Jamie XX - I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) ft. Young Thug & Popcaan

MisterWives - Reflections

Lapsley - Hurt Me

Snakehips - Gone (feat. Syd)

The XX - Angels (Bodhi Remix)

Mattafix - Big City Life (LEEX Remix)

Jason Derulo - Try Me (feat. J.Lo & Matoma)

Chris Isaak - Wicked Game (Chillions Tropical Remix ft. Seren)

Alessia Clara - Here

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

21 August 2015

Smokin' City Love: Best Date Hotspots In Romantic London

Lovely London strikes again with its numerous secret haunts that are among the most mesmerising in captivating the eye and heart of your coveted beau! Everyone knows that Summer is the ultimate season for indulging in a spot of deliciously shameless shenanigans so combine this with the sizzling buzz and atmosphere of the city that never stops and what more could you possibly want? 

Grab a slice of the steamy action with some cheeky cocktail coveting, naughty nibbling on more than just London's street food club and get ready to soak up some tempting tales of tomfoolery with the best hotspots for wooing and schmoozing in the big smoke...!

Crazy Golf Kids Play at Swingers, Central London

Having now set sail for the impending jumper-worthy months of 2015, watch out for this two 9-hole crazy golf course complete with a fully stocked bar coming to central London early 2016! With a plethora of tantalising munch to get your teeth into lady-&-the-tramp style and multiple cocktail bars to satiate your burning competitive fire, what better way to woo your lover than with a swing of silly putting and winning glory over live DJ beats? A hole in one I'd say!

Delectable Drinks at Madison Rooftop, St. Paul's

Drink, dine & dance in pure rooftop decadence with unparalleled views of the City's skyline overlooking the sensational St. Paul's Cathedral and a cocktail bar dedicated in ensuring unforgettable memories are shaken, stirred and served on the rocks! Indulge in a touch of frivolous alfresco fun in an enchanting location of beauty enough to rival that of your chosen date!

Sizzle In Sexy Candlelight at Clos Maggiore, Covent Garden

Touted as one of the most romantic restaurants to be found in the Capital, Clos Maggiore is nestled in the very heart of Covent Garden and specialises in the finest of French-influenced cuisine, flickering candlelight and a conservatory adorned with blossom aplenty. Gaze into the lovestruck gaze of your dinner date and sip on some tantalising bubbles of excellence in this charming fire-lit haven. 

Mesmerise & Captivate at RA Lates: Enchanted Cosmos, Piccadilly 

A special themed night by Jospeh Cornell is set to emerge at The Royal Academy of Arts on 5th September with captivating and eclectic theatrical performances, enchanting cosmic installations and a guaranteed night of glitter and awe up close and personal with the Cosmos. Get your dancing shoes flipping tricks in the Vintage mobile disco and DJ box, get inspired by old-school Sci-fi screenings and snuggle up under a night blanket sky of twinkling stars, imagination, wishes and adventure. Captivate the dreams of your nearest and dearest in a world where magic meets science! 

Score More Than a Date with Table Football at Bar Kick, Shoreditch

A spacious and quirky bar strung with vintage memorabilia and flags, this restaurant-bar is the perfect haunt for nailing a date of unforgettable fun, fabulous food, quenching tipples and whacking out the goal to winning the heart of your lucky lady or ladette! Happy hour kicks off at 4-7pm every day so be sure to replenish and rehydrate at half time before getting stuck into the second half of your table football extravaganza! 

The Quirky Breakfast Date at Cereal Killer Cafe, Brick Lane

Embrace your inner London-hipster and head to the Cereal Killer Cafe based in Brick Lane and now in Camden Town and treat your lover to a diabetes-inducing Cereal fix for Breakfast, snack or dessert! With a mind-boggling selection of cereals to mull over - both UK-based and worldwide imported, tasty milk concoctions to slurp and complimentary  topping treats to choose from; this is a sure-fire way to sweeten the juices of your nearest and dearest and set them up giddy for a day of naughty shenanigans in the Capital! Get crunching on some sugar-coated love! 

