07 June 2016

Top Dog Toys Of The 90s

Welcome to the golden revival of toy nostalgia! When it comes to the prime-time of being alive, being a kid in the 90s was like stumbling into the toy workshop of Santa's grotto every time your mama took you to Toys 'R' Us. 

The sparkling isles of glorified plastic faces, fluffy fur, multicoloured flashing lights and plastic packaging was as captivating as Channing Tatum's abs are today. Just. Too. Damn. Exciting.

So here's to throwing it back to the good old days of flicking the glossy pages of the Argos catalogue and finding the most radical toys that almost made you pee in elation, prepped you for life and made you the person you are today. 

Time to step into the time machine...

Sky dancers
I don't know what kid wouldn't want to wreck havoc with their parents' decorative china with a flying fairy doll? Geez, such a time to be alive.

Easy-Bake Oven

Ah yes, the ultimate snack centre of your childhood for the best duration of 20 minutes. It was the ultimate ticket to premature adulting and getting those culinary skills crack-a-lackin despite the fact that said finished products were pretty much inedible. 

The Talkboy

If Kevin McAllister had one then you sure as hell were going to have one too. It was the ultimate ticket to cool and any Home Alone gadget was good enough for you. Technological advancement didn't know what had hit 'em.

Polly Pocket
Somewhat defying the concept of pocket-sized but for a lil blonde gal like me this epitomised pint-sized playtime. 

Nintendo 64
Now who could ever forget the freaking N64?! There was simply no better feeling as a kid then ripping open that christmas paper and beholding a box of gaming glory. It was a dream; the holy grail of being a nineties kid! The first time you popped in Super Mario and picked up that coveted controller and your little world changed forever. A system that could do no wrong could only but age gracefully like a fine wine. The super mario theme tune will forever be the anthem of a 90s kid childhood.

Beanie Babies
There's only word to describe them. Addictive. You get your hands on one and as soon as you gaze into its smily little face it's game over from there. You MUST have them ALL. 

Was it a hamster? Was it an owl? Who knew! Who cared! As long as you got involved with the world of furby and his furblings, you were the ultimate hit on the playground. Unlike a parrot it came to many a kids' disappointment that you couldn't teach this creepy, furry lil bug-eyed toy to swear.

Betty Spaghetty
The name alone is enough to have you hooked! You can mix her, match her, pose her but c'mon anything that rhymes nails the crime by capturing your flighty interest in no time!

Barbie Power Wheels Corvette
Cruisin' with your gals lookin' so fly, knocking into plant pots and narrowly missing your dogs eye. Snapping up your own pair of wheels affirmed your big girl status and attention until yo mama called for milk and cookies time!

Who knew that a ball attached to a rope on your foot could provide such hours of solo fun...that is until you realise the amount of bruises you've accumulated in the process. 

Slap Bracelets
It was jewellery that made you feel like a total ninja bad-ass, what's not to love?

Mums default action-packed game to quieten the brood was this trusty little number. Setting up all the damn little traps and apparatus was attention grabbing enough but God forbid, if you managed to get to the silver ball, the euphoria was like ingesting liquid crack!

Pokemon Colour
The pivotal question lies in were you team red or team blue? Your choice was the definitive summary of your school social status at lunchtime. 

They were decked in double denim with shiny mermaid hair, killer lash flicks complete with spangly light-up kicks...let's face it, they were everything you aspired to be!

The golden key to pissing off your parents and causing unexpected damage. The endless fun and mischief you could achieve with this stretchy multi-coloured spring was triumphant. Flinging it down the stairs, it would stretch, bend, snap and leap all with one seriously seductive 'slinkity' sound. With a slinky you were destined for greatness.

The Mr Frosty Ice Cream Maker
Bagged an all-in-one ice-cream/ slushy parlour at home? #Winning! Gone were the days of frantically running down the street following the jingle of the ice-cream van when you could whip up one frozen neon treat of unidentifiable additives and E-numbers in the comfort of home. It was all about spicing up the ice with the Mr Frosty fruity creations!

Super Soaker 50
The fact that you were surrounded by a snow storm outside and 'Jingle bells' was blasting through the speakers was no deterrent to firing these babies and injecting some H2O into your father's mulled-wine induced face. Super Soaker's wait for no one - including the arrival of Summer.

Love, Sarah

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