26 May 2016

Mix It Up! Cereal Cocktail Bar

It goes without saying that cereal is the answer to all of lives' woes, throws and miseries. There's nothing quite like lifting the ledge of a new cardboard box, ripping open a fresh bag o'flakes and munching away the pain of being an adult. Let's face it, adulting can get pretty boring and dull so unleash your inner child and set your flighty sights on the majestical cereal cupboard!

Cereal is dependable, it's always there for you day or night, cereal doesn't judge, cereal always delivers a shot of sugar happiness and cereal remains consistently satisfying any time of day. Cereal delivers without disillusion, ulterior motives or false appearances; it keeps life simplez. You pour, you drizzle the leche, you grab yo spoon, you munch, you crunch and then let that cereal high soar!

Everyone knows that mixing your cereal is the only way to truly live so any cereal purists out there, consider this your polite cue to scamper to the exit. My parting advice for you is to let your poor deprived souls live and let live! 

Mix it up, mash it up and crunch your morning into pure sugar-coated delight by upgrading your cereal game and get creative with the Kelloggs boxes. They're GR-R-REAT! ...(other brands are available). 

So without further adieu, break free from the shackles of your monotonous bowl of poopflakes and let your tastebuds get down n'filthy dirty with bursting flavours and textural thrills! With this cupboard concoction of cereal cocktails, your morning is just about to get interesting...You're welcome!

Spoons at the ready you cheeky cereal killers...

Raisin The Bar

This cocktail's good for the mood, good for the soul and good for the guts. It's like one big bowl of poop fuel so pour it up and shout out loud n'proud...bran gran thank you ma'am!

Bran Flakes / Raisin Wheats / Jordan's Flame Raisin Granola / 1 small banana, sliced / Natural Yoghurt

Gold Digga

Everyone loves a little extra golden dolla in their day so kickstart your morning and get yourself digging for some nuggets...

Golden Nuggets / Golden Grahams / Honey Nut Cheerios / Maple Syrup Drizzle / Semi-skimmed Milk

Tequila Wheats

Wake up your morning with some pillow pockets of the hard stuff to put that zing in your step with this powerhouse mashup...

Frosted Mini Wheats / Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds / Honey Shreddies / White Chocolate Milk

Sex on the Coco Rocks

What better way is there to wake up in the morning then having a naughty little fix of toe-tingling, stacked goodness packed with flavour to heighten the senses? Go get your teeth wrapped around those balls pronto - the chocolate balls I mean. Honestly, your imagination....how filthy.

Coco Pops Rocks / Choco Shreddies / Nesquik / Lion Cereal / Hazelnut Crave / Chocolate Milk

Long Island Nut Case

A bit of a nut case mess first thing in the morning? Calm yo' nuts and get your lips smackin' on this nutty mix of deliciousness. This is one highbrow cocktail with a delectable crunch in every salivating bite... (pop in a few ice cubes and those flakes will keep cold, crisp and a crunchy work of art!)

Grape Nuts / Crunchy Nut Cornflakes / Crunchy Nut Caramel Bites / Special K Protein Crunch / Hazelnut Milk

Bloody Berry

What's makes a flavour bursting bowl of happiness in the morning? A berry good cereal mix mash up that's what! Make it up, shake it up and inject a bit of bloody juicy brightness into your sleepy slumber...

Special K Red Berries / Dorset Berry Granola / Shredded Wheat Cherry Bakewell / Cinnamon Oat Crisp Cheerios / Handful of blueberries / Strawberry Milk


Everyone knows that two heads are better than one, three heads are even better, four makes sparks fly and having a cluster of bright ideas and innovative mixtures makes for one satisfying crunch of a job well done. Knock back this naughty ClusterNut-tini morning cocktail and you'll bring some nutty ideas to that conference table...

Clusters Cereal / Honey Nut Shredded Wheat / Jordans Honey Nut Country Crisp / Cheerios Oat Crisp / Hazelnut Milk

Banana Bahama Mama

This s*** is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s! Tuck into this glorious cereal combination and swagger into your morning feelin' fancy ready to smash the day like a game of bananaramas!

Banana Mini Weetabix / Frosted Flakes / Honey Nut Cheerios / All-Bran Golden Crunch / 1 small banana, sliced / Banana Milk

Krispie Pop Punch

Crisp icy punch in the morning air? Snap on the heating, crack open the cereal cupboard and pop into a crunchy world of straight-up delish!

Rice Krispies / Ricicles / Cheerios Oat Crisp / Frosted Flakes / Golden Grahams / Semi-skimmed Milk 

Corn Flake Colada

Don't cheat yourself to a rushed and unsatisfying morning by flaking out on filling your boots with some sunshine glory. Whack open those curtains, let the sunshine flow in and get the beach party started in your breakfast bowl of tutti-frutti adult indulgence...

Rude Health Coconut & Chia Granola / Cornflakes / Frosted Shreddies / Jordans Tropical Crunchy Oat Granola / Fresh Passionfruit, cut & drizzled / Semi-skimmed Milk

Honey Nut Royale

A breakfast cocktail mashup that is pure, built of class, drowned in blinding jewels of crunchy lust and bound in memorable superiority - get your filthy mitts on this breakfast bowl of champions!

Honey Nut Cornflakes / Crunchy Nut Honey & Nut Clusters / Honey Shreddies / Golden Nuggets / 1 Small Banana, sliced / Drizzle of Honey / Hazelnut Milk

Frostie Collins

A little bit sexy, a little bit sleazy, a vessel of smoulder and allure just chilling in an icy slumber waiting to be caressed, enjoyed and never forgotten. Will you be the one to warm up this frosty number with your tastebuds? 

Frosted Flakes / Ricicles / Frosted Mini Wheats / Golden Grahams / Frosted Shreddies / Handful Dried Mango & Pineapple / Semi- Skimmed Milk

Pour it up, pour it up! Get creative with your kitchen cupboard as these tasty cocktails are so hair-raisingly moorish they should be sinful! Get crunching'!

Love, Sarah

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