25 April 2016

Sending Me Shivers Dah'lin: The Best Iced Coffees

I like mine tall, dark, filthy rich and stacked in the flavour department, ya feel me? Who doesn't really...Oh pardon me you mentioned cwafeeee time didn't you? Well my answer still stands in that case!

Let's face it, the health gurus can preach all they like about the benefits of deep icy glasses of lemon infused aqua to prize open your morning peepers but ain't nothing's going to get you half decent for any exchanges of morning communication than a hearty dose of caffeination. 
So as Summer makes her tentative steps into our presence and you await the arrival of mornings you awake alarmingly stuck to your bedsheets and the thought of wearing a crop top to work becomes a serious consideration, a hot steamy cup of java just isn't going to cut it. Lo and behold, I have your essential chill pill to hand! You're welcome. Cold-brewed cwafeee chilled to goose-bump purrrfection!

Despite the grumbles of being pretentious copycats as we all waltz around in the bustling cities clutching at the pipin' paper cups emblazoned with coffee house emblems in the hopes it'll amp up our cool kid status, it's the sloshing liquid inside said cup that holds the liquid gold status of cool. Hold back your purse whimpers and refrain from shakily handing over £3.50 for a watery blend of mediocre roast and get creative in the kitchen with your own whisk and bouncing beans. 
Make it. Shake it. Slurp it. Love it. Nailed it!

You'll be swinging your hips and licking your icy lips in easy breezy delight before you know it by getting your tongue twisting with some of the best pleasure pleasing concoctions chilling like villains for your desire!

Time to turn the temperature down low and venture into creamy, dreamy blended frozen drink territory to ensure your caffeine G-spot is well and truly hit...t-t-taaantalising.

Fresh. Zingy. And tasty enough to inject some pizzaz into your Monday morning zombie state. Whipped with a succulent sweet vanilla-mint syrup, this won't taste anything like a glug of bitter Colgate coffee after a date with your toothbrush! Start your morning afresh!

Just like the wonder bra of the coffee world, this little icy number plunges you into one sassy existence of delight, never failing to disappoint and perk up a boring day falling flat like a pancake! Like creamy crack in a glass, whittle up one of these babies for a delicious experience to frazzle your mind!

Sweet, smooth, divinely decadent and just like liquid gold carved to perfection, this sweet little concoction will have you buzzing through your morning to-do list like a bee whose overdosed on pure pollen. Cold-brewing takes out all of the heat hassle, ensuring that your roasting beans aren't diluted and ruined to leave a bitter aftertaste of disappointment. Cold-brewing is where it's at and once you go there, you won't go back!

Suga', spice n' all things nice whizzed up into one gorgeous ice-cold blend of satisfaction. Creamy, smooth and guaranteed to add a bit of spice and sass into your life! Grab your whisk and whip up a treat to rival the marvels at Starbucks and knock 'em off their cool kid perch!

Yeah you read that right. What's better than sticky sweet caramel, filthy rich coffee all wrapped up with some nitty gritty naughty nuts? Nothing...Anyone? Enough said then. It's about time you got down n' dirty with this sweet n'creamy star of ecstasy guaranteed to make you scream....in coffee pleasure!

Milky, sweet all wrapped up in a saucy undertone of tropical coconut blanket of fun, this syrupy coffee sets itself well and truly apart from your standard cup o'jo! Kick back and slurp up a tasty treat good enough to satisfy your insatiable dessert cravings but good enough to pump up your caffeine fuelled blood. Total satisfaction in a cup!

Did someone say they wanted something naughty? Course you did you filthy scamp! Feast your eyes and delight your tastebuds to get them twisting in tantalising happiness with this sweet, delicious, nutty chocolate treat! Get this delightful number in your life and you'll be swimming in an icy dream of chocolatey coffee cloud goodness!

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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