27 March 2016

Colour Your World With Gemstones

Happy Easter my darling little spring time bunnies! I thought I'd be a little different - a lil bit daring and original- alongside all the creme egg slutty brownie recipes hopping about and piece together a post entirely unrelated to the chocolate egg comas I throughly hope you're already suffering with! 
I've worked my lil off on my own little unique easter egg hunt of beautiful, colourful spring time inspiration all related to the beautiful egg gemstones adorning our wardrobes of jewellery. 

Mineral crystal gemstones are without a doubt the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to the jewellery world and are hands down fully loaded with captivating myths, folklore and legends! With a fascinating plethora of coloured gemstones knocking about in the world, the variety of healing properties and metaphorical symbolism behind each stone is specific, unique and communicates an individualistic creative energy to each wearer. 

Newsflash! I am a girl (woah, shocking eh?). Therefore I like my Jewellery. If I find myself scampering around in the big wide world without my forever present bracelets, rings and shell necklace I genuinely stop like a bunny caught in headlights and feel ashamedly naked like I'm some free spirit hippie embracing nature by its' very soul-baring winds against my nether regions. I.e exposed as hell. In other words my jewellery is on par with putting on clothes every morning. I am forever getting stopped and questioned over the colourful stones on my knuckle dusters rings which led my overthinking, curious mind to finding out what's what around the colour variations of these gorgeous gems.

Now call me a nerd but I think there is something truly magical behind the process of polishing up a rock just chilling like a villain on the ground and voila! out struts one sexy seƱorita of a stone! The vibrant colours that are unleashed can look, feel and mean different things to each and every wearer which is what gives these bewitching stones a uniquely special labour of love to every soul across the world. 

So let's get digging deep into the hidden meanings and subliminal messages behind these precious easter eggs of natural beauty...

The elegant gem of Venus most famously worn by the Egyptian vixen Cleopatra was a lush, precious stone often buried with the Ancient Egyptian mummies as a symbolic relic of eternal youth and beauty. Emerald is symbolic of love and rebirth whereby the more vivid, deep and intense the colour, the more valuable and precious the gemstone. This green coloured stone of Spring is also closely associated with the essence of fertility which is why it is placed as the birthstone of May babies as well as being the colour of balance used to represent self-respect, well-being and balance. Emerald as a dazzling green gemstone is closely connected to the heart chakra which connects a sense of higher consciousness and love which is why this stone is thought to promote a sense of transformation and growth in order to achieve a new state of balance and harmony. 

A vivid and dazzling stone of March, Aquamarine immediately conjures up flashes of bright and exotic ocean waters and crystal bright pastel summer skies. This beautiful gem holds the timeless symbolism of health, fidelity, youth and hope. The underlying metaphor for eternal life shines through the intense and vivid range of seawater colours of Aquamarine which has been hailed for its' soothing and calming influence upon its wearer. Blue stones are often said to symbolise a feeling of distance which artists use to depict a sense of perspective. It is said that by wearing blue, our energy channels can flow freely and encourage a sense of outward perspective and aid peaceful communication. 

Originally discovered within the Russian Ural Mountains, this beguiling rock is the gemstone of bewitching magic. This beautifully rare and mythical gem captures the splendour of nature due to its unique colour-changing tones. Said to hold a power that empowers intuition, strengthens creativity and stimulates imagination and vision; the magic ascribed to this stone sets it apart as a crystal of prophecy. Dependent upon how natural light hits the angles and curves of Alexandrite, flashes of cool mossy blue tones can instantaneously transition into softly warm cherry tones and raspberry colour pops of charm. 

Noted for its' beautifully versatile tones and colours, Amethyst possesses a charming quality of enhancing any colour palette of the wearer ranging from cool tones to warm and bright colour palettes. This February birthstone is laced with ancient Greek folklore boasting of mystical powers to keeping its wearer quick-witted (...must be where I get my wit from) and level-headed (...I mustn't be entitled to such a renowned quality!). This violet stone is associated with the crown chakra offering a grounding effect for psychic awareness, boasting imagination and inspiration as well as re-balancing the connection to your inner self. Purple is most famous for its association to royalty, magic and mystery. Amethyst is the colour of good judgement and is said to encourage a mind and body connection to the universal energies. 

