10 June 2016

Dream Big: Dance To The Spirit of Freedom

Tragedy and natural disaster circulates around us on the daily; we only have to flick the switch to the news to get saddened by the cruelty of life. It's in these moments that make us sit back and realise how truly short and precious our lives are and how every little small thing we take for granted can suddenly be ripped beneath our feet. 

So why do we knowingly hold ourselves back from opportunity, deny ourselves adventure, procrastinate through life and box away our dreams for a day that never comes?

We're world-class masters at coming up with excuses as to why we can never action our dreams: the timing is never quite right, we're not in the right state, we don't have the support we want, we don't have the facilities and yadda,yadda,yadda...yawn.

"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up." - Paul Valery

Want to know the secret to break those locked beliefs? 

Unlock your trust. 

The timing is never right, it will never feel right. You will never, ever feel quite ready to try something different and the conditions for change will never be perfect. Trust yourself, trust the uncertainty, trust the process of knowledge and growth and let yourself jump head first into what it is you want. 

Get excited about the future, excited about possibility and excited at your potential. Choose excitement over anxiety; it's a fearless emotion that allows you to reach beyond and achieve.

Stop allowing fear to be the driving force of your life. Shift your attention from fear to faith and watch your perceptions open up and release the chance of possibility. When you move through life governed by fear, you allow your actions to be manipulated by your ego which in turn projects false beliefs of reality. 

By shifting your attention to faith, you are connecting to an inner strength and spirit that doesn't hold you back from achieving ambition. Keeping focused on future goals, plans and dreams and forging them into a reality is entirely within your reach if you make the conscious choice to practise thoughts of faith as opposed to accepting automatic fear thoughts. 

Dreams are dreams and they are yours to fulfil and cherish. No one can hand you your dreams on a gold etched plate; you have to go out there and dig the damn gold for yourself. 

Pulsating with wanderlust and craving adventure? Book the plane ticket, swallow your fear and salute to your future. Making your dreams become a reality can only manifest if you make that first step in achieving them. You may not know where that first step will take you or what you'll encounter along the way but that is part of the magic - learning and strengthening through the journey. 

"Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears." - Les Brown

I'm not saying that it's as easy as rocking up at Heathrow and jetting off bright n'breezy tomorrow morning as let's face it, most of us are trying our hands at this whole #adulting business and thus have full-time jobs, flat rent and a box set of House to attend to. 

Yet it's the small steps to implementing your goals into a reality that make all the difference in moving you forward and igniting a motivation for life that is there to be enjoyed and most importantly l-i-v-e-d! Life is far too exciting and brimming with opportunity to be chained down by your own fears and left mumbling "What if..?"

Don't let the opinion of others hold you back from your goals. So what if they think you're being hasty or crazy or irresponsible? This is your life and the only person who you need to please and satisfy is yourself. 

You are worthy of living a life that fulfils you and one that you don't seek a vacation from. You will never be ready but you are worth taking a risk and reaching a life that makes you smile as opposed to one filled with regret. 

Time will never prepare you for adventure and experience but your thoughts and your actions will move you there. 

Keep pushing towards your dreams, moving yourself forwards step by step and eventually you'll end up exactly where you need and want to be. 

What is it that makes you dance like a free spirit in your dreams? 
Wake up and make it your future.

Love, Sarah

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