19 January 2016

Here's To Us: We Are Enough

It's a fact of life, plain and simple: we are imperfect. Perfectly, fabulously imperfect.  It is truly outstanding to realise how much we hold ourselves back through fear of uncertainty and fear of f***ing up that we fail to acknowledge and soak up just what we as humans, as flawed as we are, have managed to create and continue to achieve. Yet why do we never feel it is enough?

An astonishing amount of us habitually put on our pants of crippling self-depreciation day in-day out and slip into the view that we're never quite enough. From not being smart enough, worthy enough, desirable enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, fit enough, popular enough, successful enough to quite simply, just enough. Well you know what? E-N-O-U-G-H. Whose scale are you using to judge yourself and your worth? Who has the right to weasel your value and all that you do and have achieved into some subjective standard of 'enough'? You do and only you. We are all enough, in all our quirks, oddities, endearing ways, e-n-o-u-g-h. Yet this will only feel real and truly experienced if you adopt the mindset that you are undoubtedly enough. Plain n' simple just the way you are.

Media will always be the big bad wolf of society, whispering that we need to pull our socks up to be successful, that we need to lose x amount of weight to be beautiful, that we need to "get over ourselves" to lead a social highlife. Why concern yourself with that? By using some figurative subjective scale of worth of course you will never be enough. Not by the unrealistic standards of media narrated value - no-one will ever be enough. Not even Channing Tatum! (..and let me tell you that a pretty mean feat to beat!) Yet you can be enough if you keep grounded in your own self reflective standard of self worth.

No one judges us as critically as we do ourselves. That extra skin roll lurking on your hips, that crook in your nose, that cow's flick of morning glory - those perceived flaws and shortcomings are your beautiful imperfections that make you unashamedly you and genuine. Our f*** up's and struggles are never failures but lessons of opportunity to evolve and keep aiming towards our goals. To judge yourself on what society sings will never leave you believing that you are 'enough' because these standards of value are constantly moving, altering and changing with the evolving cultural paradigm shifts. Remaining true to your genuine and natural self and appreciating that being you is a content place to be speaks volumes that you are irrevocably enough. In every single way.

The sticky biscuit of this accepting mindset is that it is by all means HARD to reach, let alone sustain. Sadly it seems far easier for us to dismiss, neglect and toss aside our brief moments of glory and instead focus, ruminate and glory the weaknesses that make us bolt and miserable. We somehow instinctually believe that an accepting viewpoint is always that little bit out of reach, a shiny vision that everyone except us are entitled to have and live. I urge you to challenge this. Challenge and square up to the voices that tell you that you're not worthy enough to be who you really are, fight back against the niggling nags that scream you are not entitled to grabbing life with both hands and square up to the belief that you alone are not enough because I assure you, what you were yesterday, who you are today and what you'll be tomorrow is more than enough.

Believe in yourself and believe that what you have to offer benefits the world in all its unique, individual and invaluable ways. The world loses a special sparkle when it loses an individual who doesn't value their unique worth. Serve the world by staying true to yourself and sticking two fingers up to anyone who tells you that y-o-u is not good enough. You are; we all are.

Here are some simple home-truths to remind you why you are good enough...

#1. You are enough because you have, you do now and you will make mistakes. You mess up, we all do because it is human nature to. Those f*** up's are in fact down-right fabulous because they present you a chance to try again. They're golden tickets to do better, be better and more importantly grow and change as you get to know yourself better. 

#2. You are enough because you are loved. Indefinitely. It's a big bad world out there sometimes and often loneliness can overbear leaving us feeling unloved, forgotten and totally alone. Whether we fail to notice or others forget to remind us, love is always around us. Someone out there loves you because you alone are enough to be worthy of being loved. 

#3. You are enough because you have something unique to offer this world. You are an individual like no other and your presence brings something to this world that cannot be matched by any one else. Your speciality and skill - whether that be glorious confectionary bakes, wizard-like maths skills or a crackin' sense of humour bring something that no-one else - no matter how hard they try- can match. 

#4. You are enough because you persevere. You may be riding the wave of struggle or feel engulfed in a cloud of darkness but you continue to believe in the possibility that things can - and they will - get better. Despite the scary moments of fear and doubt, you keep hold of the opportunity for hope. Your resilience and forgiveness of hardships show just how human you really are and that alone glorifies the beauty of your very existence and worth on this planet. 

#5. You are enough because you let yourself feel. You've experienced moments of uncontrollable sadness, heart-wrenching tears, giddy moments of euphoria, happiness and laughter and you will continue to do so. Allowing yourself these emotions enables you to be real, be genuine, be nothing but unashamedly y-o-u and show you what it truly means to be human. They're blessings in disguise. 

#6. You are enough because you can see beyond yourself. You are here on this planet, standing upon two feet for a purpose. Whether you do or ever will know why, you were placed here for a reason and the fact that you can soak up the beauty that surrounds you - the early morning bird songs that burst at sunrise, the springtime awakening of flower blossoms and the feel of bustling winds upon your skin demonstrate your intelligence. You are able to go beyond yourself and appreciate the unforgettable moments around you. They are there for a reason, there to allow us to learn and develop and there to show us that we are enough to experience them. Enjoy it. 

Here's to us and to those striving to create a better future by being nothing but down-right fabulous and celebrating being the  sexy stallions we undoubtedly are! 

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