One of the oldest and most well-known gemstone is this robin's egg blue stone which was a highly sacred ornament used by many Native Americans to help protect and ward off evil and bring a sense of good luck by promoting and attracting the wearer's status of power, wealth and success. This December birthstone can range in colour from sky blue shades to deeper, intense tonal mixes of blue-green marbling. Blue is closely connected to the throat chakra helping to promote a stable and calm persona by encouraging us to rebalance the way we communicate, feel and think. Promoting an open energy flow by wearing a blue stone like turquoise helps to increase your inspiration, calm conflicting emotions and enhance the quality of how you communicate. 

As unique as each of our thumbprints, each nugget of this October birthstone is laced with one-of-a-kind tonal shades and patterns giving this stunning stone a mesmerising quality of changing colour as the light dances upon its curves. Once hailed as the Queen of Gems, the colour play of this stone offers a plethora of rainbow patterns from rare shades of green and blue to flashes and shifts of warming yellow and red. Blue opal is closely linked to the throat chakra dealing with freedom, solitude and peace whilst helping to promote a sense of calm and relaxation to counter every day agitation. White opal emits an energy of light providing a sense of mental clarity and development towards a new beginning. The psychic energy of white stone imparts a feeling of wholesomeness and purity from cluttered thoughts. 

Pink Sapphire
Sapphire is a gemstone that comes in a colour chart of many vivid shades and tones but what stands out is that sapphire remains to be one of the most well-loved and coveted gems across the world. Pink sapphire derives from a combination of white and red colouring, combining the white energy of wholesomeness and the red energy of reaching and realising potential. The deep pink shades of pink sapphire are said to have a calming and neutralising effect upon violence and aggression which is why it is symbolic of promoting a sense of self-love, tenderness and acceptance. This precious pink stone helps to indicate a feminine and peaceful nature with the ability to diffuse any threatening energies or behaviour. 

Amber is one of the birthstones under the sun sign which reflects in the dazzling rainbow array of yellows, rust oranges, browns and golds that dance and play upon the natural light. Yellow is closely related to the Solar Plexus Chakra which deals with the sense of identity which is why such sun-inspired gemstones are thought to promote a sense of self-expression, mental awareness and clarity. Yellow represents wisdom full of creative energy which is why wearing such a dramatic colour attracts an uplifting and positive effect that helps clear the mind of energy clutter. 

This seemingly colourless gemstone gets its name from ancient legend where the Romans believed its' crystal grey reflections were derived from frozen moonlight. Moonstone has become an increasingly rare stone in recent years ranging from a variety of transparent sheens of blue, peach-pink, yellow and grey. This opalescent gemstone is highly sacred in India and is believed to balance the yin and yang in addition to enhancing passion and holding healing properties to calm emotions. 

Onyx traditionally comes in a range of different colours from white, brown, a deep reddish-brown but possibly the most striking and bold of all is black onyx made from a cryptocrystalline form of quartz. Onyx is the mystical birthstone of December and is also linked to the star sign of Leo coming from the Greek word translating to the nail of a claw or finger. Black is a statement colour of confidence symbolising resilience and self-control. It is thought that this deeply rich stone acts as a door to mystery, possibility and represents a sense of inconspicuousness. 

"Citrine" is french for the word "lemon" which fits splendidly with the gorgeously rich tones of this stone ranging from juicy bright citrus yellow to lightning bolds of rich orange and rust. This gem is hailed to be a gift from the sun radiating as a bodacious and bold statement piece. Nowadays Citrine is closely associated with success and prosperity but legends speaks of the magic powers of safety found in this rock used to protect against the poison and venom of deadly snakes. 

I'm very much going through a blue opal and turquoise phase with my jewellery adornments but very much intend to branch my fins out and go on a treasure hunt to see what else is out there swimming in the waters! I'd love to know what your favourite gemstone is so be sure to drop me a comment below! 
For now, it's time to crack on with the Easter eggs y'all!

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21 March 2016

The Deathly Curious World Of WebMD

WebMD. The online encyclopaedia of reasons why, if you're not already, you're going to die. 
It's like stumbling upon a colourful adventure book of where's wally where each option you choose leads you to the inevitable and final destination of death or some other diabolical terminal illness. 
Googling any ailment, twinge, pull, fart or breath you experience is the most efficient way to convince yourself you're unquestionably dying. 

Let's face it, we all do it. You wake up feeling a tiny twinge of pain in your head, put it to one side and write it off as too many after work tequilas and carry on. Come elevenses you've convinced yourself the pain has manifested itself into shooting stabs stretching across your left eye and come to think of it you can feel the remnants of some pain creeping into your right hand chest. By the time the clock hand has struck lunchtime you're sweating like a nun in a strip club whilst frantically scouring the symptom checker online and lo and behold you're deepest, darkest fears have been confirmed...you're having an aneurysm and have only hours to bid your farewells. RIP you poor sod.

