14 August 2015

Love Spotlight: Why Long Distance Isn't Too Shabby After All

Let's face it sometimes you can land yourself with having too much of a good thing and quite often your relationship can casually titter along this category!
Whilst you can reluctantly learn with all the strength you can muster to accept and love the irritating quirks of your other half, sometimes having their ugly mug on easy speed-dial takes the spontaneity and fireflies out of the whole affair. 

Often given a precarious stigma, I'm weighing in on the debate and throwing out the old-age wisdom that voices long-distance romances are a prelude to utter failure...Total claptrap!

Sure there's plenty of reasons as to why not living close to someone isn't so peachy but secretly underneath all the cliched superficial gasps there's actually quite a lot of truly wonderful things about being in a long distance relationship...

#1. As communication in general is fairly limited, particularly on the - 'I just need to see your face' front - when you do hear their voice the butterfly jitters you experience is inexplainable. 

#2. Any form of communication which involves them becomes The. Best. Thing. Ever. The mundane daily details like what they're currently reading or even the last time they had to pee becomes that little bit more interesting and everything they say is banked in your bucket of fun. In other words, distance means that you indefinitely value the small things your partner does that the standard vanilla relationship takes for granted. 

#3. You have a constant excuse to satisfy the travel bunny in you! Everyone secretly loves a bit of adventure to flee the notorious cabin fever but it's even better when the final destination involves the one person whose face you wouldn't mind smushing yours into. They get bonus points if they happen to be situated somewhere cool!

#4. You can be pathetically cute and romantic in levels that in day-to-day existence would border closely on getting soppy git abuse hurled at you and a stiff slap in the face. Unleashing your inner Noah and Allie with letters, flowers, surprise presents, morning texts and the all-out works becomes 100% acceptable with 0% judgement expressed.

#5. Being apart in a relationship can really suck when you're stuck in a flump and just really need a hug from that one person who can turn even the shittest days into something bearable. Yet being apart also allows you to nurture your own independence and allows you to master the art of having a backbone in a relationship. You get to do the things that Y-O-U enjoy doing and you absolutely don't have to feel guilty for abusing the pastime otherwise known as "me time".

#6. Skype becomes the greatest thing since sliced bread! You get to see their face with xx amount of miles between you...Miraculous! What occurs behind the cameras beyond that is entirely up to you two scoundrels. You filthy scamps. 

#7. The moment when you do get to see each other? Beyond words. Just remember to bring the boombox and practise the art of the slow run-and-embrace dance. 

#8. The usual mundane activities become that little bit more rose-tinted and amazing when you're reunited with them, i.e. shopping for toilet roll. How romantic.

#9. The sex. Little words are required to explain this one but without one's desires not usually satisfied, when they finally are it's simply mind-blowing (...* of course also very much dependent upon their skills). Their body becomes a tropical playground that you can't wait to get lost in and sizzle under the pulsating heat. Bangin'.

#10. If you're still sitting on the cynic fence, it has now been scientifically proven that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Fact. 

#11. Being in a long distance relationship miraculously transforms you into one organised babe of sleek existence. You become the proud owner of a shiny new organiser/calendar/planner of some sort for the pure purpose of knowing the exact number of days, hours and seconds until you get to unashamedly stare at the tight tushy of your partner. Your impending work deadlines also happen to make the schedule but are written in around the otherwise more important stuff. You'll be that slightly smug friend as you know you always have something to look forward to! 

#12. At the end of the day if you're in a long distance relationship and it still feels pretty good and makes your fairy tinkle then you know that the person you're with is a good egg and your relationship is a pretty golden one to keep close to your heart. 

#13. Lastly you learn what true love is. True love is the feeling of their lips upon yours after weeks apart, the tingle of their touch as they clasp your hand, the hours you spend on the road just to see their face and the twinkle in their eyes when they see you again for the first time. Priceless.

So whilst it may not be the desired ideal, don't put off being with someone who makes you feel good and you love spending time with in fear of trying your hand at a Long distance relationship. You never know it may just be what works for you and it may pan out a heck of a lot better than you expect!

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