10 October 2015

Live With Purpose Young Grass Hopper

It's all too easy to feel frazzled and downright pissed when you're dealt the cards of an unexciting, uninspired and unsatisfying life existence. Where's the bloody papers to sue the life gurus making your life so freakin' unfabulous? Oh wait that would result in you suing yourself. Balls.

The blame game won't quite work out in your favour this time as quite simply y-o-u are the only one holding yourself back and not scoffing that buttery biscuit base in fear of something better skipping along. You're the only one making yourself the miserable sod you've become by holding yourself back from what it is that you really want. You can't expect to view the world in glorious sunshine if you're denying yourself the self-love you deserve and ignoring the inner voice of your desires that ask "What is it that will truly make me happy?" If you learn to live with purpose and tuning into what it is that you want from life then you'll find things a hell of a lot easier and lighter. A bit like that big-ass awaited pee after one hefty car journey...the satisfaction is beyond words! The painful journey and withholding gives way to some delightful gratification (...and one relieved bladder!) 

So how do you unveil your life purpose? You simply live however the hell you want as long as it brings you joy, fulfilment and deep cackles of naughtiness...#simplez.

I won't sugar coat it, it's not quite as miraculously simple as I've made out. My bad! Like all things worthwhile in life, it's part of a process that requires you to put the work in on a daily basis. It may be tedious and you'll probably experience moments where you'll want to chuck it all in but keep at it, day by day and soon those small steps will transpire into something remarkably rewarding and permanent. Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, you'll transform into the woman you've always dreamt of and were meant to be all along. 

The important thing to remember is that as the transformation is part of a process, don't live in the mindset that life can only be truly enjoyed once you reach the destination. Be okay in who and where you are today as you're a far sight further from where you were and a heck of a lot closer to who you desire to be. 

Accept yourself in this very moment and celebrate the milestones of how far you've come as everything you do and experience today is part of a bigger life journey. 

"Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best." - Tim Duncan

Prioritise yourself and your deep desires in the present moment and dance through the journey of becoming something more in the future. Here's how to tap into figuring out what the hell you want in life...

#1. Be your own best friend. Even if you feel alone and clueless, know how truly loved you are and when life throws some flaming shitballs your way, you alone are enough to forage through the dark times and dodge them.

#2. Find peace in who and what you are today instead of constantly awaiting for the moment you transform into something or someone else. You are you and that in itself is the magic power - don't invite the daily self abuse to park itself up in your search of being someone who you think you ought to be.

#3. Forgive and forget. Something that can end up hurting you and making your belly roar in pain like a bad case of constipation is holding onto grudges to those who do you wrong. So they dealt you some really uncalled for crap but be mindful that what caused them to act out and hurt you was most likely through their own struggles of trying to navigate the world. We all do right and we all do wrong; we're all perfectly imperfect and forgiving freely releases you from the unnecessary baggage you can't control or change.

#4. Appreciate and believe that your self-worth transpires from within and how you view and treat yourself. Your place and importance in this world does not depend upon the approval of others so stop searching for self-love and happiness in the acceptance of others. You and you along can cultivate your own worth. 

#5. Wake up and appreciate everyone and everything that is already around you. Be mindful of the skills and individuals who have always beeb and remain to be by your side despite the roller coaster ups and downs. Learn to recognise that you already have everything you truly need.

#6. Applaud yourself for how far you've come in your life journey so far. We often forget to take a moment to recognise the power of our resilience, determination and strength and it is this recognition that gives us heart to continue fighting on. Don't lose sight and don't give up little fighter.

#7. Relish in the excitement and butterflies of the unknown. Embrace the spontaneity that comes with life as part of a 2-for-1 package deal and ride the wave of possibility in everything you do. It may make your feet itch like a bad case of athlete's foot but acting upon instinct every once in a while rather than anally planning to the T shakes things up and makes life more rewarding. Trust me.

#8. Buy yourself a stonkin' pint love. Or a pair of socks. Or a handbag. Or a bubble machine...whatever floats your rockin' boat! Cut yourself some slack and pat yourself on your bloody fabulous back as you're doing a swell job and just sometimes a gal needs to treat herself for her prize work. Indulge your fancies and then continue to smash the hell out of life!

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