My, my what a nasty rabbit hole you've tumbled into! My humble words of wisdom in such a predicament? Step. Away. From. The. Mouse. No seriously, stop freaking yourself out like some maniac hypochondriac and go watch some cat videos on youtube instead. 

Headache + a red blotch on the side of your head = dying, right? No. It's more likely to be down to the fact you hit your head with the hairdryer three times that morning, being still half asleep and late for work. Chill, homie.

That being said, since it's just another manic monday and newsflash! Monday hates you too, I took it upon myself to lighten the mood and get the good vibes a-flowing by curating my own virtual symptom checker with some of the most bizarre conditions you could be struck down with. There's plenty to peruse through so just a heads up to be careful out there in the big bad world poppet - especially if you're just about to pop a new tablet or two! 
Happy, Healthy Monday y'all!

Now according to most personal trainers and avid gym-goers aplenty, such a stance works marvellously for ones' glutes but hey, what do they know eh? According to WebMD, if you find yourself squatting then you're knee deep in dangerous grounds.

Teeth Don't Fit Like They Used To
Now unless you've a pair of sparkly knashers that you remove on the daily and you're experiencing a particularly tough day where you forget where they go I'm not sure this symptom would be legitimate to diagnose the early stages of let's say, ring worm for example. Tongue chattering stuff.

Fits Of Rage
If that's the case then I think we can all safely assume we're experiencing the onset of the black plague. I don't care what WebMD says but that moody cow of a shop assistant had that sly leg trip coming when she so inconsiderably dared to interrupt my shopping flow. Am I right?

Foul Smelling Stools
Right....as opposed to all other times it smells like a meadow of fresh daisies eh?

Frequent Morning Drinking
Goddamit. Time to bid farewell to those lazy Saturday brunch dates. WebMD is such a fun-sucking kill joy; a cheeky tipple or two would work wonders to lighten the miserable sod up a touch. 

Fear Of Breathing
Good grief, you're good for nothing kid.

Well I don't know about you but if this is indicative of imminent death then I must be one sweet baby Jesus resurrecting each time my alarm goes off. Once my head hits that pillow, I'm a goner and absolutely good for nothing. But I guess it's awfully considerate of WebMD to make me aware of what I potentially suffer from every time I risk going to sleep. 

Heavy Breathing
Well shucks if this one's backed by the authoritative word of WebMD then that makes it a medical note to support the avoidance of checking my bank balance at all costs. One I'm only happy to abide.

Various Moles Of Different Ages
Good golly now that you mention it I have a stubborn little golden oldie on my forearm, a pair of pubescent spoilt brats with undeniable attitude on my neck and don't even get me started on the toddler wailing on my back...

Uncontrollable Eye Twitch
Oh Fiddlesticks I better just make my way to the nearest funeral directors now. My eye balls get a nasty case of itchy feet every time they clock sight of anyone mildly attractive...i.e. 95% of humanity.

I sincerely hope I've made your Monday miraculously more entertaining than usual and brought a darn sight more work to all those GP surgeries out there - You're all welcome!

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17 March 2016

Breathe; You've Got This.

Life. That's what I mean when I say you've got this. It may not feel quite like you've got a hold on life right now and it may be the case that you're handling it with a severe case of the cackling head monkeys. Yet you're still here, still standing and that in itself shows you're riding the rocky wave that is life. Bravo comrade!

Feeling a bit like a quivering Alice in wonderland whose slipped down a dark and dingy black hole, dressed to the nines in a lacy blue petticoat but no where and no drive to flounce it around in glory? You're not alone!

Life has a sneaky and quite frankly, boring habit of getting a little heavy, repetitive and set upon a tread mill of narrow minded routine which leaves you drained, worried and in fear of the future. Breathe. You haven't lost control and no matter how dark your hole has become there is always a sliver of hope and light somewhere, trust me. 

Time to step outside of your head, break away from the negativity chatter and slip into some escapism from the critical inner voice...

