15 June 2016

The Big London Chill: Ultimate Ice Cream Crawl

It's Summertime. It's hot (sort of). You're hungry (no change there then). So what's the solution?
Ice cream.

Let's face it, Ice cream is always the answer when it comes to life's most taxing questions. Screw the summer diet of celery sticks, I have a new one for you guaranteed to deliver results, yeah you start with a nice big salad bowl....then fill it with ice-cream. Majestical! The broccoli can wait for tomorrow as today calls for one jolly good spooning...how filthy!

Now is most definitely the time to be alive as we're living in a golden Ice age of a delectable and tantaslising emporium of creamy flavour explosion. Have I got you frozen to the spot and shivering in delight yet? So I set my brain to churn out some sweet ideas of how we could use, abuse and devour this sweet little dessert to the best of our abilities and what better way than a summertime scavenger trail of Ice cream hop stops. 

Gone are the days of knocking back the bubbles and pints of burp juice and lo and behold slinks the mighty Ice Cream crawl, chillin' like a villain and pummeling the renowned pub crawl off its high horse. To give credit where all credit is due however, who needs a legitimate excuse to plunge their spoon into the ice-cream tub anyway?

And they say laugher is the best medicine, pah! They lie. 
It's ice-cream.

I often find that my total bitch face green-eyed gremlin gets unleashed from her cage and hurls abuse at all those lucky devils who have birthdays in the glorious summer months. Why? You lucky lot get to throw magnificent shenanigans involving ice cream, ice cream and even more ice cream without a care in the world! If I tried my hand at such debacles in the bitter month of February I'd be booted straight back up my mother's uterus for being so foolish. 

As a sass ball with a dirty penchant for ice cream you can see why such a feat crushes my poor little sugar heart. However, I've soon come to the conlusion that those who say it's "too cold for ice-cream" are the sorts of people one does not need in their life. Yet if you're a summer baby, this brill chill crawl is dedicated to you - use and abuse your ice-cream privileges...Go Shawty, it's sherbet day!

Without further adieu, it's time you eat yourselves silly and induce a frozen state of ecstasy by hitting up this tailored sugar trail, setting your tastebuds alight and rolling yourself home nursing one royally swollen food baby. So whilst the aim of the game is to eat yourself to winner status, most people - myself entirely included- happily trundle along for the ride simply at the prospect of spooning filthy amounts of the cold stuff. Well someone's gotta take one for the team and scoop out the best parlours chillin' out there and who could say no to ice cream after all? 

Time to get sticky-fingered & dish up one sugar laced game changer..!

#1. Chin-Chin Labs, Camden Town Tube

#2. Gelatorino, Covent Garden

#3. Dri Dri Gelato, Notting Hill

#4. Snowflake Gelato, Soho

#5. Amorino, Soho

#6. Gelupo, Archer Street

#7. Freggo, Swallow Street

#8. La Gelatiera, Covent Garden

Have an ice day folks!

Love, Sarah

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