Old-School Schmooze at The Globe, Bankside

Dazzle, wow and cosy up with a touch of theatre, dance & poetry in a location of arguably one of the greatest writers of beguiling romance - Mr. William Shakespeare. Take your date to the ultimate lover's playhouse and captivate not only their imagination but with a performance guaranteed to capture their heart and score you more than a night of great entertainment, classic laughs, tasty drinks and stolen kisses.  Elegant, lively and buzzing with an electric atmosphere, Shakespeare's globe theatre is the perfect rare gem for an intriguing night of memories. 

Cosy Club Snuggles at The Aubin Cinema, Shoreditch

Embrace your painfully hip inner Londoner and swoop your beau onto one of the velvet-plumped sofas in this luxurious single-screened cinema nestled in the notoriously eclectic Shoreditch. Kick back, relax and cosy up under the cashmere blankets as you entrance your imagination with one of its mainstream or independent indie-cool films. Rooftop cocktail tipples, gourmet midnight nibbles, coveted stolen glances and enough comfort for all-out snuggling; this is the ultimate early-days date in the big smoke!  

Ping Pong Your Way to their Heart at Bounce, Holborn

This Holborn den is a 1950's style cocktail and pizza haven where you can eat, drink, laugh and get your balls in a frenzy fight in nailing the big champion win and accompanying satisfaction! Indulge yourself in some old-school cheese with a wood-fired pizza, get your competitive juices burning with an extensive gin-heavy cocktail menu and get wayward with your date in a match of bouncing balls and strategic techniques of winner's perfection! Filthy. 

Ignite The Chilling Tingles with an Ice Cream Crawl, Soho
[Parlours to slide & swirl to: Gelupo, Lick Ice Cream, Scoop Fine Italian Gelato, Amorino, Freggo, La Gelatiera, Gino Gelato, Gelatorino]
Get your toes tingling, heart pumping and melt the heart of bae with indulging in the ultimate after-dark activity to supercharge your buzzing bloodstreams with ecstasy! How so? A gelato crawl in the laid-back ease of Soho of course! Cool your pulsating desires with numerous scoops of the chilling liquid love and bond over stealing licks of each other's flavour charts. Either that or ignite the passion by partaking in a heated debate of how far along the both of you are in your food baby trimesters. Oooh kinky! 

Satiate Your Deepest Desires at Chotto-Matte, Soho

Get your tastebuds mingling up close n'personal with this Nikkei cuisine match made in foodie heaven! Bringing the very best of Japanese and Peruvian culture excellence, this clean Tokyo-grunge restaurant dishes up nothing short of a fantastic flavour fusion of delight. An environment buzzing with Urban-cool, this innovative restaurant is a blend of culinary excellence, vivacious flavours, oozing glitz and a sensational night guaranteed to leave you with a insatiable taste  for a repeat date. 

Delicately Crusty Baguette Fights aboard the Eurostar, Paris

Whilst this may not comply with being located in the smoking Capital itself, the romantic journey begins in London at the very least! Pop the champagne cork as you glide along the channel and prepare to enter the ultimate country of bubbling romance. What's more romantic than partaking in a baguette fight in front of the Eiffel tower?!  
Oh la la!

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, royalacademy.org.uk]

17 August 2015

Backstage Beauty: Blackcurrant Crystal Crush

The backstage beauty reports from the runways were awash with secrets worth stashing away as the leaves begin to turn fiery golden hues of sunset, the winds find their tingly chills and we find ourselves traipsing the aisles for our covetable autumn fashion finds. 

The blinding beauty trends to waltz and captivate the catwalks with knockout seduction? Glam-vamp statement tainted pouts and crystal bedroom eyes charged with tempting magnetism...Now's your cue to swoon! 

