31 August 2016

City Hopstop: Bumbling Berlin

Settling upon the notion that a girls holiday was very much deserved and an utterly essential round up to the summer, mum and I decided to try our bets at this spontaneity trend veering from the classic Pina colada beach chill and plumping for somewhere culturally new and exciting. Destination drop-off: Berlin, Germany!

Now I've heard many a story of memorable adventures from various friends and their escapades in this bustling European melting pot so it became quite an obvious quest for the Salmon dream team to sniff out what all the fuss is about!

Flights booked, bags packed, instruction manuals for navigating life left out for the lads and a good 3 hours to play around in Duty free and we were off! Gehen wir nach deutschland 
Nestling my bum into seat 25F and settling myself down for a flight of faraway sheep-jumping dreams, my visionary bubble was well and truly popped as a fresh wave of B.O languidly invaded my zone of zen. Much to my disappointment it appeared that said smell was rather smitten with us Salmon girls and insisted on sticking around for the long-haul. Fiddlesticks. I know we're fabulous but jeez, can't some girls get some peace for once? Personal space is a legitimate entitlement don'cha know!

After one suffocating, aromatic journey of playing who could sit still best without disrupting the cabin air flow, Berlin couldn't have felt more of a fitting place to soak up some cultural zeal, tease my insatiable ice-cream tooth, catch some beating summer heat in the German New-york equivalent of a city that never sleeps!

Touch down graced us with her appearance and off the plane we waltzed like giddy schoolgirls in a makeup store; The Salmon girls were officially Berlin bound and ready to jump into the sightseeing rounds!

For what was left of our dwindling day, we jumped into a taxi over to our Mandala apartment suite situated in Friedrichstra├če and spent the rest of the evening lazily perusing the surrounding streets, expenny shop windows and raiding the supermarket for some nosh to munch and liquid gold to chin-chin!

As Wednesday morning rolled out of her crumpled sheets, we filled our boots with cornflakes, juice and a map designed to break the resilience of two blondes in one very foreign land! Pulling out our best power poses and asserting ourselves as strong independent woman who don't need no men to navigate us, we closed the door on our questionable geography skills. 

With the heavens sun drenched and dressed in crisp flawless blue silk, we decided to make the most of soaking up some of the sights and what better way than from a birds eye glass view from the Berlinger Fernsehturn!

Trundling our way to the underground, we located the correct tram for our chosen destination by accident, finding ourselves looking up at what I can only describe as a futuristic space ball suspended on a giant rod. Kudos to the responsible architect! Surviving it this long without any glitches meant that there was going to be one slight pot hill we'd trip into. A 40-minute wait for our slot to go up the panoramic tower turned into 1.5 hours.

What were two girls to do to fill the time? 

There was only one viable option. 

We took it upon ourselves to taste test the ice-cream of course! Mum picked out a strawberry number and I plumped for mighty melon. A questionable choice on reflection as it became very...melon-y towards the end but none-the-less a refreshing and satisfying pit stop to satisfy this rampant ice-cream tooth of mine! 

From there it was time to take flight and zoom up the TV tower for a panoramic view of the metropolitan city in a glass bubble - just a casual humpday activity ya'know? Needless to say a birds-eye view is exactly what we got with an added dose of stiff legs from all the queuing to get back down again!

Now as much as I know you'd love a day-by-day breakdown of our stereotypical tourist ins n'outs and hasty turn abouts (geography skills need some dusting off on the ole unused cogs) I also know that pictures can often speak far more eloquently than my dear potty mouth can!

So step on into my click-happy snapshot page and let me guide you round our Berlin whistle stop trip!

So as refined ladies by experience and salmon ladies by nature we found ourselves wrapped up in air-conditioned entertainment in none other than 'The Mall of Berlin'. No surprises there then. Over the course of our extravaganza, many a moments were spent perusing the rails of Berlin's finest and many a euro's were spent refuelling our withering thrifty resolves in one sugary form only: Nourishment of the ice-cream variety. Oh and sprinkles because my inner 11 year old demanded more sugary fun than just plain o'vanilla. Wise kid; wise intuition. 

They say a picture speaks a thousand words...or hundreds and thousands quite clearly in this case! 

Look, the day I finally tire of a daily dose of ice-cream and no longer chomp sprinkles like a kid on crack will be one very terrifyingly miserable day indeed. Best not dwell, eh?

A beautiful glittery gem of hustle bustle culture, sweeping architecture excellence dripping with extravagance and one top-dog european all-rounder for any history buffs out there!

Berlin most definitely lived up to its reputation as a sprawling city of hipster diversity with creative start-ups, trendsetting interests, culinary refinement and cutting-edge art bursting round every street corner! The cafe culture is brewing and bubbling, bars serving up refreshing beverages with a side of hipster atmosphere and stunning views stand loud n'proud, fervent foodies shan't be left grumbling with the plethora of deli dishes served up and the world-class museum collections could capture the interest of even individuals without a creative bone present, *ahem* Mama S. 

I think what I found most enchanting about Berlin was the eclectic atmosphere and attitude of its residents. Integrating into a new territory is always tricky business but here there was nothing ostentatious, flashy or awkward just simple authenticity and enjoyment for life. 

Berlin serves up a little somethin' somethin' for just about anyone of any age and whether it's a pitstop whizz around amongst your european trail trip or a long haul render-vous holiday, Berlin will certainly tease, tantalise and undoubtedly satisfy!

Love, Sarah

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