24 July 2016

Keep Calm Cuz We Jammin': Reggae Night

So not all of us are lucky enough (or ahem...*rich enough) to be jetting off to crystal blue water pools, silky pearl sands of velvet and thoroughly abusing and indulging in a heck of a lot of sex on the beach. I'm absolutely referring to the beverage of course; clearly. 

So I took myself in hand and decided to stop scrolling through my Instagram feed with eyes blazing a beautiful glaze of green and plump for the next best thing: bringing a trip to the tropics to the garden! No mercy dashes around the house trying to locate any "misplaced" passports, no frantically trying to anticipate the perfect casual-cool outfits, no suffocating under a cloud of fly repellent or restraining yourself from bitch-slapping the wailing kid in the seat behind you. Just a few skips round the garden to rustle up a setting of exotic beats, chilled-back vibes (minus the marijuana) and a reggae crew of mischief to supply the liquid goods! Easy, peasy like a lemon squeezy in your cocktail! 

Get Mr Marley jammin' on the speakers, wiggle your way into something to make the boys wink, pour up the malibu and jump onto the reggae bus of one cheeky night in paradise...

Set the Scene of Carnival Serene

Reggae culture is all about the laid-back vibes, easy-breezy unsurpassed colours of red, yellow, green and black notes of ease! Get some coloured fairy lights and string them up around the garden by wrapping around trees and parasols for a night of frivolous fun under the twinkling sky night. 

  • Floating water candles are also a simple, cheap and easy way of adding an air of demure, mystery and summertime romance to the alfresco atmosphere.

  • Streamers of fake banana leaves, balloons and hawaiian wreaths of exotic hibiscus flowers will elevate the experience of being cocooned in the tranquil warmth of Island time.

  • Tropical palm trees, birds of paradise, flamingos, coconuts all make for one caribbean flair. Combine these elements with raffia skirts in a range of royal blues, emerald greens, cerise yellow and punchy orange and you'll be on your way to one coral reef parade. 

  • For your own glistening pool of crystal seas, why not pull out your trusty paddling pool that was your 5 year-old self's bath of endless exploration, fill it up with some fresh aqua and dip your toes into backyard mischief. 

Chuck in a flamingo float of fun and it'll be like your sailing the high seas of Jamaican waves!

Sizzle, Slurp, Satisfy

Everyone knows that a rendezvous isn't worth having if there isn't sufficient fuel to get the party started so when it comes to table nosh and sweet delights to wash it down with, step up and sizzle up!
Caribbean culture adore their food and social gatherings lift into new heights when it comes to quenching tipples in the beating heat!

To really get the night flowing in style, keep to the tropical vibes and ask your guests to each bring along a typical caribbean dish so that you end up with a jam packed buffet table of pick n'mix sizzling dishes and tantalising flavours. 

I've plucked out a few exotic dishes bouncing around online that'll get your tastebuds tingling and get your bloodstreams on fire:

Sumptuous Savouries...

Sticky Sweets...

Bodacious Beverages...

Now where would the fun be if you didn't get the corks poppin', ethanol shaken, stirred and poured up over some tumbling ice? Time for the naughty shenanigans flowing free n'easy by mixing up some tall chilled pitchers of fun...

Island Beats

Fire up the mischief with a playlist of thumping beats guaranteed to get your dutty hips moving, grooving and bringing the party home! If Caribbean culture was to be defined by one thing alone then music is what they do with dirty pride! Think Calypso, reggae, folk, jazz, blues and much more! There's no room to be shy and move your body tinged in self-conscious anxiety - if you're getting your tooshie on the dance floor then girl you gotta groove with all that cushin' for pushin' - no half assing anything round here!

Get the speakers turned up, grab your main squeeze and let the music move and take you to new heights...

Gyptian - Hold Yuh

Serani - No Games

Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On

Vershon - Barbie Doll

Beyonce ft. Jay-Z - Crazy In Love

Charly Black - Big Bumpa

Popcaan - Ova Dweet

Rihanna - Pon de Replay

Timaya ft. Machel Montano - Shake Yuh Bum

J Capri - Boom and Bend Over

Beyonce - Naughty Girl

Sean Paul - Like Glue

Rihanna - Let Me

Christina Aguilera ft. Redman - Dirrty

Farruko ft. Shaggy - Sunset

Damian Marley - Welcome To Jamrock

Rihanna ft. Sean Paul - Break It Off

Beyonce ft. Sean Paul - Baby Boy

Alicia Keys ft. Kaskade - In Common

Turn it up, turn it up! Summer is the time to ignite your smiles again so all aboard the Island life hop stop! The sun is up so move your body, throw your hands up to that tropical sky and let the calypso music make you high! 

[Photo Source Inspiration: Pinterest]

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