Get your notebooks poised and take a glimpse at the enchanting beauty looks suited n'booted for every girl, every mood, every moment....Boots better watch it for a beauty boom wipeout!

Giving Lip Service

This is the anti-postbox red lip sweeping in and taking flight in all its gothic-vampire radiance so now's the time to master the moody mouth that's surprisingly wearable and glamourous. Slick vs matt Prepare to load your lips and sizzle with beauty's hottest hue this season - blackcurrant bramble.

Slicking a sweep of unexpected gothic glam is charmingly chic and an effortless way of achieving a look of total undressed allure when with velvet skin, lashings of lashes and polished brows.

Deep, rich and cool - simply a winner every time with a shade to suit every complexion under the moonlight. 
Switch it, mix it, make it pop by making a statement with a sexy smoked feline lip by keeping it deep, keeping it rich to master grunge-girl cool. After all, everyone knows that it's the lips that have all the fun!

It's All In The Eyes

Every girl likes a slice of the sparkly high- life so get in touch with your inner ethereal mermaid and shine with some dreamy Swarovski crystal decadence! 

Eye-catching and delicately refined, re-create the luminous backstage look mastered by the hands of  James Kaliardos using Nars for non-other than the Rodarte AW15 beauty reveal. Adding depth and shine to the lash lines, it's the magic touch to nailing that 'stride of pride' sexy edge to the enchanting siren you naturally are. 
Whilst Rodarte stuck to understated subtly for their AW airing, there's nothing stopping you from getting your imagination pumping flexing your creativity with a stroke of shimmer. Sweeping glitter dust onto the lids or underneath your waterline can be an effective and mesmerising way of opening up the eyes and making your pretty peepers pop with radiance! 

Beautifully alluring and charming without teetering on the edge of looking like you've spent an afternoon in your niece's dress-up box, stand out in the limelight with a touch of dazzling sparkle.
It's a high-impact stamp of individuality that radiates the luxe-look in grown-up simplicity! 

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, Cosmopolitan.co.uk, beautyandthedirt.com]

14 August 2015

Love Spotlight: Why Long Distance Isn't Too Shabby After All

Let's face it sometimes you can land yourself with having too much of a good thing and quite often your relationship can casually titter along this category!
Whilst you can reluctantly learn with all the strength you can muster to accept and love the irritating quirks of your other half, sometimes having their ugly mug on easy speed-dial takes the spontaneity and fireflies out of the whole affair. 

Often given a precarious stigma, I'm weighing in on the debate and throwing out the old-age wisdom that voices long-distance romances are a prelude to utter failure...Total claptrap!

Sure there's plenty of reasons as to why not living close to someone isn't so peachy but secretly underneath all the cliched superficial gasps there's actually quite a lot of truly wonderful things about being in a long distance relationship...

#1. As communication in general is fairly limited, particularly on the - 'I just need to see your face' front - when you do hear their voice the butterfly jitters you experience is inexplainable. 

#2. Any form of communication which involves them becomes The. Best. Thing. Ever. The mundane daily details like what they're currently reading or even the last time they had to pee becomes that little bit more interesting and everything they say is banked in your bucket of fun. In other words, distance means that you indefinitely value the small things your partner does that the standard vanilla relationship takes for granted. 

#3. You have a constant excuse to satisfy the travel bunny in you! Everyone secretly loves a bit of adventure to flee the notorious cabin fever but it's even better when the final destination involves the one person whose face you wouldn't mind smushing yours into. They get bonus points if they happen to be situated somewhere cool!

#4. You can be pathetically cute and romantic in levels that in day-to-day existence would border closely on getting soppy git abuse hurled at you and a stiff slap in the face. Unleashing your inner Noah and Allie with letters, flowers, surprise presents, morning texts and the all-out works becomes 100% acceptable with 0% judgement expressed.

