16 October 2015

So You Feel Like Sh***, eh?

When your head is doing its upmost to throw down one of the most drama queen-esque shouting paddy's ever recorded and you're just about ready to chuck in the towel and go to town on all those thoughts, behaviours and manipulative urges you've kept in line for so long just hold up and give yourself a second to breath. Go on then I'm not God's descent here to endow you with such enlightened knowledge, you know how to do it so stop being a stubborn panting mess. B-r-e-a-t-h-e.

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." 
- John R. Wooden

When you're feeling like a hot piling steam of your dog's digested dinner, it's all too easy to stick to fingers up at the hard road of perseverance and scamper back delightfully to the safety waters of the tried, tested, easy, destructive, isolating existence of disallusion...still sounding peachy?

Didn't think so. Trudging on and keeping your head from falling into that steamin' pile can feel like the biggest challenge and let's face it no amount of bloody positive affirmations are going make a darn bit of difference. Quite frankly you probably don't want them to anyway. No one can magic the situation better or make it go away but yourself (sorry for the harsh wake up call chick) but you can decide to try and make your reaction to the crap feelings easier by indulging in a touch of self-love. Foreign concept right? 

I've taken one for the team as the lovely little lass that I am (halt the applause till later ta) and rustled together an emergency pep-talk tank of self soothing'!

So before you package yourself up and climb into the contemporary cheese cabinet of your local Tesco's, take a sharp breath of 'suck it up girlfriend'. Remember that whilst you may currently be feeling like a lump of congealed lard, it doesn't mean you are a delicatessen that goes quite spectacularly with Jacob's crackers and a pack of juicy grapes. 

You are y-o-u not your feelings and girl, you're flippin' fabulous. Brie-ly cheesy I know but that's how I roll and quite frankly I camembert to watch you wallow in your stinkin' head. 

Putting the sarcasm and jokes aside for the moment (shock horror), learning to manage how you cope with negative feelings takes time, patience and a lot of practise. You head hasn't conjured up all that claptrap overnight so it's gonna take a bit of time picking through it, chucking it in the garbage bag and throwing it all out. Keep persevering and pushing through as it can certainly be done and the hard work pays off to something truly worthwhile!

Manage, Reduce, Prevent & Live.

Without further adieu let's get crack-a-lackin where the self-love is postiviely slackin'...

  • Indulge your inner nerd and get down n'dirty with a crossword, word search, sudoku, pictionary etc.
  • Get jiggy with a jigsaw. SO underrated but compulsively addictive once you get started! Go big and invest in one that you're drawn to whether that be a scene from a dream holiday destination or a picture of your favourite childhood cartoon series - it'll make the distraction process 100% more appealing.
  • We all know you have some so stop being a git and admit it...it's time to get funky with your colouring pens dahlin'! Mindfulness colouring has literately boomed from nowhere and to put it bluntly it really does bloody work whether you're too stubborn to admit it or not. Don't be sassy and deny yourself some childish fun - it may feel begrudgingly mainstream but it's a way of escaping the adult responsibilities of life for a while and just indulging in a sense of non-judgemental amusement.
  • Whack out your journal and let loose crazy tiger. We get too caught up taking a lie down on our sun loungers up in our heads and by staying there we often get burnt. Take yourself away from your head and the blinding heat of the monkey chatter and let it all out in its jumbled, perfectly imperfect and incomprehensible mess in a book you can keep and ferry about. It's often overlooked just how effective writing thoughts down can be as it stops you from ruminating in your own head space, giving you the opportunity to feel, express, accept and then manage and forget. Word vomit can be a pleasantly therapeutic pastime. Surprise surprise!
  • Get your fingers sticky and creative with a scrapbook or inspirational goals collage of photos, papers, postcards and glitter!
  • Pick up a book and get yourself lost in the trials and tribulations of another life story.
  • Grab your debit card, park your booty in front of the laptop and get new season fashion happy! You'll come out cheering whilst your bank balance wails out in remorse... #noregretswhenyou'relookingfly.
  • Run yourself a stonkin' great bath full of flyaway bubbles and gorgeous aromas, light up some smelly candles, grab a magazine or book and plunge yourself into serenity for some serious 'me' time.
  • Get in touch with your inner zen by taking yourself outdoors. Wrap up all toasty and really take note of the beauty within nature around you. It's a beautiful time of year right now so switch yourself off and be at one with the squirrels.
  • Rid yourself of the serious crap you can't control in your head by cacooning yourself in your fluffiest comfort jammies and nestling down to an old-school movie night marathon. Nothing can switch off that nattering ninny in your head better than some comedy classic gold or a disney childhood throwback!

"Your Body Is Your Vehicle Through Life; It Can Do Wonderful Things For You."

  • Rustle through your iTunes and spotify and put together a feel-good playlist of classic tunes that you can shimmy and shake to. Dancing releases feel-good endorphins and we can't deny you of those happy little points can we? Go on, press play and you'll start playing with life!
  • Embrace your inner calm and bust out some grounding yoga moves. Movement is a great way to help ease built up tension and stress so grab a matt and get stretching. Start off small and build your way up - it's not a competition so don't get cocky and try doing the splits straight from a standing position. By all means try it out but your ass will have a thing or two to grumble about afterwards...
  • Surrounded yourself with love. Instead of shutting yourself off get yourself mingling with your nearest and dearest. Having too much time on your hands allows you to dwell upon negativity and gives your head a free pass in playing havoc. This will only end up making you feel like a hairy ball of crap. Destructive behaviours thrive on isolation so reaching out to your loved ones will help halt any unhelpful thoughts and prevent you from dwindling down the path of misery. It doesn't have to be an all singing, all dancing event - even just being in their silent presence can be enough to steer you away from the darker moments. 
  • Cry. It's that simple. Being strong and resilient doesn't mean you have to be a hard nut who never sheds a tear. Crying is not a sign of weakness and does't make you any less of a person. What it does do is it simply makes you real. Crying is a sign of change; a sign that things are moving in your life and your thinking. Allowing yourself to express the intensity of emotion releases many thoughts and fleeting emotions that you've build up and locked down in your head and this is 100% a positive thing. Crying is normal, it's natural and it's bloody fantastic in enabling you to pick back up and keep moving forward. Here's a tissue.

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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