26 February 2016

All Groan Up: Why Being In Your 20s Is Fabulous

Though I inwardly cringe when I have to reveal that I am indeed swimming through my twenties, it is largely due to the fact I still look like a 16 year old complete with the somewhat undistinguished career status of a 16 year old. Yet in all honesty there's no other age I'd rather be. Well unless I can be 7 year old me again when life consisted solely of running around in nothing but frilly knickers and a slice of salami hanging out of my mouth on the sunny rock of Barbados. Tough childhood. 

Waving salute to your teens and entering the world of your twenties is met with deer in headlight fear as it suddenly seems to be the time that you've got to get your sh** well and truly together. It's the phase of life you plunge into with full expectations of burning your fingers in the process, experiencing the emotional lows, the career blows, the money woes and the bell boy blues yet walk away with a tough skin of discovery. 

You may feel that being at the bottom of the life chain is a serious struggle train but if you stop to think about it clearly, it's actually pretty dandy and fabulous! Here's why...

#1. You're young, you're fit, you can sprint up a flight of stairs (...just) which makes you the most goddam sexy you're ever going to get. Don't waste these precious years hating on a little extra cupcake cushionin' as you're never going to be as young and carefree as you are today! You can sweat the small stuff when you hit the golden age of 50.
#2. Topshop exists. As does ASOS, Zara, Missguided and Paperchase. 

#3. Fancy a new nail colour? No problem. The range of nail polishes out there is beyond the spectrum of the rainbow...knock yourself out crazy cat!
#4. Fake tan that doesn't leave you either an alluring colour of carrot or smelling like you've rolled around in a pack of McVitie's biscuits actually exists. Fare thee well mango tango and bonjour bronzed beach goddess!

#5. The support towards mental health is increasing all the time due to greater awareness into just how many individuals it affects nowadays. This means that the stigma surrounding mental health is slowly being broken down and mental illnesses are treated with the respect they deserve! 
#6. Candy King exists and Wilko's is our top lad for dropping half price tub dashes. Let's count our blessings and all hail the sugary goodness.

#7. Never have we been more free. Now is the prime time to take full advantage of the old cliche "Do whatever it is that makes you happy" and do whatever the hell you want! Ok then, a yacht life in the Caribbean is calling my name...
#8. There are a hell of a lot of wise old sayings, affirmations and mantras flying left right and centre so now is the time to be nothing less than a motivated confident queen of sass. Bam.

#9. Channing Tatum regularly makes an appearance upon our television screens. Thank the lord for HD technology...now's a pretty effin' great time to be alive. And female. 
#10. We're still young enough for our guilty bieber crush to be somewhat acceptable. As long as your devotion is kept firmly under wraps. Love yourself. 

#11. Google maps. Getting yourself disgustingly lost is so 2000...unless you're a vacant blonde who still can't navigate her way around this marvellous little app.
#12. Vodka is your holy water and greatest companion for Friday night karaoke. 

#13. Overslept and rushing into work with a greasy pigeons squat hole on your head? You're being fashion forward, dahlin'. Rustle tussle bedhead is totally an "en pointe" look in the fashion world so your 'too lazy to shower' look just got you the fashion credentials to rival Miss Develvinge herself. Kudos to you. 
#14. Reckless shenanigans and shameful flirting is not only totally acceptable but delightfully encouraged during after work drinks! Work hard, play harder after all.
#15. Netflix and chill. Self-explantory. 

Go on comrades, live young, live wild, live free...you mise well since you're in the last stages of cool!

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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  1. Love this! Great reminder of some of the many positives of being in your twenties - number 11 definitely applies to me at the moment having just moved to Bologna! Look forward to reading more of your posts :)


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