13 February 2016

Single Girl Swag

Who's ready for the onslaught of the love puppies today? So it seems that the one day of the year has arrived in all her shining glory and never one to disappoint, she's back more proud, loud and keener than ever in emblazoning your relationship status (..or lack thereof) as the talking focus of the town. So whilst it appears that the rest of your generation crew are preening and pruning themselves for lazy candlelit schmoozy dinners, fastening the diamond encrusted clasps of their new agent provocateur lingerie and clinking glasses of prosecco bubbles to toast their undying childhood love, you're tousled between the sheets of your bed, flying high in pure ecstasy with your lips and tongue entangled between the soft curves of an ice-cream tub. You're home alone. De-ja vu. It's alright, no one wants to settle for mediocre after all, you take your time when you have to make life decisions and a boyfriend nestles entirely in a lifetime investment piece. Choose wisely n'all that!

You don't need to be in one of those sickly love nests to indulge in a bit of Valentine's tomfoolery and fun! Being single and ready to mingle just means you have more time to dedicate to showering yourself with self-love and treating yourself to some cheeky solo pursuits! So before you indulge yourself in a full-blown Bridget jones breakdown and emotional train wreck, pull on your single girl sass and celebrate being young, free, gorgeous and doing whatever the hell you want because you can! Rally up your other unattached chickas and celebrate your day of swag with a few of these no-shame, no-guilt valentine's indulgences! 

    So go forth mighty singletons and revel in your status of sassiness!

    • Spend the night with a hottie. Since you have no other burning attachments, dedicate your attention to the close n'personal contours and curves of a beautiful man upon your television screen. Grab yourself a couple of movies and indulge yourself with the sweet, sweet eye-candy performing just for your pure unadulterated entertainment...Magic Mike XXL anyone?
    • As you won't be having to fork out a friggin' fortune on some cheap, sappy glittered infused fodder then take the chance to shower your majestical self with some lovin'. Get online, get spendy, treat yourself and worry about the effects upon your bank account tomorrow. 

    • Host a girl's night in! Invite all your girlfriends and celebrate being young, free n'single with some good wine, good food and good giggles! Create a playlist of empowering songs, rustle up some yummy food for everyone to tuck into and prepare to indulge in some naughty talk!
    • Spend the day with your best friend, jump into the car and take yourselves off for a day of adventure to somewhere you've never been before! Whether it's simply venturing over to Costco to marvel in a grocery world you've never entered before or taking to the highways and finding yourself bumping bonnets in the Brighton pier arcades, get yourself doing something new, exciting and enjoying being in the company of good friends!

    • Take yourself out on a date. You are the most important person in your world and therefore should be treated like the princess you are. You don't need no man in order to go out for fancy meals and wearing great underwear so invest in yourself and take yourself out for dinner or afternoon tea simply because you can! Make time for yourself and indulge in an ego-centred evening of relaxation complete with your best jammies, best wine, best films and best men to grace this earth...Ben & Jerry!

    • Host a foodie night of gluttony! Get your pinny tied pretty and park yourself in the kitchen ready to whizz up a culinary masterpiece! Whether that be slaving over a maple-glazed ham or simply cracking the lid on a can of heinz baked beans, tickle your tastebuds with your favourite flavours either solo or with your single girlfriends. The best thing about being single? You don't have to share a single spoonful of dessert!

    • Buy your own damn bunch of roses! You don't have to be in a relationship in order of being worthy  to a bouquet of flowers - go forth and buy them for yourself girl! A bouquet of pretty flowers is a simple and cheap (most of the time!) way of brightening your day so don't wait around for someone else to treat you when you can take control of mastering your own happiness and enjoyment!

    • Play cupid to your favourite charity! Instead of focusing your attention on yourself and beating yourself up for not having your sh** together, turn your focus upon doing something for someone else. Why not get your whisk ready and bake up a couple of batches of cakes and cookies and sell them at work or in your spare time to raise some money your can then donate to charity! Helping others and seeing the change you can make to another person will unknowingly benefit you in the process by making you feel pretty darn special. Just how you should feel!

    If you're still feeling somewhat disgruntled after your friend sends you a snap of her surprise plane tickets to Barbados then just keep telling yourself that roses are red, violets are blue but vodka is faithful and costs less than dinner for two.

    [Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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