29 May 2016

Trend Tease: Tap Into Talisman

With Summertime freedom and tropical holiday escapes bouncing round the teasing corner it seems that it's not just our passports that are itching for some ethnic travel of wanderlust curiosity but our jewellery boxes too! 

Travelling vibes and energy across enchanting influences like Tibetan traditions, Indian legend and Egyptian folklore have been encapsulated and woven within the delicate motifs and intricate craftsmanship of this New Season nod to Talismanic design. Such pieces are symbolic of the beautiful cyclic nature of life and messages of enchanting mythology to connect the wearer with the spiritual energies of their chakras and the world around them.

The nod to whimsical Bohemian escapism radiates from the magical and mystical charms of protection and intuition, rustic earthy tones and finishes, etched symbolic motifs and celestial elements inspired by spoken stories of Goddess's and wisdom. A delicate fusion of personality, spirituality and iconic legend, tap into this trend of Talisman temptation and wear your heart on your sleeve (quite literately) to ward off evil spirits, capture that good jewellery karma and nail the next season fashion fix! 

Slip into escapism and let the enchanting Talisman beauty charm its way into your jewellery box...

Look out for these particular symbolic charms...

Hamsa Hands
Hamsa Hands are one of the most symbolic talismanic icons deriving from ancient middle Eastern cultures. These are often worn as an sign of the ultimate defence of power to ward off the forces of evil and the negative energies of jealousy, envy and hatred.

The Ouroboros
The Ouroboros is a greek word translating to "tail devourer" and is one of the oldest ancient mythological symbols used within Talismanic jewellery. These symbols are often a serpent or dragon eating its own tail as a way of depicting a cyclical form of existence in how the past (the tail) can disappear and vanish but will always resurface and continue to exist in a different realm. The Ouroboros is representative of duality and often referred to as the symbol of infinity due to its infinite shape. 

Chakras, derived from Indian legend are known to be the energy wheels within the body that help align and balance our spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. These seven energy centres within the midline of the body circulate and swirl to keep the emotional energy flow within our body "open". Becoming aware of our intuition keep these chakras unblocked and in balance as life forces that help to keep us happy and healthy. 

With spirits flying high, magical and mystical within the jewellery world, I've plucked the best of the bunch buzzing with energy, beauty, elegance and fine craftsmanship. Let your heart and your soul fall in love with these enchanting brands of bohemia allure...

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Love, Sarah

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