08 January 2016

You Is The New Black

Now that all the fun, games and mischievous nonsense of silly season has been slurped, burped and most definitely indulged, the period of "New year, New me" has touched us with her presence and you can't glance your eyes left, right or centre without stumbling upon some revolutionary detox programme or streaming through an Instagram feed of wailing wallies torturing themselves with gruelling workouts and powder grit shakes. 

Yet let's face it we can't blame January for being one shitter of a month purely due to the ghastly plummet in the temperature gauge. We make it notoriously painful all on our own by being sheep to the trend of groundbreaking reinvention. Everyone's a keen bean to artistically post a snapshot of the tofu, black eyed bean buddha wellness salad bowl (that's a bloody mouthful in itself) that they've slaved away making for nearly 2 hours but they sure as heck aren't going to be tweeting about the miserable wails their hungry bellies are making two hours post budda bowl. 

It's all too easy to get swept up with social media and put ourselves under the pressures to conform to the health bandwagons dancing and luring us in with their pretty promises of change, revolution and energy to rival a hippie on crack. You know what's more important than trying to cut down on the amount of sugar in your morning bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes? Staying true to yourself and your own needs. Not the needs of your neighbour. Nor the needs or wants of your Instagram fitness idol. They eat what they eat according to their own needs, they exercise to what their bodies can take, they dress according to what they like and the same applies to you.

Eat how you want to eat and what your body craves, exercise to a level that compliments your lifestyle and dress however the hell you want to. If you're feeling like a sexy seƱorita in your a high bun, shades and black gazelles then go ahead and work it girl. No one is dictating to you that you should be strutting around in a VS sports bra, lulu lemon luxury gym pants and a pair of nike airs to be seen as one of the cool aspirational new year "go-getters". If who you were last year and who you are now is enough for you then take that confidence and fly high with it! Change for no one but yourself and for reasons that will only help benefit and nourish your future. 

Your worth and achievements for this brand new year are not determined by your ability to deadlift 70kg at David Lloyd's or your saintly willpower to chow down on a cashew coconut bliss ball instead of that slab of chocolate tiffin winking at you on the counter. 

March to your own rhythm and dance to the beat of your drum and inner heart. There are artists inside each and every one of us and we can consciously decide to pick up our paintbrush and colour our worlds with choice. The golden light in this magic is that we have the power to control how colourful or how black and white we make our experiences and memories. Something small and steady can shine just as bright and colourful as a loud n'proud publicised life overhaul. 

My parting advice for navigating your way through jaded January is to stay true to your own beliefs and don't feel like you have to partake in the competitive energy buzzing through the streets you walk. Life, just like art streams through subjective beauty. It's powerfully mysterious; often frustrating but staying mindful to where you are now rather than pining for where you once were or craving for future achievements allows the magic of change to occur naturally and most authentically. 

The creative living of change occurs not through putting yourself under restrictive fads and trends but when the acceptance of who and what you are and where you are now becomes less than the fear of the unknown future. Learn to recognise and accept what is right for your body and needs and not anybody else's.

Don't simply conform; perform to the calls of your own song and dance and life will delight you in more ways than one.

Keep doing what you're doing buttercup as if it's enough for you then it sure as heck is enough for this big wide world!

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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