Be Aware Of Your Thoughts
Sounds counterproductive to the aim of the game here but the magic key to managing and eventually switching off from your inner critic is to become aware of the thoughts swirling around in your headspace. As humans we naturally gravitate towards an acceptance of things that happen to us at face value and this applies to the narration we tell ourselves day in day out. Our emotions are like a dry sponge that thirst for the water of our inner chatter and so we find ourselves as slaves to our thoughts soaking up whatever they throw our way, including all the negative babble.
Next time you find yourself wound up in an anxiety tornado or bubble of numbness, turn your focus inwards and tune into the thoughts currently going on in your head. If you become aware of what you tell yourself, it stands you in a far stronger position to question the truth enabling you to challenge the unhelpful thoughts that your brain may be feeding you.

Take Yourself Out on a Date
Now that spring has somewhat questionably sprung, grab your mac and head outdoors into the fresh air. When you're feeling drained and fed up, skipping along amongst the daffodils whilst the birds tweet and swirl around you like Snow white is definitely the last thing you feel like doing. However it is this simple break away that gives your brain the boost it needs and craves. It doesn't need to be a long amble outside but even a short 10 minute stretch and change of scenery can help strengthen and refresh your outlook instead of wallowing in self-pity and playing upon your unhelpful thoughts by staying cocooned in your duvet sofa cage whilst spooning the remnants of your Nutella Jar. Tempting yes, but helpful? Not in the slightest so grab your shoes girl.

Take Five To Be Mindful
Yes I did just dare say the phrase 'Be mindful' and yes it even made me flinch slightly but trust me when I say the mambo jambo psycho-babble does work...annoyingly. When we find ourselves in a state of stress or panic, our thoughts are firing around like bullets with an aim and eventually you're going to grind yourself into a total meltdown alongside your third Ben & Jerry ice-cream pint. Before you drain your purse of money and send your tummy into a caramel swirl red alert danger zone, park your bum into a favourite spot of yours and close your eyes for 5 minutes. That's all I'm begging of you, five measly minutes where you can soothe your berated acceptance of 'being mindful' by telling yourself you're taking a cheeky cat nap. Focus on your breathing and still your thoughts, bringing your awareness to what you're doing, what you can hear, taste, feel right now. Unknowingly, if you keep your focus on the present, your stress levels will considerably nosedive and you'll be able to stand up feeling a heck of a lot calmer and more resilient and you may save your poor belly from a chocolate lactose ice shower of pain.

Get Jiggy
Not in that way you filthy cretin, Jeez. On a side note however, a quick fumble within the sheets may help you find a sense of calm and serenity as well as your long lost house key all thanks to a handy release of happy hormones! Pun fully intended there.
Back to the question in hand! Get yourself on spotify, whip up a playlist of bouncy uplifting beats - none of that Adele crap thanks - turn up the volume and get ready to move those hips and shake them hips girlfriend!

Schedule Something To Look Forward To
Be it alone or with your best brunette bestie, arrange a date of either retail shopping, a night of sippin' tutti-frutti cocktails or art journalling till your fingers are sticky from washi tape, get something official booked in the diary! That way when life takes a turn into the dirty cycle of rough n'tumble, you can boost your positivity and hopefully whack a smile onto that pretty face knowing that you have a date of giggles, naughty shenanigans and totally inappropriate sarcasm awaiting you soon!

Venture Out Of Your Cave Dear Hermit
Whilst it's all too tempting to scurry yourself away into a safe little hovel of nothing but netflix, wine and a milk tray box, isolation is not your friend right now. Pick up the phone or simply rock up to a friends house holding said vino bottle and get yourself chatting and distracted from ruminating over the false lies your head is determined to chant. Integrating yourself in the company of others and finding out about how their day was and how they are doing will keep you from hitting the total self-destruct button! Taking a genuine interest in someone else's trials and tribulations will most likely make the other person feel valued, appreciated whilst giving them the opportunity to voice their own worries and victories! A simple win-win situation in my eyes!

Look After Yourself Little Rabbit
Get yourself munching on those carrot sticks, cucumber chunks and chomping on the fruity rainbow aisles of your local Waitrose. It's important to keep in mind that your brain is an organ that needs to be nourished and hydrated in order for it to do its' daily jobs and to keep it functioning all nice n' healthy! Fruit and veg may well feel like an extravagance, particularly when having to dish up the pennies for it, but invest in yourself and your wellbeing by being kind to your body. Get yourself in tip top condition internally by topping up on nature's vitamins and you will be rewarded by a more positive and upbeat external outlook! An effective mantra I chant to myself most days is..."To Nourish Is To Flourish". With that in mind, go get yourself a glass of ice-cold OJ!

