18 April 2016

Buddha Guru: The Life Wisdom Of Your 20s

In all my stealthy, tiring and long-winded 23 years skipping stumbling on this old-age land, I've gathered myself quite a big-ass Mary Poppins bag of never-ending indisputable life cohorts. Frustratingly ironic and not something I actively set my mind to picking up along the way but alas, these golden nuggets of charm appeared to take quite a fancy to me (...a rarity might I add) and have hopped into my bag and are tagging along to snigger as I continue on my woe-some life ambles.

Enough chitchat claptrap, let's get down n'dirty with the gleaming goods of wisdom...

#1. Compliment strangers. It's doesn't cost a penny but can make such a difference to their day.
#2. Kindness goes a long way and can change both the world you and others live in.
#3. The media is one big manipulative world of extremities. Practise moderation when you enter its' open and alluring doors. 
#4. Sometimes providing a listening ear holds more value and speaks far louder than words ever can.

#5. Your mother is right about Every. Bloody. God-damn. Thing. (...don't tell her)
#6. Your health is your wealth. Look after yourself and your body will look after you. Invest in yourself by fuelling your body and mind - it will be your most worthwhile asset. 
#7. There is always time to run a wipe over your face to remove your make-up. I don't care if you're as plastered as a grand design building, cradling a stolen bike stand and drunk munching on ketchup soaked chicken dippers...pick up that blasted face wipe girl. You'll thank me come 40.
#8. Stop worrying what others think of you. If you're happy then why waste time caring about the unwelcome opinions of others? Take yourself off for dinner a la solo, go to the cinema alone, dye your hair teal blue 'cause you're "feelin' it" and absolutely go to bingo if it woefully calls to you!

#9. True embarrassment lies in having to reveal your first email address.
#10. The golden delights of Victorias Secret do not have to remain wrapped in their pretty bags wistfully waiting for a lucky man's eye of admiration. Scamper round in that ribbon laced set entirely for yourself and always remember to lick your lips and sway your hips like you're withholding a dirty secret from the world!
#11. Never underestimate the silent power of good manners. It takes more energy to go out of your way and be nasty to another than it does to be nice. Do good towards others and the same will be returned. 
#12. Be savvy with your money but remember that life is here to be l-i-v-e-d. You're not Beyonce so best not splurge your pay check on those louboutins but don't be a tight-fisted scrooge and avoid opportunities either. Save a little; spend a little...#simplez!

#13. Guys can be dicks. Girls can be dicks. The dating game is a friggin' minefield so keep your wits about you and remember you're worth more than making do and settling. There's always time to find what feels right no matter at what age. 
#14. You are more than the number on the scale or the label size of your jeans. Life and happiness is measured by experience; not your shape, weight or societal stereotypes. 
# Pay attention in your maths lessons. The bugger does crop up and have its way with you further in life. Especially when tax is involved. Unfortunately.
#15. No shaving foam left? Grab your conditioner instead. Cheaper, easier, less messy and a sure-fire way to rival the baby-butt smoothness of those Gillette Venus girls. You've got it, Yeah, Baby you've got it!
#16. Don't believe everything you see, read or hear. Life's a bit of a tornado twister of truth...remember to ride it wisely. 

#17. It will always be worth watching that extra episode on Netflix at 1am. Regardless of what your boss says on the standard of your work the next day. #wildchild.
#18. Sweeties always mend a broken soul. They also lay the ground work for diabetes but life's too short to be a negative nancy focusing on the bad s***.
#19. A dog is better than a therapist. Cheaper too. It also doesn't argue with you and point out all the flaws you're acutely aware of...buy a damn dog. 
#20. Nivea mens post-shave balm really does make for one crackin' makeup primer. 

#21. Not everyone will appreciate your sarcasm. Apologies Dad!
#22. Don't overthink, scrutinise and brood upon every single thing. Slip up, hiccups and embarrassing lessons are part of life and growth and the bad makes you appreciate the things that go right. So you mess up...so what? It happened so now you can move on. Will it matter tomorrow or in 5 years time? Probably not. 
#23. Pepsi Max wins everytime.
#24. No matter how painful it may be to do, sometimes it's better to be the bigger person and let the argument go. You may be right, you may be wrong but life's really too short for trying to win every argument. Letting up and letting go frees you up for fun. And Vodka.

#25. Words can harm more than action. Take yourself away from a heated situation - even for 5 minutes- to calm down before you say something you'll regret. Words can be forgiven but they're rarely forgotten. 
#26. Farts will forever be funny. #sorrynotsorry.
#27. You're not supposed to accomplish all of your goals and dreams. It's great to hold aims and achievements at heart but sometimes that's all they need to be; dreams and not realities. 
#28. Your parents are people too. They may be over-bearing, annoying and under appreciate your capabilities at times but remember that like everyone, they're just two flawed, vulnerable people who have and continue to do their best by you and see you succeed as an individual. A marker of adulthood is the moment you realise their sacrifices, acknowledge their best - even when they don't realise what that best is- and fall in love with their presence and guidance. 

#29. A happy life is not not something you find or are given on a silver rose-adorned platter. A happy life is something you make and curate with the best of what you have right now in this very moment. 
#30. A smile will never go out of style.
#31. Despite appearances, everyone is the same. Money, vanity and materialistic goods separate us profoundly across the World but behind all the fancy collars, expensive hair cuts and revving engines, we're all basic human beings plagued with insecurities, anxieties and the struggle to be successful in life. We all look different and act different and speak different and think different but underneath it all, we all still worry about money, food, job security, relationships and we're all afraid of failure. It's important to remember that appearances are sneaky and judgement shouldn't be made upon what we look like but rather on what we do. Kindness often sparks from the unexpected and negativity from places where struggle resides. Obnoxious behaviour from asshats in this world is uncalled for but before you judge them and write them off as nothing more than an asshat, realise that their rudeness probably stems from an insecurity and worry that runs deeper than their outward behaviour. Feel good by doing good and don't worry about what you're met with as it's not your problem but theirs. 
#32. Vodka solves all your problems. It ain't called holy water for nothin'!

Hope that little treasure chest of apprized knowledge helped make you think a little, holla in agreement, tutt in exasperation of my unappreciated sarcasm but chuckle amongst a whole lot of good vibes!

Love, Sarah

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