22 September 2015

That 70's Show: Groovy baby, groovy!

It wasn't going to be long before the 70's made a major fashion collection comeback in all its retro-glamour stature and flare. This decade resurgence carves out a wardrobe uniform full of toasty turtleneck knits, leg lengthening baby flares, billowy sheer blouses, swooping bell bottoms and enough suede, fur, fringe and prim corduroy to get your Austin powers alter ego one show-stopping silhouette show. Groovy baby, groovy.

Get your Saturday night fever rockin' n'rollin' and unleash your inner dancing queen as the 70s roll into Autumn with hippie vibes of nostalgia. Now where's my disco ball...?

# Show-stopping Shearling

Make like big bird & upgrade your skin to cosy cool fluffy envy. Throw on some faux-fur adornments and swing into the 70s vibe with a touch of the 'It' texture this season...Shagadelic!

# Flirty Flares

Go hard or go home is the mantra when it comes to dressing your precious pins in this season's coveted flares. Bin the skinnies (ain't nobody got time for sucking in when the winter bulking season commences) and max out your legs in a pair of elongating wide-legged trousers. No pair can ever be named 'too big' so max out this 70s dream just a length bigger, better, wider, longer. 

# Fringe Benefits

Swinging back into Fall is the return of all things swishy, captivating and just that bit cool. The catwalks went crazy for all things fringe related and tassels were swooping into a frenzy upon coats, handbags, sheer swooping maxis and floaty bell-sleeved peasant blouses. Smashing!

# Boho Blend

Don't rummage round looking for your indie-festival flower crowns as this 70s Boho time hop moves n'grooves in a more understated and slinky fashion on the sidelines. Opt for a sparkly jewelled headband and finely layered necklaces to master an enchanting silhouette and breeze your way through as a 70s Bohemia princess in anything long, loose, colourful and feather-light. Now's the time to dance with floaty flared sleeves, captivating florals and whimsical maxi skirts.

# Thighs The Limit

There's nothing shy and innocent about these naughty leg warmers! Wrapping up nice n'tight, these coy little numbers will work magic at showcasing your pins in sheer elegance and flirt with flashing a touch of skin. Pair these babies with just about anything like distressed cut-offs to tumbling maxi dresses and you'll walk right into an ethereal position of 70s envy. Oh behave!

Time to shimmy n' shake your way into an enviable uptown funk with some of Autumn's hottest hits and fashions favourite hits. 
Yeah baby, yeah!

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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