Your Duvet Is Calling Out For More Of You
Your bed is a needy little madam and therefore requires a lot of love, attention and general TLC. Get yourself acquainted and a little more up close n'personal with your sheets and not only will your duvet be a lot happier but your body and mind will thank you too! Getting yourself tucked up and nodding off into lala land at a decent hour will do you the world of good in terms of enabling you to wake up on the right side of the bed! Sleep deprivation is the ugly step sister to achieving a positive, upbeat mental outlook and is the best friend of your head gremlins. Don't allow yourself the chance of creating a sluggish mindset by depriving yourself of the beauty sleep that can do you the world of good! Which one sounds more appealing? A groggy, cranky and fun-sucking energy sap or an optimistic, well-rested bunny with a positive spring in her step...tough choice, eh?

Treat Yourself To A Bunch Of Flowers
I can not stress loud enough how simple but effective a bunch of bright-coloured flowers can turn a deep-set frown completely around! Whenever I'm stuck and strapped in tight on the struggle train, I always amble into my bedroom to find that my mum has picked up a bunch of colourful flowers to help lift my spirits - and it definitely works! It needn't be a swanky M&S jobbie that drains your purse of all its juice and it certainly won't rid you of your worries but a simple bunch of bright n'perky daffodils can do wonders in lifting your spirits and reminding you that there is beauty to be found in the world.

Take Yourself Out Of The Virtual World
Whether you're oblivious to it or use twitter as a stepping stone to rant and rage about the detrimental effects, social media and technology can be a total drain upon your energy, mental wellbeing and positivity levels. If you find yourself increasingly trawling through the social feeds of Instagram, twitter and Facebook then do yourself a favour and go technology free in order to give your tired brain a rest. It needn't be a 40-day lent commitment of torture, but a day or two or even an afternoon completely free of social media updates, checking, comparing will give you a much-needed break away from unrealistic expectations and will enable you to reset your mindset upon what's important to you! The first couple of hours may leave you feeling like a sad puppy staring in a lost trance out the window but use the time to reconnect with all the things you always claim to be too busy to find the time to do - whether that is catching up on home errands, admin tasks or spending the afternoon curled up with your colouring book, kindle or art journal. Spend the time doing the things that make you feel good and nurture your soul as opposed to spoon-feeding the meddling monkeys in your head with false assumptions and negativity!

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06 March 2016

My Diamond, My Hero, My Mum

When asked to name the person who inspires me most I can without hesitation always reply 'My mum'. She's my rock, my daily companion and my best friend. My mum is the one person who never fails to be there through thick and thin, the good times and the bad (those I've had a lot of!) yet she always manages to whack a smile on my face and brush me down with wise words and wisdom. 

My mum hasn't jumped from a burning building or created profound miracles but all the small things she does is done through a selfless kind of love, grace and understanding. I am thankful every single day for the patience she shows and the willing ear she offers even when to listen to things that pain her to hear. 
She may not be an obvious hero with a room full of oscars but everyday she's a hero of mine.

Though she is small and dainty, a stereotypical blonde klutz with no natural internal compass whatsoever, she's like the binding thread of a quilt that holds our family together. She never sugar coats the turbulent journey of life but is always there to catch us and push us forwards again when we stumble and fall. A hero is someone who motivates, inspires, loves and guides in troubling times and leads others to realising their goals. This is exactly why mama, you are my hero. 

I have my own personal cheerleader in my mum who is there whenever I need her, no matter what. No questions, qualms or consequences. She shows her love in so many small and grand ways like random animal videos, making sure I eat those bloody snacks and let's not forget liking all my blog posts on social media. You're my diamond rock mama as no matter what, you continue to fight my corner until the very end and for that I can't thank you enough for lighting the way for me to keep growing, learning and loving.

Never failing to look out for me, making me laugh, protecting me and loving me, my mum has an inner strength that is unbreakable and as beautiful as the smile she consistently wears even when she's hurting inside. There have been times when our relationship has been tested and strained but we have a magical bond that means the world to me and I'm thankful to each and every day I can spend with her. 

She knows just how to get me to chill the fridge out, to get me to see sense, she knows when I'm in a good place or when a shoulder to thoroughly drench is needed. There is absolutely no other person I'd rather turn to when I need honest, fuss-free real talk and a judgement-free ear to chew off.

Mum, you're one incredible woman who shines with mesmerising beauty both inside and out. I thank you for always being there, especially in my greatest times of need...to me you are perfect in every kind of way despite your dirty love for liquorice allsorts and jelly babies and that's why my darling mama, you are my hero.

I love you more than to the moon & back

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