22 August 2016

Sweep Into The Week Power Playlist

Monday...why hello there again old friend; you're making quite a regular appearance these days eh? How rudely inconsiderate you are. 

Got a case of the monday blues and summer wind-down woes? Don't collapse in misery just yet as I'm on hand to help try and fire up a  little fresh optimism into the start of your week, charge up that cheeky spring in your step and inject a touch of nervous excitement for whatever mysterious adventures life will chuck your way this week! Sound like a good game plan? 

On your marks, get set, whip up the volume and

Luna Shadows - Waves

Mary Mary - Shackles

Whethan (ft. Ashe) - Can't Hide

The Chainsmokers (ft. Halsey) - Closer

Terror Jr. - Say So

ZHU - Hometown Girl

Tim Suby (ft. Jessie Reyez) - K Goodnight

Sinead Harnett, GRADES - If You Let Me

Elijah Noll - Need U

Danny Padilla - Intoxication

KOLAJ - The Touch

Crystal Fighters - All Night

XY&O (Sistex remix) - Low Tide

Kloe - UDSM 

Caroline Pennell (ft.Felix) - Lovesick

Say hello to a new fresh week of opportunity and smile at the prospect of some memorable mischief heading your way! 

Love, Sarah

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