01 September 2015

Sizzle & Satisfy: September Breakfast Club

Wakey Wakey, rise n'shine! Untangle yourself from the limbs of your lover, it's only bloody breakfast time! The question is however, how d'ya like your eggs in the morning? I like mine sprinkled with nothing but mischief and fun and served with a lil extra spice for that sizzle if you don't mind!

Everyone knows that it's simply a necessity to welcome September by spending as long as humanely possible wriggled up under the duvet with nothing but your favourites...Victoria Secrets' finest, a bloody good book, a frothy cup o' Joe, Channing Tatum by your side and a delightfully delicious breakfast. 

Of course it's also entirely understandable to expect that breakfast is delivered straight from counter to sheets with fresh juice, fresh flowers by a fresh-looking hunk. A morning made of sweet, sweet dreams! In fact, if you're not all that fussed on whipping up breakfast then maybe you could just plump for the hunk and devour him for breakfast instead? Just a thought. For now let's talk breakfast!

As the August Bank holiday somewhat begrudgingly marks the end of Summer shenanigans and knuckling back down to the serious adult work, I thought it only befitting to whip up a few tasty kitchen-counter recipes to get you sunshine perky enjoying the last of your summertime fun! 

Get yourself crunching, munching and dancing amongst the bed sheets with these temptingly teasing morning glory dishes...

Crêpe! Where's My Nuts?

Refreshingly succulent, rich and delicious, get your morning started on a sweet note with a stonkin' big mouthful of this fruity and exotic boat of pleasure between your quivering lips. Punchy in the flavour department yet fabulously delicate in execution, this comforting breakfast of treats certainly aims to please in all the right ways.

Bite into sweet juicy heaven with this rolled up naughtiness topped with an extra crunchy sprinkling of crunchy nut filth. 

Lather your tastebuds with: a vigorous tossing of vanilla-bean frozen yogurt to melt under the heat of your fruity rollup nestled amongst a bed of punchy nut butter, fresh plump raspberries and bursting juicy orange slices.

Dippy Eggs Dreams with a shot of Greens

Giving your classic boiled egg a lil somethin' somethin'! After all life's too short not to add a cheeky shot of extra goodness!

Get your soldiers looking perky ripe and mighty fine with this recipe of fun.

[Sideline sliders: Steamed asparagus bunches, homemade fish finger batons, grilled chipolatas, cinnamon-dusted crusty breadsticks, drizzle of punchy garlic mayonnaise sauce.] 

Avocuddle of Mexican Goodness

Tossed with sumptuous flavour guaranteed to hit all your sleepy spots and laced with an extra kick to wake you from your sleepy slumber is this deliciously indulgent Mexican grilled corn Avocado toast medley. Smoothly rich and decadently delicious, this breakfast mashup is a toast to the exotic flavour explosions of fiery zesty Mexican cuisine! 

Ignite your Arriiiiba Arriiiiba with this tantalising tastebud tease!

[Bite into a taste of Spain with: a sprinkle and dash of spicy hot cumin powder and a dollop of cooling natural yoghurt to wake up your sensory fusion breakfast feast.]

Oh! Overnight Berry Delight

The perfect breakfast wake-me-up for all you sweet-tooth fiends out there who fervently advocate that it's never too early to indulge the dessert cravings! A hearty healthy breakfast mashup jam-packed full of protein, healthy fats for that swishing mane of yours and sweet-tart yumminess found left, right and centre from top to bottom!

Rise n'shine on the sunshine happy side of your beauty winks with this breakfast beacon fit for a queen bee!

[Spoon it up with: To cut through the tutti-frutti raspberry twist,  pair this baby with a stonkin' spoonful of creamy nut butter like meridian cashew or almond nut butter or even a drizzle of sticky smooth honey for an extra dose of sweet nothings topped with crumbled hazelnuts...Smashin' goodness!]

Benedicts' Holi[n]daise Winner

Nothing beats a hot steamin' stack of fluffy buttered muffins topped with melt-in-your-mouth yolky sunshine sliced with succulent oak-smoked salmon and a smooth drizzle of creamy perfection. 