#5. Being apart in a relationship can really suck when you're stuck in a flump and just really need a hug from that one person who can turn even the shittest days into something bearable. Yet being apart also allows you to nurture your own independence and allows you to master the art of having a backbone in a relationship. You get to do the things that Y-O-U enjoy doing and you absolutely don't have to feel guilty for abusing the pastime otherwise known as "me time".

#6. Skype becomes the greatest thing since sliced bread! You get to see their face with xx amount of miles between you...Miraculous! What occurs behind the cameras beyond that is entirely up to you two scoundrels. You filthy scamps. 

#7. The moment when you do get to see each other? Beyond words. Just remember to bring the boombox and practise the art of the slow run-and-embrace dance. 

#8. The usual mundane activities become that little bit more rose-tinted and amazing when you're reunited with them, i.e. shopping for toilet roll. How romantic.

#9. The sex. Little words are required to explain this one but without one's desires not usually satisfied, when they finally are it's simply mind-blowing (...* of course also very much dependent upon their skills). Their body becomes a tropical playground that you can't wait to get lost in and sizzle under the pulsating heat. Bangin'.

#10. If you're still sitting on the cynic fence, it has now been scientifically proven that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Fact. 

#11. Being in a long distance relationship miraculously transforms you into one organised babe of sleek existence. You become the proud owner of a shiny new organiser/calendar/planner of some sort for the pure purpose of knowing the exact number of days, hours and seconds until you get to unashamedly stare at the tight tushy of your partner. Your impending work deadlines also happen to make the schedule but are written in around the otherwise more important stuff. You'll be that slightly smug friend as you know you always have something to look forward to! 

#12. At the end of the day if you're in a long distance relationship and it still feels pretty good and makes your fairy tinkle then you know that the person you're with is a good egg and your relationship is a pretty golden one to keep close to your heart. 

#13. Lastly you learn what true love is. True love is the feeling of their lips upon yours after weeks apart, the tingle of their touch as they clasp your hand, the hours you spend on the road just to see their face and the twinkle in their eyes when they see you again for the first time. Priceless.

So whilst it may not be the desired ideal, don't put off being with someone who makes you feel good and you love spending time with in fear of trying your hand at a Long distance relationship. You never know it may just be what works for you and it may pan out a heck of a lot better than you expect!

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest] 

10 August 2015

Island Hop Stop: Barbados

Get yourself stuck into the undiscovered Barbados where the reggae tunes are bleating, the rum is flowing freely and the speckled sunlight dances upon the sandy white shores and crystal skies of dreams. For good old-fashioned charm and total R&R, you've landed on the right side of the world!

Step off the plane and wrap yourself up in a heavy blanket of gloriously tropical heat that'll warm even the steeliest of hearts with its' palm-fringed beaches, golden soft sands tinted with daydreams of pure content.
With an island so beautiful and charmingly laid-back, it's easy to let the striking history behind the soft shush of the waves gently lap away. Soak up the rum but don't forget to soak up the culture alongside it too as this isn't just a fly-and-flop destination but a rum-punch soaked jewel off-the-beaten-track!

Time to dip your toes into the lapping waves of Island time, feel the beat of the heat and let the drum of your heart and the sun rays meet...


Crane Beach, St Philips
Regularly voted as one of the top ten beaches in the world, it's hard not to arrive back at your hotel dripping in salty water ecstasy and sandy beads between your toes without gleaming after the thrilling experience of this golden gem. With tumbling blue waves crashing against the wild rock cliffs that tower overhead, crane beach is worth a trip just for the mesmerising and throat-gulping views!

Miami Beach, Oistins, Bridgetown
Located in the south coast of the Island, Miami beach is the go-to haven for perfectly sublime fire sunsets, lazy hazy picnic lunches and soothing calm waves to cool off from the beating sunshine heat. Grab yourself a little slice of real relaxation with this lagoon of cool and be sure to tuck into one of the hailed roti cutters and thirst-quenching rum punch cocktails from Mr. Delicious snack bar...Paradise perfection!

