27 September 2015

Let Your Soul Beat of Freedom: The Warrior Playlist

In the struggling depths of your despondency sometimes a melodic mashup can help break the darkness and shine a light on the reality that there is a way out of the turmoil. A small beat can help shake you up and remind you how precious life is and how much the World is a big place calling out for more of your beautiful presence. Keep your head up, keep fighting and never back down. You're a warrior of life and you deserve to keep faith in your existence and voice.

"Becoming friends with a dragon is smarter than killing it. Rather than fight your fears, ride them towards a better understanding of yourself." - Francesco Dimitri

Motivate yourself with voices of positivity and strength, get your toes tip-tapping, fingers click-clacking and heart singing to the soul beats of freedom...

Demi Lovato :  Warrior

Natasha Bedingfield : Unwritten

Sara Bareilles : Brave

Jimmy Eat World : The Middle

Taylor Swift : Mean

Francesca Battistelli : Free To Be Me

Sugarland : Something More

Christina Perri : I Believe

Sam Cooke : A Change Is Gonna Come

Jason Mraz : The Freedom Song

The Lighthouse and The Whaler : White Days

Selena Gomez : Who Says

Kate Voegele : Lift Me Up

Lady Antebellum : She Is

Switchfoot : Dare You To Move

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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