18 August 2016

Refresh, Revamp, Reignite; Welcome to Little Elysian

So what's new with you? Noticed anything a tiny bit different around here at all? 

It's been a long time coming but I've finally plunged into the deep waters of change and re-emerged with a new zeal and creative drive with a shiny new blog name and fancy footwork to boot! Say hello to my exciting new makeover to takeover! I thought it was about time to shift the blog into a more enchanting and skilled terrain here on the world wide web. This is how Little Elysian suddenly burst into the limelight!

elysian (adj:) beautiful or creative, divinely inspired, peaceful or perfect.

My mission in my work is always to create something that not only looks beautiful on the outside through graphic visuals but also within the content itself; the prose and words of each post. It therefore felt that a blog re-design was the essential key in bringing together all that I strive to deliver. The Poached Salmon has essentially always been a space for me to give back to the world the lessons, messages, failings and triumphs it has given me. 

It has been through my Poached Salmon journey that I myself have changed, adapted and grown just like the seasons outside so it was about time my blog reflected this too! It was from this thought that I stumbled upon pipdig and their incredibly professional service and advice that my shiny new blog of blabble was born! Not only that but I plumped for a new name too; something a little more reflective of the place and person who I've grown into and who I strive to be. I wanted this blog to be a place that people could come to be empowered, to learn, to laugh but also to walk away wanting to come back tomorrow all wrapped up in a sense of natural authenticity. 

One extra little nugget that has been introduced here on Little Elysian is a category related to jewellery trends and knowledge. This content will be fashion-focused articles relating to the world of jewellery created for the online publication at benchpeg.com. Whilst I will be creating these articles directly for benchpeg itself, I thought it was only fitting to let you have a glimpse into the highlights of my actual work and encourage you to widen your knowledge of jewellery whilst perusing the benchpeg webpage itself!

So without further adieu, I'd like to officially welcome you to the brand new spangly journal of "Little Elysian" and hope that it leaves you feeling encouraged, uplifted, inspired, chuckling and igniting a desire to scamper back for more! 

Take a peek around the new design and if you have any thoughts or suggestions then I'd absolutely love to hear from you all! Not much has digressed in terms of content and subject matter but I think the navigation and visuals of the overall blog are a lot more sleek, simple and easy to navigate. Everything the millennials of this world look for in their technology, attire, relationships and cheeky beverages!

It feels like a new chapter of my life is ready to be written and experienced and I hope that you're all just as excited as I am to see what this new page turn will bring! 

Love, Sarah

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