25 July 2016

Quit The Attitude; Play With Gratitude

"Gratitude can transform common days into thankgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings." 
- William Arthur Ward

Due to a massive slice of deja-vu in the last 18 months and navigating life based on guessing what may happen in the next 24 hours, the next week or month and spending far more of my time living life in the future; I realised I was missing out big time.

It struck me as a friend was nattering away about her holiday plans for the coming week that I was 100% away in cloud coo-coo land internally squirming at the anticipation of an upcoming drinks night and already berating myself for an unfunny sarcastic comment of sass that I hadn't yet even made. My friend was enjoying our girls night over a few vodka laced tipples and I was full on charging into some future situation all in the confines of my little head. 

Realising that my friend had her head cocked, straw poised in mid air and was subsequently staring at me in anticipation of saying something, I realised it was my cue to answer whatever question had been thrown my way. Drats. It was in this moment that I realised I needed to bring myself back to living life in the chill zone and taking each day; every hour as it comes and goes. 

Operation Zen is about to commence in full force: I will become a laid back ball of positive energy living life in its' abundant natural unpredicatbility and I'll embrace it with wide open arms like a boho hippie high on some crackin' wacky-backy.

So without further adieu, I'm trying my hand - albeit a touch late - at a mid-way "New Years resolution" of living in the moment with contagious positivity. 

The phrase living life "half glass full" comes to mind which I'm fully prepared to pour on up...half full of Vodka, if you will.

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for the future." 
- Melody Beattle

So in the spirit of jumping on the positivity train and manifesting myself into a bright white bubble of tele-tubby giggles, giddy smiles and good vibes, here's my list of 30 simple yet sincerely misunderstood pleasures in life to be grateful for...

#1. The setbacks that make you stronger.

#2. Freedom of romance and love.

#3. Being alive; we exist for a reason so go find out why.

#4. The feeling of water on your skin when you shower.

#5. Laughter; a priceless way to mend a heavy heart.

#6. The power of a smile; A small action with abundant power to revolutionise someone's day.

#7. The sun rises and sets each and each and every day.

#8. Books; they're like a mini portable sanctury.

#9. Wisdom that comes with age.

#10. Diversity; without it the world would be a very boring place.

#11. Colour; it wakes up the world with personality.

#12. Toothpaste; garlic breath is never an attractive pheromone.

#13. Spoons; How lost would we be when faced with a box of cereal and tub of ice-cream without them?

#14. Flowers; they remind us that water provides a blossom of growth both for nature and ourselves.

#15. Gratitude itself; beauty is found in being thankful for life - the good, the bad and the ugly.

#16. Toilet Paper; The condition of your tooshie if banana leaf was your best bet isn't worth thinking about.

#17. Good hair days.

#18. When you know the answer to a question and you walk away feeling like a heroic badass.

#19. A really kick-ass, on point horoscope that has your back.

#20. Vodka. Self-explantory. 

#21. A relationship full of authentic fun and sarcasm; no mind-play, no games, just simple, good fun.

#22. Tweezers; like hidden gold for a plethora of sticky situations.

#23. Inside jokes; the cruder, the better.

#24. Victoria Secret bras that provide some semblance of nunga-nungas to your usual deflated grapes.

#25. The Night sky scattered with the moon and stars; they remind us to never let go of our dreams and the magic of hope.

#26. Rainy days; oh hello pj-clad sofa sloth day with netflix and snacks.

#27. The look on your friend's face when they you find the perfect present for them to unwrap.

#28. Relishing the fact that almost everyone has an equally traumatising school-day experience. 

#29. Memorable, fun adventures that occur when you least expect them to.

#30. Channing Tatum; always. 

"When I Allow Myself To Celebrate What Is Good In My Life, That Vibration Ripples In My Life And The World." 
- Ellen Miller

Love, Sarah

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