12 November 2015

Victoria's Secret To Body Perfection...Pssst, It Doesn't Exist!

So it's that time of year again when any close relationship with a razor gets neglected in favour of thick tights and trouser legs, blended kale and spirulina smoothie shots gets replaced with cinnamon spice hot chocolate cream blends and the extra padding finding its way to your hooey in the form of chocolate boxes are excused as strategically planned winter insulation bulking. 

So it appears to be that just as you're dialling into operation winter hibernation, unwrapping your fifth nutty ferrero rocher and readjusting your tuesday treat day pants, an army of lithe and tousled angels strut across your screen in an array of devilish stockings and garters flaunting sumptuous limbs of envy and arses as tight as an unripe peach. Cue the undignified splutter upon your chocolate nuts!

They delicately flutter down from heaven spreading their glorious wings of blinding beauty. If their manes of tumbling locks, sun-blushed collarbones, slinky peach pouts and sumptuous skin emblazoned in shimmer wasn't enough to have us dragging our jaws along the ground then their delicate crystal lace cups encasing enviably plump lady lumps, pancake waists and darling legs for days flouncing along the runways would have any man or woman panting like a nun in a stripclub!

Whilst it may all be dazzlingly beautiful, beneath all the sultry smoulder and playful lingerie lies a silently dangerous tug upon body ideals undoubtedly perpetuating our body insecurities. 

There's no doubt that the Victoria's Secret models are all utterly gorgeous and fervently advocate the need for woman to feel empowered by their sexuality, confidence and natural beauty. Yet having ideals of this 'angel' look glorified on adverts and billboards can only but lead young woman to become transfixed by visually flawless figures and the quest for the body of supermodel perfection. Whilst it's as much in the hands of the viewer as to how they react and interpret shows of body projecting and flaunting, it is the undisclosed message of body idealism that leads women to compare and question "why can't I look like that?"

The Victoria's secret fashion show is one of pure creative excellence, fabulous detail and drop-dead gorgeous lingerie and is something even I look forward to watching each year to unashamedly unearth even more woman crushes! It's an event tailored to showcasing the brand's new collection releases, a time to have fun and feel beautiful but more so it's a celebration of how investing in yourself in small ways, like how you dress your lady lovelies, can reinvent and instil an inner confidence that makes a woman feel sexy and sassy. 

It just so happens that as a nation crippled with undisclosed insecurities and a heavy message of health, body image ideals and diets emblazoned upon every street corner, watching other woman and making comparisons becomes an enjoyment we naturally indulge in - regardless of whether we recognise it as healthy for our mindset and self esteem or not. Although it is not lit up in neon flashing lights upon our screens, the silent message of perfectionism whispers in the winds and heightens that pressure in women of achieving a standard idealistic body image. 

Yet what exactly is so alluring in attaining that barbie-doll reflection? Where is the glory in having a predictable body ratio of X-Y-Z and where is the desirability in striving for a presumed level of 'perfection' when what is perfect is the lumpy, bumpy, flawed and imperfect you? Beauty is irrivocably subjective; not an objective measure of self worth. Yes those Victoria secret models are beautiful but their bodies are their careers and they work their butt off in achieving the figures they flaunt. They are the moulds that keep the goods looking pretty - they walk to flaunt the products that they're showcasing and that is the message they are trying to assert.

The message of the show isn't to display these woman as role models to follow and idolise as something to emulate but to showcase that we are more than what our outward appearance displays. The way we invest in ourselves within is what manifests the beauty we project to the world. Lingerie is something woman wear for themselves - a way of celebrating their femininity, their sensuality and a marker that they are worth self-love, acceptance in all their unique qualities. 

Physical attractiveness will always be a subject met with great scrutiny but the strong message of today that shines just as loud as toxic media marketing is the importance for a woman to love and accentuate all that she naturally and imperfectly is rather than focusing her energies in changing everything she perceives she isn't. 

The perfect body simply does not exist and the power lies in realising this freedom

Empower your own wings by appreciating your own imperfect beauty; not envying that of another. 

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, cosmopolitan.co.uk, glamourmagazine.co.uk]

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