22 February 2016

Dreaming Vs. Doing; The Battle Game

"The Power of Intention". An alluring old-age mantra we've all read and heard through the relentless grapevine. The simple art of visualising your goals and intentions in clear focus and light of day will undoubtedly magic them into attainable fruition, right? 

A pumped up idea dressed in pretty bows and flowers but somehow the delivery box always remains just out of arms reach. 

We live in a world laced with lists, wishes, motivators and goals but how often do we actually get our heads out of the plans and actually see them through? Indeed there is great power to be found in intention and visualising where we want to be and what we want to do is as easy and natural as your nans' wind pipes but pursuing these visions and actualising them is a different story entirely! 

We are skilled creatures of habit who unconsciously make every man-made action a tangible excuse for why certain things can't or don't happen, (i.e. the weather was atrocious, your wifi was playing games, you're short on cash, you enjoyed happy hour too much). This is exactly where the wall barriers between thinking and doing - thought vs. action - are built and progress falters. We fail to recognise that even if all of these external reasons for why action can't be made were wiped out, the one thing remaining that inhibits it all is ourselves. We automatically project control and fruition upon an external locus of control rather than taking responsibility for our own here and now and realising that it is only us and us alone that can make a certain wish or thought materialise. 

If you find yourself stuck in the hamster wheel lined with bucket wishes and lengthy to-do lists yet still running around in circles, it may be that deep down there is something inside you that is fearful of change. You may be comfortable being confined to your cage of intention but sometimes a change in direction and a push towards a brighter future requires you to step off and take yourself out of the wheel by seeing a plan through and actually doing

We can rabbit on for days, weeks, months and even years how we "wish we had time to redecorate the bedroom" or "learn a new language" but the prime excuses of "I don't have enough time/ I'm too busy/ I keep forgetting" slip in and what remains is a situation unchanged. 

Whilst these external excuses may or may not be entirely valid, the undeniable crux beneath all of the fancy words is a root of resistance. 

What is it that keeps watering the soils for your root of resistance to thrive within?

The natural path of thought has somewhat regressed to the patterns of our ancestors who avoided the hunting routes that deviated from the known, safety paths in fear of being eaten or attacked by something unbeknown. We fear that if we do something different to what we've always known or done - like apply for that job promotion we've been hankering after that we're going to mess up and in the process lose whatever valued identity or knowledge we had. 

The fear of failure becomes the hinderance that halts us from moving from dreams to success - from wishful thoughts to measurable action. 
Instead of addressing our fears of inadequacy and change head on by testing these predictions, we choose to mask them with easy excuses of "I'm tired/ I don't have time" and therefore remain racing around in circles on our wheel of relentless resistance. It ultimately becomes your wheel of stagnation. 

Of course it is important to recognise and practise a rational sense of self-awareness and appreciate when you truly need a break to re-set your body and mind. We tend to overwork ourselves, again through a feared sense of failure and really do end up "too tired" to actualise our other life ambitions. Maxing yourself out is different to neglecting and playing ostrich to your priorities and need for change and it is in this exchange where honesty and tough love with yourself is crucial.

"Let yourself move to the next chapter of your life."

Take yourself in a wider picture and really question what it is that you want to be and where you want to go in life. You may find that the comfort of your familiars are the real reasons why you feel locked into fear of indifference. It takes time, patience with the process and yourself, determination to seek comfort in the unfamiliar in order to jump from your safety zones. New experiences, failings, successes, conversations plunge us into growth as individuals and enable us to overcome the roadblock of fear. Learn to identify the fear behind your familiar old excuses and take yourself off of the wheel of wishing and make all those dreams a reality. Turn your to-do lists into accomplished lists of experience and discover the untouched parts of you along the way.

You don't need everyone to understand your journey or where you're going in life; all that matters is taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, action and behaviours. Once you master that, you simply get your power back. 

It certainly won't be easy but if we really want to do something, be someone, achieve something then none of our default excuses should hinder and prevent us from pursuing our goals. Relenting to our excuses is not a waver of strength or sensibility. In all senses it is what is easy. Taking the chance to succeed- or fail and learn - at something different or unknown reflects the strength of perseverance and character a great deal more than safety and fear ever could. Remember that you have two choices in life: Make excuses or make progress. 

Stop dreaming; Start doing. 

Take the leap; I dare you. 

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