16 December 2015

The Other Sides Of Beautiful

You can filter the fudge out of that recent selfie you just posted on Instagram but what exactly are you trying to achieve by relentlessly trying to upload it when your wifi connection decides it's had enough for the day? Are you posting it because it makes you feel good, it makes you feel happy? Or are you seeking the approval of the virtual world and waiting for their verdict of whether your beauty pasts muster? 

The definition and variations of beauty is as wide as the ocean when exposed to the world but there is no Pro-X camera filter for inner happiness and beauty. Don't fritter away your own self-respect and self approval to the subjective media standard of physical beauty. Beauty runs indefinately deeper than the gap between your thighs, the curve of your collarbone, the label stitched upon your shirt and the balayage tones threaded through your hair. Your beauty resides in the way you talk to yourself, the belief systems that are yours and yours alone, the values and importance you uphold in your actions and the way you stay true to yourself. 

Beauty is quite simply being you. Naturally, unashamedly you and not giving two flying f****s to who may or may not disagree with what you have to offer this world. Try not to box yourself into a media-led objective standard of beauty as what makes you attractive is far more than the colour of your eyes or the slop of your nose. I won't be ignorant here as yes looks do play an important role in being physically attracted to someone as it's natural to be drawn to someone on a physiological level but the traits and quirks that lie underneath the skin and flesh are where it's at. 

It's the qualities that mould together the personality behind the superficial external that truly make another fall flat on their face and head over heels in nutty infatuation. Your beauty and worth is not defined and bound to a subjective look that can be frozen in a single picture; it is derived from the fluid movement of your character and your authenticity as a unique, amazing and valued individual. 

In a mindless world engrossed with beauty, dating and the pursuit of some sort of standard of perfection, here's a grounding reminder of all the non-physical qualities that speak the voice of your beauty more than a face lift ever could...

Intelligence : Your assertiveness in what makes you tick, the more switched on you are about the world you live in and standing up for what interests and motivates you...that's what makes you sexy. Someone who owns their own mind owns their own life.

Honesty : I think that as the world moves forwards, dishonesty is something that has become such a natural and somewhat habitual trait to slip into. I'm not talking about when you ask someone to describe the night sky and they fervently reply "yellow". I mean someone whose actions are fed from doing the right thing, the ability to deal and manage the honest truths around them and isn't afraid to step up to honest reality.

A Sense of Humour : The ability to take life and all its crazy sky-castles with a decent pinch of salt and laugh it off is undoubtedly attractive. The ability to not take things so seriously and being able to laugh at yourself both in times of triumph and when you f**** up is a beautiful characteristic that really takes you far in life. A good sense of humour is indicative of creativity, negotiability and intelligence and cracking out a cheeky chuckle motivates others to loosen up and follow suit!

Fortitude & Confidence : No body likes to be led around in circles with vague hints and direction. Being direct, assertive and confident in your delivery gains far more respect and open receptivity. What is beautiful is to approach life in a somewhat relaxed, get-it-done demeanour. Someone who channels logic, reason and sensitivity into their decisions engineers a captivating and elegant mindset that exudes rationality and drive. That in itself is magnificent.

Courage : In some respect, we all dip in and out different character traits and practise certain ones more than others either mindfully or out of sheer habit. Saying that however, it is somewhat rare to find an individual who despite indifference will stand up and do the right thing when no one else is looking or when others fail to act. Someone who speaks up when a voice is required and remains silent when needed shows authentic courage of character. Being courageous is a beautiful trait to keep hold of as its' presence oozes the ability to be true to yourself despite the expectations of others. Courage demonstrates the pursuit of joy - both your own and those around you. Courage is an internal spark, a certain independence and confidence; it's beautifully sexy.

A Sense of Life : An individual who acts beyond just what they are has a beautiful temperament. Someone who thinks, moves and and sees for what they could be or should be drives a quality that motivates all other facets of their character. An individual who thinks highly of themselves and realises the potential they have to achieve and give a unique value to this world lives through inner beauty. A good sense of life is not driven by arrogance but a love of being alive and rinsing life of all that it has to offer.

The physical qualities may capture the fleeting gaze and attention of someone but it's y-o-u, your personality that retains that interest. 

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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