27 April 2016

Hoops of Fun: Summer Scoop Trend '16

Guess whose back, back again? Miss Hoop is back, c-e-lebrate! Statement earrings were the cool and effortless it girls of the fashion accessory hierarchy throughout 2015 and it seems that one little fashionista is looping back round this Summer 2016 as a jewellery box mainstay: Hoop earrings. 

We've fiddled and fumbled around with stud encrusted ear cuffs and crawlers and quite frankly they're a ruddy pain in the ear to keep in place and if you manage to keep it attached to your lobe for more than two hours then you my friend are a triumph! The fashion flurry magpies have spotted the Instagram trendsetters slowly but surely scampering back to a wonderfully contradictory hot classic staple of the hoop earring. 

She's a 90s icon of cool-girl status...a little badass, a little sassy, a circle return to retro panache, it's time to welcome the return of hoop earrings to our Summer '16 wardrobes to nail that vintage spin of tropicana cool. Versatile in every way, they can add a touch of laid back demure to a simple black evening dress and half-bun up do or simply add a little somethin' somethin' to an ibiza pool look of vintage ripped levi shorts, classic wayfarers and a one-piece swimsuit of wonder. For a micro trend hooped in careless confidence, it's about time you go raid yo' mama's old trinket trunk of wonders!

Time to embrace this eclectic trend return of a lil bit o' class, a lil bit o' elegance, a lil bit o' hooker-cool and a whole lot of sass!  

What fashion circle will you be spinning into...loud n'proud or demure and dainty?

Love, Sarah

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