Get those eggs crack-a-lackin and busting some goodness with this egg-celent recipe of whisked satisfaction!

[Order's up: Swap out the salmon for age-roasted ham served atop a slow-roasted portebello mushroom. Add a twist of zing and fire with a splash of Tobasco sauce, a squeeze of lemon, a drizzle of truffle oil and a sprinkle of chopped herbs.] 

Welcome to Muscle Muesli Mountain

Let your inner health squeeze run wild in chia-galore ease with this modern bircher spin on ye olde muesli mountain of traditional sawdust. Come on, no-one can really like chowing down on a milky soup of dry nut-dusted mush topped with a sprinkling of shrivelled raisins acquaint to your Nana's toe-clippings! Out with the old and in with the new by tackling this tasty tongue-quivvering bowl of goddess credentials - you'd be nutty not to!

Poach your heart and sweeten your morning with this recipe of fruity wonder packed full of punchy delicious infusions to get your mojo roaring! 

[Rise n'shine with: A big dollop of creamy rich greek yoghurt topped with vanilla soaked poached pears and tart sour cherries.] 

Vanilla Sex Breakfast Pudding

Slink your mischievous toes into something delectably creamy and undoubtedly satisfying with this dish of ecstasy and elevate your expectations beyond belief. Stuffed with antioxidants, calcium, fiber and an experience to rumble your presence under the bedsheets, rustle up this beautifully sweet bowl of sticky memories for a vanilla explosion of delicious thrills!

Get your pulse soaring into oblivion with this bursting breakfast pure perfection!

[Bang into breathless flavour chills with: a sprinkling of bursting berry fruits, a forceful drizzling of sweet-sticky honey goodness and a fistful of crushed up ginger nuts for a crunchy dose of zing.]

This S*** is Bananas, B-a-n-a-n-a-s!

A tutti-frutti concoction for the wickedly rebellious types who do their own thang and do it in style! Prise open your peepers to relive the naughty tomfoolery of last nights' antics with this sugar hit of bursting juiciness, crunchy caramel crunch nestled up against the smoothness of one sticky fudge case of banana bonanza mash up!

Get your Gwen groove cruising into the midday haze with this devilish dish of sass - it's the S***!

[Kick-ass with: a shot of banoffee-infused coffee powder, a handful of deeply rich carob chips, a thick drizzle of agave syrup and a whole lot of crunchy rockin' love with a fistful of bulging tasty pecan nuts... Absolutely bananas I tell you!] 

Omelette You Know This Is Real Good!

Eggs, eggs, glorious eggs! Psssttt I don't want this whisked up, spread out and dished up for all to hear and munch but this one's a good'un! Kick start your day and get your inner New Yorker burning with happy-clappy mornin' chat with an eggy flip-up in the kitchen! Flavourful, nourishing and packing a punch with every bite, this is a breakfast treat that's so disgustingly easy and simple to have dished without sacrificing on a shell of moorish flavour!

Whip it, flip it and dish it with this grilled plate of flippin' good eggy nourishment.

[Sizzle in the kitchen with: a biting mix of smashed chopped tomatoes, a saucy slithering of smooth cream cheese, a sprinkling of luscious chopped chives, a handful of sliced portobello mushrooms and a garnish of chopped basil leaves soaked in a cheeky slug of lee & perins! Poifect!]

'Shroom To Be Satisfied!

Naughty, quick, back-tingling and satisfyingly quick! All the best things occur under the morning sheets right? I don't know where your filthy imagination is taking you but I'm talking about a plateful of creamy mushroom crunch spooned in a missionary position atop the bed sheets. Sheesh. 

Wake up your morning with a little zing of somethin' somethin' with this pleasure-pleasing stack of oozing satisfaction. There's certainly no rest for the wicked where this gem is sizzling!

[Get your toes curling with: a thick coating of saucy cream cheese infused with a biting mix of mustard, chives and garlic flakes bedded between a soft and bouncy mattress of sourdough bread.]

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, jamieoliver.com, dailyburn.com, buzzfeed.com, howsweeteats.com]

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