13 January 2016

The New-Age Fage

Thick, creamy, fully-loaded and one hunk of a greek God...ladies n'gentleman bow down to the satisfyingly sweet delights of Mr Fage UK.

Never one to disappoint on all levels and a bit of a scampish pleasure buff on the protein and probiotic stardom, this stacked and hench dairy number is getting around loud n'proud. 

He's always up for a soft n' gentle breakfast wake up call, a quickie morning or afternoon delight and delicious for that sweet little something naughty when the cravings for more call! He's devilishly sweet and silky on the tastebuds with a tang of zing and bursting balls of juicy flavour. Have I got your attention well and truly locked down? Of course I do you filthy bunch of hustlers!

But let's face it, no one wants to spoon just any old plain n'simple piece of hunk do they? That'd be like settling for a touch of vanilla rough n'tumble under the sheets and quite frankly, where's the memorable fun and thrill of that? 
Don't be shy now, everyone likes to dip their fingers into a tub of au natural Fage or Chobani that's been knocking around the corners of their fridge for too long but it's about time to ignite some magic and get the sparks of ecstasy flying high. Grab your thick, creamy, jam-packed man of pleasure lurking amongst the sultry dark corners of your fridge shelf and get inspired by this recipe roundup to whip you into being a greek goddess in the kitchen - those juices will well and truly get flowing...!


What better way to kick-start your morning with a slinky smooth sea of tangy tart bed of pleasure scattered with a sweet plethora of playful tastebud tantalisers and crunchy twists to really get your teeth stuck into! Vibrant, sweet and always ready to deliver the goods, get one of these creamy babies on the go and it'll sure bring a lil somethin' somethin' to your day!

Fluffy, silky soft and light as air! This dip may be deliciously good for you and as innocent as a saint to sink your teeth into but he's anything bunt lacking in the flavour department. A good boy on the hips but a filthy devil on the lips, get your veggie cracker pick n'mix all sticky and dirty with this dip of a lifetime. 

Get yourself tucked in and marvelling at the moorish mingling flavour explosions of this homemade tangy bowl of comforting goodness. Creamy, smooth and always ready to blow your mind with a bang, it's about time you get your lips smackin' around the contents of this loaded lad!

C'mon who can really say no to pancakes?! Stacked to the heavens with a concoction of sweet nothings, these delicious fruity stacks are guaranteed to deliver the oomph you so notoriously seek in the morning... or any time of the day. You cheeky scamp, you! 

A colourful bowl of utter golden goodness that's fully loaded with tantalising flavours bursting with essentials vitamins and packed full of manganese. With flavours ready to pop, this scrumptious bad boy will leave you in hazy delight for the rest of the night. Oh la la!

Quick, easy and cheekily healthy, this tart little number is a must have to try! Infused with all the good things in life and a reliable little comrade always ready to satisfy, it's time to get this one swirled and whipped as you get yourself poised and ready to dip!

A quirky twist packed with flavour explosions all whipped up in silky, creamy goodness. This delightful little flavour package pairs wondrously with an array of fruit kebabs, crumbly animal crackers, salty crunch pretzels, softly moist pound bundt slices or anything that takes your fancy!

A quick morning romp a chomp ready to set you up for a glorious day full of possibilities. And fully satisfied smiles! Light and fluffy and quite simply gorgeous paired with freshly sliced banana coins and a sprinkling of warming cinnamon, get your whisks singing and soaring to set you up for one deliciously memorable morning!

Crunchy in all the right places, mingled and laced with bursting explosions of fruity flavours and dipped, flicked and licked in a smearing of sticky zingy yoghurt blanket coating. Nuts, pleasure and shivers down the spine...what more could a darling girl ask for?

Fresh, softly moist but rock hard in the flavour department, this little minx may look like a healthy breath of fresh air but once your lips hit the goods, they'll be hankering and hanging for the next quick fix! It'd be rude to deprive your tastebuds of this sunshine hit of pleasure so go get your lemons prepped and polished ready to be juiced and playing havoc! 

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest, Popsugar, ezrapoundcake]


  1. These all look so tasty, just come across your blog from the south east bloggers facebook page <3


    1. Thank you Frankie :) Thanks for finding me - I now have a new beauty blog to stalk!! x


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