06 March 2016

My Diamond, My Hero, My Mum

When asked to name the person who inspires me most I can without hesitation always reply 'My mum'. She's my rock, my daily companion and my best friend. My mum is the one person who never fails to be there through thick and thin, the good times and the bad (those I've had a lot of!) yet she always manages to whack a smile on my face and brush me down with wise words and wisdom. 

My mum hasn't jumped from a burning building or created profound miracles but all the small things she does is done through a selfless kind of love, grace and understanding. I am thankful every single day for the patience she shows and the willing ear she offers even when to listen to things that pain her to hear. 
She may not be an obvious hero with a room full of oscars but everyday she's a hero of mine.

Though she is small and dainty, a stereotypical blonde klutz with no natural internal compass whatsoever, she's like the binding thread of a quilt that holds our family together. She never sugar coats the turbulent journey of life but is always there to catch us and push us forwards again when we stumble and fall. A hero is someone who motivates, inspires, loves and guides in troubling times and leads others to realising their goals. This is exactly why mama, you are my hero. 

I have my own personal cheerleader in my mum who is there whenever I need her, no matter what. No questions, qualms or consequences. She shows her love in so many small and grand ways like random animal videos, making sure I eat those bloody snacks and let's not forget liking all my blog posts on social media. You're my diamond rock mama as no matter what, you continue to fight my corner until the very end and for that I can't thank you enough for lighting the way for me to keep growing, learning and loving.

Never failing to look out for me, making me laugh, protecting me and loving me, my mum has an inner strength that is unbreakable and as beautiful as the smile she consistently wears even when she's hurting inside. There have been times when our relationship has been tested and strained but we have a magical bond that means the world to me and I'm thankful to each and every day I can spend with her. 

She knows just how to get me to chill the fridge out, to get me to see sense, she knows when I'm in a good place or when a shoulder to thoroughly drench is needed. There is absolutely no other person I'd rather turn to when I need honest, fuss-free real talk and a judgement-free ear to chew off.

Mum, you're one incredible woman who shines with mesmerising beauty both inside and out. I thank you for always being there, especially in my greatest times of need...to me you are perfect in every kind of way despite your dirty love for liquorice allsorts and jelly babies and that's why my darling mama, you are my hero.

I love you more than to the moon & back

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  1. Thank you my lovely daughter this means a lot. My love is unconditional, I will always have your back and fight your corner. Love you your mama xxx


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