Accra Beach, Christchurch
This timeless south coast beach offers up a splendid mix of both lapping gentle waves for easy floating as well as more breezy tides to get your boogie boards riding the high life. Engross yourself in a book and cocktail under the shade of a sea-grape tree or hop on the chance to be fearless with the numerous water-sports on offer across the milky sands.  

Bottom Bay, St. Philip Parish
Nestled in the south-east coast of Bim town lies Bottom Bay beach; an expanse of rolling waves, smooth sandy shores and high coral cliffs giving way to some of the most stunning panoramic views. A particular prime spot to set up a belly-satisfying picnic, this beautiful beach has a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere and is a well known location for stealing glimpses of exotic turtles and whales.

Heron Bay, St. James Parish
Tucked away on the west coast lies the gentle turquoise shores of Heron Bay otherwise known as the Colony club beach by many locals. The luxurious Heron bay property sits on the far end of this expanse of fine-coral sands, playing host to the likes of Tony Blair and US President Bill Clinton. Bring along a snorkel and roam through the crystal clear waters, exploring the clusters of coral reef and keep your eyes peeled for any hiding turtle nests or young hatchlings bounding down towards the waters edge! Stop by the Colony Club hotel on your ambles home for a tasty tastebud lunch-stop or a tutti-frutti salivating cocktail. Idyllic!

Natural Wonders

Harrison's Cave, St. Thomas Parish
Discover the very heart of Barbados by exploring one of the Island's most famous and popular attractions - Harrison's Cave. A beautiful and breathtaking limestone cavern that boasts trickling deep crystal pools and an unforgettable adventure to mesmerise your senses and unearth the beauty of natures' finest creations.

At just a three-minute walk from the check-in terminal of the Grantley Adam's airport, the hangar housing G-BOAE Concorde is a fantastic experience in its own right. With a fabulously knowledgeable team of tour guides, embrace your inner geek and get the first-hand experience of this wildly majestic piece of aircraft history!

If you're hankering after some rustic and treasured Barbadian trinkets then this beautiful little craft village is the place to find yourself. Offering an extensive range of beautiful local handicrafts such as glass art, pottery, local paintings, batik, basketry, leather goods and many more, Pelican village is a lovely way to whittle away a few hours! Meander through hand-crafted goods, gaze at the exotic, tropical bushy blooms that lace the location and finish off the trip with an icy cold beverage in one of the local cafe-bars!

Mount Gay Rum Experience, Deacons, Bridgetown
Mount Gay Rum has arguably become one of the most distinctive and covetable emblems of Barbados and is a sure fire way to give you one of the most spine-tingling and muscle-relaxing taste of this charming Island. Pop on over to the Mount Gay Rum factory and discover the secret history and mysteries behind one of the World's most amazing rums and steal a few cheeky samples of the liquid molten along the way! Get ready for one strong memory of pure delight!

Transfer your imagination and love for the Island's national sport by stealing a visit to Kensington Oval stadium to the west of the Capital city of Bridgetown. Once the grounds of the plantation house, this entertaining fixture is home to many of Bim-towns' historic cricket matches as well as the prime location for many one-day, international test matches and local first divisions. Take a tour and get yourself caught up in the fun of the national sport by being swept up in the passion evident amongst the vibrant greens of these famous grounds in West Indies cricket.

Bajan Eats

The Tides, Holetown
Indulge yourself in one truly fabulous dining experience by the waters edge of the West coast at the Tides restaurant in Holetown. A memorable culinary experience awaits you with an extensive and inventive menu guaranteed to ignite every element of your five senses. Infused with a mesmerising and charming atmosphere, ensure that you treat yourself to something remarkable by experiencing the enchanting nature of The Tides. A seamless infusion of Caribbean cool to really get your relaxation flowing on the ocean front. 

