16 September 2015

A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime

It's a motto that's been regaled from countless pairs of lips time and time again but still rings true in every sense of the truth as the clock hand ruthlessly ticks on...

"People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person."

Friendship and the powerful memories and truth you build from such relationships gift you with invaluable life lessons and skills to grow and guide both emotionally, spiritually and physically. Even if such friendships continue to blossom, thrive and intertwine as the years build and build or they slip beneath the daily rise and grind, the solid emotional foundations that only flourish from such experiences enable you to reflect and paste such lessons to future entanglements you wrap yourself in. It is in experiencing a recent friendship that bloomed from a situation and place that I least expected to find comfort that has helped restore my hope in the unexpected beauty of life, patience and relentless tolerance. From meeting such a truly beautiful soul who has helped me more ways than one in such a shockingly short space of time, I truly believe that friendship is a wondrous and clairvoyant gift of existence not to be taken for granted; no matter how subtle or grand it is expressed.

The friendship between two individuals is such a unique and diverse notion that is as special and rare as your thumb print is to your DNA...it's different for everyone and it is in this difference that lies the grace. Some need constant nourishment through daily watering to encourage the buds and foundations to ripen, fertilise and grow whilst others can be left on the windowsill in happy content of just 'being' there in silent confidence that when attention is sprinkled, nothing has changed and the essence of time becomes surplus to the laughter expressed. Some are deep, dependent, needy, intense and passionately felt; others are light, playful, childish and soaked in inappropriate sarcasm and shenanigans and yet each and every one shares one thing in common: Unquestionable love. 

The highs and the lows, the belly laughs and the tears are all tied together with an invisible and unbreakable string of devotion and respect that guides your inner power, strength and potential. Believe in yourself, believe in the unexpected and believe in the beauty of unforeseen friendships as they can often provide you with the electrifying and eye-opening jigsaw piece of your existence that you never realised you were looking for. 

As a socially-awkward individual who naturally camouflages and fades into the background as a quivering wallflower, still laughing whenever anything fart-related is mentioned, I tend to come across as incredibly stand-off in my attempts at keeping people at arms length. Being uncharacteristically vulnerable and laying my cards on the table, I'm disgustingly shy, lack any ounce of self-belief, self-love and finding my own shadow enough of a hinderance means that bestowing my presence upon anyone else is something I try not to indulge in. This is probably the reason why I get so mortifyingly excited and resemble a 5 year old munching sour starbursts when I find myself in a situation where I instantly connect with someone on a very real and true level. That moment when I've spurted out something horribly sarcastic before I can stop myself and it's met with a chorus of cackles as opposed to stifled grimaces is so embarrassingly valuable and treasured for me that when they happen my heart truly glows - if only for a few hours. 

I don't believe that friendship is measured by the amount of hours or years you've known someone, nor is it measured by the frequency you see them or by the number of times you've engaged in ruthless bad-ass shit together but through the feeling you get when you're in their presence. There is happiness in the pure honesty, raw vulnerability and truth you experience in the moments you share and the absence of fear that the experiences and memories you build with them comes without an expiration date. 

The rare, golden moments when a truly memorable friendship emerges from an unexpected situation is so magical and authentic that I've come to realise that the lesson to take from these moments is to just let it be. Let the moments and emotions connect and align themselves without force, don't question it, don't doubt it... just let it be what it will be. Things occur in life that we can't comprehend in the moment or might never understand but they do happen for a reason. 

So what is my golden nugget of advice to emerge from all of this? Even when you feel all alone and that life is struggling down a unlit, broken path, find the strength to keep your arms open to the beautifully unexpected. Go with the flow, capture, embrace and enjoy the butterfly friendships that emerge from the shadows as there is much to learn, much to grow from and much to gain. They may fly away again when they're ready to but their invaluable gifts and lessons will forever remain and mould your future. Keep your eyes open to the unexpected people who may grace your life with hope; I guarantee they're probably just as surprised as you are. 

Molly, to have you grace my life for the short amount of time I've known you has been a gift of joy. You have such a positive and uplifting soul that shines through in everything you say and do. You're one of those rare little gems who makes everyone smile a little wider, laugh a little harder and make their day shine that little bit brighter. You're beautiful both inside and out and I wish you nothing but a life of naughty mischief, empowering freedom and satisfaction in fulfilling your wildest dreams...
Thank you for being unashamedly y-o-u.

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest] 

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