11 December 2015

Just A Little Festive Reminder

December is notorious for being a cheeky little elf and will go to great lengths (...of ribbon and other unnecessarily alluring pretty adornments) to wrap up and present big delicious gift boxes of stress, sweat, fears, tears and head tantrums. I just wanted to swing on by to give that mischievous minx a great big wedgie on his jingly jangle swinging balls and gift you with some friendly festive reminders to ease that whirling head of yours in the run up to mindless checkout queuing, feigning delight at your Nan's thoughtful gift of a big girl's fleecy nightgown, throughly abusing your works Christmas open bar and drunkenly face planting the toilet seat instead of the covetable soft lips of your eye candy. 

Oh and last but certainly not least re-inacting the scenes of Bridget Jones and her loyal red wine. Such skills.

Christmas may well be the season of chills, thrills and adorned with frills but it can certainly cause a few grey hairs popping up unwelcome and unannounced. Keep that pretty head of yours grounded and rooted in the magic of the festivities by reminding yourself of your ability to bounce back, have fun, focus on your family, blessings and investing in yourself with acceptance, kindness, gratitude and a great big stonkin' bottle of prosecco with your name all over it!

(1) As much as you may try, will, persuade and helplessly coax a loved one or friend to change, it's important to take a step back from the anxiety feeding your fear for their future. An important mechanism that can help diminish or ease the tension in such cases is to accept that you can not force someone to help themselves. It's not realistic or fair to either them or yourself to try and fix someone else; the best thing you can do is to take the time to simply understand them.

(2) You are only ever graced with one body. Regardless of whether you accept it with love or shower it with subjective, critical self-hate stay mindful to the fact that it is yours and yours alone and that in itself is what makes it objectively beautiful.

(3) Learning and lessons are continuous journeys bound by no stopping point. Lessons are learnt when you grow and make mistakes. Once one lesson is acknowledged, the next is just around the corner. Once one lesson is learnt, you simply move on to the next. Every facet of existence contains a lesson of some sort and for every minute that you breathe there are undiscovered lessons to be learned.

(4) The power of choice lies within you. Each and every one of us has an internal toolbox of mechanisms and strategies that we use to navigate through life. Some are helpful whilst others press the self-destruct button. Realistically and rationally, you know which tools are healthy but the power of choosing to follow these lies inside of you. The power of choice is a powerful transformer so remember to detach from emotional thoughts, look, assess, listen and trust. Only then will the answers become clear.

(5) Our point of pain becomes our point of freedom. Anxiety and emotional pain stem from memory feelings that we're unable to process and move past. These stored but unprocessed memories create mental blocks that play upon our anxieties, building a wall of anger that grips us tightly in undigested fear. Once we focus upon these waves of pain and anxiety and ground ourselves in the knowledge that we are reliving unprocessed thoughts from the past, transformation can occur. Attributing such trauma to memories that were left unattended in the past, freedom can flood into place. Pinpointing such emotional pain to past events can allow you to become more steadied, grounded, more calm and more in control where suddenly your perspective can become more focused with clarity and compassionate.

(6) Asking for help does not make you weak. Those around you will not think any less of you as a person or ridicule your value or worth when you seek their advice. If you need help, then ASK. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable only glorifies your strength so don't be afraid to accept help from others as it might just be the thing that transforms your life and sets you free.

(7) Nothing ever stays the same. It's unrealistic to expect the world and all that inhabits it to stay exactly the way it was planned. Just as the world is in constant transit, so too are we. It is perfectly fine to change your mind. What felt right for you at one point may feel unbalanced and wrong further along the line and that is perfectly okay. Any pressure you feel in having to see something through till the end is your own personal rules and pressure you're placing upon yourself. We're fickle creatures and you're perfectly entitled to indulge in that characteristic and change course. If something felt wrong for a friend, you wouldn't demand them to keep going despite the pain and misery it was causing them. You'd advise them to make a U-turn, change course and follow the path that feels right, wouldn't you? Well exactly the same applies to you - change what feels wrong and don't beat yourself up for doing so. Our paths in life are never linear so ride the waves and embrace the change of winds and sails. Change can be the very thing that leads you to unexpected victories.

(8) Don't allow anothers' bad day to affect yours. If someone is rude to you it is automatic for many of us to assume it is because we are bad people who have offended in some way when often it is far from the truth. Think back to when you had received some bad results or were experiencing a bad body image day; you were probably quite irritable and short with the shop assistant who couldn't understand what you were asking for, right? Just as your own thoughts that day affected the way you reacted to others around you, the same applies to them. If someone is mean to you, they're most likely battling the demons playing havoc in their own heads and not attacking you personally. Don't take indifference at face value as a reflection of your self-worth and don't let it get you down. You're sassy and you know it so play ball and put it into practise.

(9) Eat the damn chocolate. Those shiny luxurious lindt bow wrappers aren't just piled up on the glass table to sit there winking at you like devilish scamps. They are there for a purpose, just like you are sat staring at them for a purpose. Those little bombs of happiness are there to be eaten and you my dear friend are there to take one for the team and bloody well eat them. Life is too short to worry about every single last thing so let go a bit, have some fun and indulge in what you fancy. It's Christmas after all and Christmas is a time for a little bit of merry tipples, a little bit of Mariah on the speakers and just a whole lot of filthy chocolate goodness!

(10) You're freakin' fine as fudge. Seriously just look at y-o-u - hot damn! Soak it up & work that sass sista friend!

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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