Oistin's Fish Fry, Oistins, Bridgetown
Located in an authentic little fishing town in the south coast of the Island rests an absolute must-see-and-do of your Barbadian experience; Oistin's Fish Fry market. Watch this sleepy market come alive with infectious electricity and charm as an abundance of freshly caught fish is chopped, diced, fried, flipped, dished, dipped and munched in pure passion and delight! Flock to one of the most hailed attractions of Barbados and get your tummies deliciously satisfied, your blood streams pumping with hedonistic rum concoctions and your toes tapping to the dancing beat of the local steel drums.

Bubba's Sports Bar & Restaurant, Worthing, Christchurch
Nestled in the South coast of Barbados lies a treasured gem boasting unbeatable entertainment, atmosphere and delectable cuisine. With an electric ambience dished up, get your sports fix as you munch on some scrumptious nosh as the 10ft wide screens blast out the live action of your favourite sports teams. A well played match you can't afford to miss out on!

With its stunning location and expanse of aqua waters, spend an afternoon lazing seaside under the sun whilst sipping your way through a delicious menu of fruity cocktails and freshly blended quenching smoothies. Word on the street whispers that their mango colada resembles liquid gold in a crystal glass so be sure to get your lips tightly round one of those! While away your afternoon as the sunset bursts fire flies upon the horizon and get your reggae groove going as the DJs come alive with their local live beats.

Carib Beach Bar & Restaurant, Oistins, Bridgetown
A renowned open-air beach bar with a chilled ambiance sits on the golden sands of Sandy Beach; a famous favourite of both locals and returning tourists alike. Find yourself gazing at the swaying branches of tall tumbling palm tress as the waves break against the offshore reef whilst sipping on an icy cold frosty bottle of Carib beer; an iconic full-bodied shandy distinct in flavour, style and a true reflection of the Caribbean lifestyle! Authentically real, deliciously tasty food, thirst-quenching beverages and a true haven to really sink your toes into.


Harbour Lights, Bay St, Bridgetown
If you're after a total beach extravaganza then be sure to get yourself sippin' on something a little naughty at this coveted open-air nightclub backing directly onto the beachfront of Bridgetown. Barbados comes alive at night so whether you're seeking a wild night of calypso grinding to the hypnotic beats, a fun evening filled with fruity cocktails and limbo grooving or simply a relaxed night of social mingling with the sand between your toes then harbour lights is the ultimate place to be!

Reggae LoungeSt. Lawrence Gap
Nestled amongst the fun of St. Lawrence Gap lies Reggae Lounge, a widely popular and much-loved open-air nightclub that guarantees a night of unforgettable naughtiness as you shake what yo' mama gave you under the gaze of the stars! Mingle and jingle in the tropical outdoors until the early morning sun awakens with a range of beats from calypso, reggae and mellow jazz blues!

Located in the sand-fringed south coast of Barbados, St. Lawrence Gap is arguably a true reflection of the colourful and fun-loving Caribbean lifestyle! With so little bars and clubs dotted throughout this gem of the Island and only a night filled with limited hours, you'll be hard pushed to make your way round all of the must-sees here...bring on round two the proceeding night! With a plethora of tasty restaurants scattered throughout, get your tastebuds on fire and your lips salivating with smells of pure caribbean delight as you wait for the real fun of the night to heat up in reggae style!

The Old Jamm Inn, St. Lawrence Gap
If you're hankering for a night of great music, fantastic people, dirty dancing, delicious drinks and an unforgettable atmosphere then The Old Jamm Inn situated in the centre of the Gap is your sizzling hotspot! With a fabulously diverse mix of music ranging from Dj mix playlists to get the crowd jumping to live music sets, you'll find yourself movin', groovin' and shakin' till the sun comes up and promptly making plans of your return that coming night! 

Pack your suitcase, soar to new heights and indulge yourself in total hedonistic sun, sea & scrumptious G&T!

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, Barbados.org, reich-petch.com]
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