01 February 2016

Oh Flip! It's Pancake Time!

Guess what day is steadily making its raucous way into our lives...Pancake Day! It's time to tap into tasty with my round up of the most delicious (at times nutritious) pancake recipes that the big wide web has whipped, dished and served just for you this Pancake day...

Pancakes are a gem of a snack or meal as they aim to please on all levels of satisfaction. Versatile, adaptable and entirely dedicated to you, you can whip them into shape and get them ready waiting for your entertainment dependent upon whether you're craving a little somethin' somethin' sticky and tongue tingling sweet or something a lil more meaty, beefy and wholesome to sink your teeth into.

Keep it simple and easy with a classic base to work from, taking your pick from succulently silky thin French crepes, a buttery thick scotch pancake jobby or a juicy stacked all-American buttermilk package. Now don't get me wrong, you can leave the flavour game here and just slather on the butter and saucy sugar and you'll be a satisfied munchkin or you could take your pancake game to the next level and set your tastebuds alive in ecstasy! Tough choice, don't you think? 

Get ready, get set and take your day into elevated heights with a final feast of emptying out the kitchen cupboards and getting your lovely lady cakes substantially stuffed silly! Sounds pretty flippin' sweet to me!

Now, now, now...which pancake party will it be? Let the battle commence!

Yeah you read that right. This right here is like a double whammy pleasure fix...a naughty flavour explosion to leave you in happy tummy heaven for hours! Gooey, warm delectable sauce to mingle and get jiggly with crunchy pieces of crumbly shortbread all smeared in a slathering of double thick chocolate sauce and wrapped in a bed of soft and silky buttery pancake loving. Got you attention captured? Irrevocably. 

A simple showstopper like no other! Get your Vitamin C fix with this orange infused recipe of sheer delight...whip up a steamin' batch of thick american-style spongy cakes, smear a slathering of orange marmalade to cover all bases and then unashamedly drizzle  douse them in hot sticky melted dark chocolate. It's like a jaffa party getting jiggly in your mouth...wiggle wiggle chomp with it!

Dreaming of someone somewhere warm, hot, satisfying and stacked with entertainment (...always) then set your coconuts aflame with this Caribbean-cool inspired recipe to get your heart loco for coco and head dreaming of bikini dances under the beating sun! Transform your mouth into an exotic paradise by whipping up a batch of fluffy coconut-y pancakes complete with stiff peaked whipped cream dusted with shredded coconut flakes and drizzled in a tropical taste explosion of sticky orange-mango compote. 

The nation's sweetheart wrapped up in a naughty mix of hot sticky mingling of nuts, sauce and a lot of tastebud explosion! Nut butter enjoyed its' glory throughout 2015 and it still stands loud n'proud as a foodie fixture for many this year! Whisk up a batch of your chosen basic 'cakes, plopping in a good measure of nut butter into the mix. Go to town with the nuts and slather your babies in the wholesome stuff, crumbling chopped nuts, banana coin slices and chocolate chunks on top or anything else that makes your balls bounce! Why not go all out and stack 'em up with a good seeing to with some nutella, melted peanut butter, chocolate peanut m&m's and chopped up reese's cups...Go nuts you nutty thing, you!

Watch yourself crumble in delectable delight with these fluffy apple pancakes sprinkled with an addictive coating of buttery cinnamon streusel spiced crumble! Mouth watering, mouth warming and mouth melting goodness flipped and served for a crowning dessert and sweet memories of crunchy brown crystal sugar tingles! Serve with a creamy smooth scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, an extra drizzle of golden syrup and this is one plate of pleasure guaranteed to get your blood pumping with sweet thrills of joy!

Stay with me on this one! Sounds pretty questionable but the mixture of sweet and salty all up in yo' grill really gets your toes tingling and hearts pulsing! A thick and fluffy pancake base drizzled with sticky maple syrup pairs delightfully with thinly chopped and griddled brown sugar banana coins covered with crispy strips of sizzling bacon. A match made in tastebud heaven!

These little nuggets are stuffed silly with nutritious and delicious nourishment to make you one virtuous queen of wellness! Packed with chopped walnuts, grated carrot, light n'fluffy buttermilk infused in a warming mashup of mingling spices, these make for one pleasure pleasing breakfast tasting sessions! Almost flapjack in texture, you'll be surprised just how healthy and satisfying these little morsels are. They aim to please and that they certainly do!

Creamy buttermilk pancakes infused with a minty delight of breath taking freshness topped with a smooth and silky scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream amongst a blanket of thick hot chocolate fudge sauce. Could life sound any sweeter than that? Get your hands whisking up some fun with an after-eight dinner experience complete with a naughty twist of indulgence...puuuurfection!

Something a little different, something a little more grown up and something a little more x-rated on the tastebuds...Say hello to these punchy golden delights! A pancake most definitely worth staying up for! Succulent pancake rounds with juicy warm pears cheekily sunk into the batter all drizzled with a boozy blast of sweet maple syrup sauce and a flecked chocolate chunk sprinkling. 

Time to get crackin', whiskin', flippin', dippin' and munchin'!

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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